Powering Experiences At Scale With Gainsight PX Image

Powering Experiences At Scale With Gainsight PX

Why is it that companies cannot create a great customer experience at scale? One of the reasons Gainsight has found is the influx of too many users without the right internal resources. At the enterprise level, especially in the B2C companies, they have thousands, if not millions, of customers. Increases are apparent in 2020 with accelerated digitalization, where the conversion took place over months instead of multiple years. Unfortunately, companies did not have the infrastructure to power experiences at scale, which led to a loss of retention and churn. So, how are companies solving this pain point? Gainsight PX.

Having increased users, companies can find that their CS tools and platforms will not sustain or continue to give the experiences needed. Motions and responses become slow. Simply put, the product may have a functionality gap. That leads to more calls, and that eats into your “people” resources. Let the product speak to your customers every time they log in with PX. With PX, companies can provide the human touch without human capital. 

One of the ways to do that successfully is to implement a tech touch segment of customers at your organization. There are a number of ways to determine the best group of customers for this segment—ARR, size, number of products used, etc. Just because this segment is less human intense, does not mean you should treat them as less valued. In fact, in aggregate this group could have the combined ability to be even more profitable in the long term if managed well

If you cannot scale along with the number of digitized customers, the experience quality will inevitably be lost. Customers will turn to companies that can create a “white glove” experience in the product. How to provide that type of experience without actually involving a human? That is where PX steps in to help to provide a more personalized experience. 

With so many users across the enterprise, companies will see two pain points. First, it can be challenging to track monthly average users (MAU). Second, those engagements can slow down your core product. In PX, you can follow MAUs regularly. It is built to scale, and it doesn’t slow down your application. PX is created using a modern architecture that is one hundred percent server-side. While our competitors can perform similarly at lower MAU levels, they can’t keep up at higher levels. PX won’t slow down, do no matter how many users or how many engagements you are running. 

PX provides power experiences at scale. Even through the current pandemic and disparate workforce, it can handle increased new users, digital tools, and platforms. It primarily solves the “white glove experience, even for the low touch segments, without the people resources. It solves the scale problem while still humanizing the experience. How? PX helps your product speak to the user with customized and unique in-app messaging every time they are in it. It also unlocks the value of the customer’s voice, so you know their needs, even in the segment of “long-tail” customers.

All businesses are struggling to manage resources across all segments. PX raises visibility and gives voice to all customers, including the low-touch, tech-touch, and long-tail customers. It solves all those problems without compromising the experience. Don’t let your users feel like they are one in a herd. Let them feel special. Let them feel like they are the only ones with Gainsight PX by starting a free trial today