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Your favorite moments from Pulse 2022

We knew walking into the Moscone Center, before the crowds arrived, that Pulse 2022 would be special.

Maybe it was the fact that we were all finally back together in one place. Or maybe it was the fact that new colleagues and collaborators from Community and Product were joining us this year. Whatever it was, we could feel the difference. 

What we didn’t know was how much everyone else in the Pulse community would love the event this year. No matter how many times we host a Pulse event, the amount of enthusiasm and interest that everyone has for the community and content blows us away. 

So instead of listing more of our favorite moments from Pulse 2022 (and we have a looong list!), we’d highlight your favorite moments as shared on social media. Here are just a handful of the best moments you had at Pulse!

The excitement in the Expo Hall was palpable

Come for the professional development; stay for the vibrant, welcoming, and super fun community. The Expo Hall at Pulse was where we saw group photos, lively discussions, and old friends catching up. Based on the photos, it looks like everyone enjoyed it immensely!


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Matthew Lind may have won for most amount of Pulse group photos!


Samuel J Cummings III saw a friend in every corner of the Expo Hall.

The breakout sessions sparked new ideas we’ll see for years to come

At Pulse, we may not take ourselves too seriously, but we always take the work seriously. From the insightful topics to the thoughtful questions, the breakout sessions offered a place to consider how to make the future of Customer, Product, and Community durable and efficient. Here are some of your favorite moments from the sessions.



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Bertil Weil shares his excitement about the impact of Pulse 2022.


Joshua Weber shares his memories from the day.

All eyes were glued to the keynote speakers

Everyone at Gainsight felt particularly grateful for the positive feedback on the keynotes at Pulse 2022. To see everyone engaged, excited, and back together in one place was truly something special. Here are the top posts featuring the keynote speakers.

Anisha Sivakumar celebrates her important contributions to the keynote.


Srinivasan Packirisamy shouts out the incredible audience in attendance at Pulse 2022.


Roger Scott loves NRR and we do too!

And of course, the MVP of Pulse: the puppies! 

We couldn’t accurately describe the best parts of Pulse without showing the adorable puppies!

Julie Fox lives the dream in a puppy pile.


Jonathan Heide proves life is better at Pulse.

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Until next year!


Sarah Hill shows off the fun at the Pulse party!