Why I’m So Excited about Sally in Slack Image

Why I’m So Excited about Sally in Slack

If you’re a Chief Customer Officer like me, chances are your week looks something like mine:

  1. 1-hour commute from San Francisco to the Peninsula down the 101
  2. 30-minute meetings back-to-back from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. every day. See if I can check email on my phone while walking between conference rooms
  3. Catch a ride to the airport and try to be productive on the way
  4. Wait at the gate while my flight is delayed, and run into problems getting strong wifi
  5. Spend the next day jetting around New York City, trying to be productive in cabs

What makes this crazy lifestyle possible? My phone.

When I can’t do work on my phone, that work simply won’t get done.

That’s why we launched Sally in Slack. I’ve been the #1 user of Sally within Gainsight since we launched it internally a couple of months ago. And I’m excited to tell you why I’m so excited about it.

Sally is the Gainsight chatbot—available via Slack mobile app!—that:

  1. Preps me for an onsite client meeting
  2. Tells me who is the CSM for an at-risk account
  3. Gives me the health score for a client that our Chief Revenue Officer mentions during a meeting
  4. Shows me the detailed notes from a previous client meeting that a client references during a call

Here’s just one example of how I used it last week.

I was on my way to an onsite client meeting. I had 20 minutes in the car to refresh my memory of the client. So I opened up Slack on my phone, and messaged @sally. I asked her for “Summary for [the client’s name].” Turns out that the client’s name in our Gainsight instance and Salesforce is slightly different from what I had inputted. So Sally gave me a few options. I clicked the first one, “[client’s name], Inc.”


Sally then showed me the summary of the account, reminding me that this is a low-6-figure account, with a renewal coming up in a few months.

The overall health score looked good at 80, but I wanted to understand the details. I scrolled down and Sally asks, “Are you interested in these additional details for [client name], Inc.?” and I clicked on the Health Score option.

Turned out that the Habits Scorecard Measure (which is our measure of sticky adoption) was strong, but the Sentiment Score Measure was mediocre. Sentiment reflects NPS results, so I dug into NPS. I was relieved to see that the recent NPS responses were Promoters, but as I clicked “Load Next,” I noticed some Passives. I was glad to be aware of the diversity in perspectives across the people we surveyed at the client.

I then clicked on “Recent Activities” below…

…and I reviewed the CSM Elaine’s notes in Timeline (Gainsight’s note-taking feature) from her recent call with the client.

Good thing I read that! I might have been blindsided by a sensitive topic if I hadn’t seen the Timeline entry.

Here’s your Productivity Hack of the week. Download Sally in Slack, and change your life. And if you’d like to see what Sally looks like in action, click here to schedule a live demo of the tool.