Pulse 2024 Day 1 Gainsight Answers How to be Human-First in AI Image

Pulse 2024 Day 1 Gainsight Answers How to be Human-First in AI

There’s one event we look forward to every year and it’s here! Earlier today, we kicked off Pulse 2024 in St. Louis. Every year at Pulse, the ideas evolve, the technology improves, but one thing stays the same: this is the best community in the world. 

For those not able to make it, we wanted to give you a full rundown of the Day 1 events. No one gets excluded in these halls! Here are the most important highlights from the first day of Pulse 2024. 

The Human-First AI Playbook Is Here

To kick off the keynote, Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, jumped on stage to discuss the state of customer success right now. The truth is that many in SaaS are wrestling with challenges. In CS specifically, many teams have to juggle decreasing headcounts with more demands from the customer. All of that pressure is compounded by internal pressure to prove that CS can drive profitable growth.

It’s a lot. But, today’s CS teams have one huge advantage: AI. Instead of trying to solve the current problems we’re all facing with more people or more processes, we can use the power of AI to create world-class customer experiences that scale our business. But it only works if we use technology to give everyone in the company more time to be human.

As Mehta said, technology should give us “fewer processes and data entry to give us more time with our teams and customers.” 

And with that, he revealed The Human-First AI Playbook, with six core tenets. We believe AI should: 

  1. Eliminate Blindspots
  2. Remove Grunt Work to Make Room for What Matters
  3. Turn Every Teammate into the Best Version of Themselves
  4. Make Self-Service Not Suck
  5. Transform Novices into Gurus
  6. Help Customers Find Their Work Bestie

What does that mean in practice? Gainsight President and COO, Chuck Ganapathi, joined Mehta onstage to explain. And we have all the highlights for you. 

Human-First AI Playbook for Your Team

The first three steps in the Human-First AI Playbook are all about how your team can leverage AI to improve the entire customer journey by giving your team back time to focus on what matters. 

Ganapathi said, “the fundamental tenets of CS is to be an early warning system.” Companies that rely on NPS scores alone won’t know that customers are at risk early enough to make changes. But with AI, they can detect dissatisfaction early and create a clear action plan for how to solve the problems. With Gainsight’s Human-First AI, companies will Eliminate Blindspots around how a customer feels or why they might be at risk of churn. 

Human-First AI also means companies can Remove Grunt Work so Customer Success Managers have Room for What Matters. Both Mehta and Ganapathi acknowledged that sometimes new technology can mean more daily responsibilities for teams. That trend leads CSMs to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. But when companies use AI with a human-first mindset, those small tasks are eliminated in favor of important calls, personalized follow-ups, and more time to strategize for profitable growth.

Finally, Human-First AI should Turn Every Teammate into the Best Version of Themselves. Collecting data doesn’t help much if the information is not useful. Now, teams can share knowledge, improve engagements, and ultimately, drive the world-class customer journeys required to grow. 

Human-First AI Playbook for Your Customers

Human-First AI is not just about internal teams. After all, we wouldn’t be Gainsight if we didn’t think about the customers first! There are ways to leverage AI technology to make the experience better for your customers, especially when it comes to the community around your product. 

The Human-First AI playbook focuses on making it easy for customers to access the information they need to be successful and share that knowledge with others in the community. In other words, Make Self-Serve Not Suck. In the past, trainings were all about watching a video and then answering a few questions. The experience wasn’t tailored to anyone’s specific needs or use cases. AI changes all of that. 

With AI, customers can get a completely custom onboarding and training experience without requiring extra hours from CS teams. Customers can access trainings that are all relevant to their job and goals. The result is more engaged learning, faster understanding, and companies that quickly Transform Novices into Gurus

And the power of Human-First AI doesn’t stop at self-serve. Successful companies also use it to Help Customers Find their Work Bestie. They connect customers with similar experiences so they can build a community together. Sharing information, updating best practices, working through use cases together only makes community better and customer loyalty stronger. Everyone wins when you put humans first! 

The Future of AI Is Human-First with Gainsight 

When the conversation about AI started, the first images that came to mind were robots taking over. And sure, it makes for some classic movie scenes, but it isn’t the reality in business. 

The first day of Pulse illustrated how Human-First AI puts each of us humans first. It allows us to do meaningful work that helps our customers. It provides all the information we need to be successful right at our fingertips. And, most importantly, it connects us to more people. 

And really, that’s what Pulse and Gainsight are all about!