Pulse Europe 2022 to spotlight durable growth strategies Image

Pulse Europe 2022 to spotlight durable growth strategies

Learn how customer, community, and product-led strategies can build long-term, efficient growth

It’s our favorite time of the year—again! If you’re still nursing a case of Pulse San Francisco FOMO, then you’re in luck. Pulse Europe is just around the corner on November 9–10 in—drumroll, please—London! 

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Take some time off from back-to-back Zoom meetings and join us live on the rooftop of Tobacco Dock to make meaningful connections with peers in Customer Success (CS), Product, and Community. We have a packed agenda of insightful leaders ready to discuss everything from growing Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and building durable growth to fostering a human-first business. 

Join us for an epic opening keynote from Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight who believes “the best part of being unstoppable together is how much good we can do when we all come together.” Mehta will give attendees the inside scoop on The Durable Growth Playbook for Savvy SaaS Organizations

We’ll kick off Day 2 with some inspiration and innovation. Join Gainsight’s Product Leadership for an inside look at the new features and capabilities that will disrupt the market and enable you to build a more unstoppable business with customer-led and product-led growth at the center. 

As we gear up for an unforgettably fun Pulse Europe, here are some sessions that you don’t want you to miss. 

Community-Led Growth

Community-led growth is the new bell of the SaaS ball—for good reason. But, although Community may seem like the new kid in town, it’s been around all along, and it’s here to stay. At Gainsight we’ve seen best-in-class SaaS companies invest in building and nurturing an engaged user community for years. In fact, we see it as a pillar of efficient, durable growth. That’s part of why we acquired the Community game-changer, InSided. 

From Day 1 to Year 1: Launching Your Support Community

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “Do we need a support community?” but the follow-up thought of “Yes, but where do we start?” triggers a mix of mystery and anxiety, this is the session for you. 

Communities take some real work to get off the ground and in this session, we’ll get you ready for the work to be done. We’ll dig into building out your roadmap and major milestones for the first year including identifying the need, getting buy-in, building and launching, and measuring success.

Avoiding Management Debt

This session and Q&A will cover a framework for customer success hiring in a highly competitive talent landscape. Rav Dhaliwal, Investor at Crane Venture Partners, will walk participants through:

  • How to understand the contextual skills and experience you need
  • How to map those contextual skills to a CS organization type to make candidate sourcing more efficient
  • How to build a CS hiring scorecard that makes the interview process far more efficient whilst improving the quality of candidates you put through

We can’t wait to hear what hiring secrets Dhaliwal has up his sleeve! 

Customer-Led Growth 

Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes are looking to their customer base to fuel their growth strategies through renewals, expansion, and advocacy. 

Drive Net Retention Rate Forward—Faster! 

Join Meenu Agarwal, Group Senior VP at Workday, to talk about how to drive NRR at lightning speed. 

Workday is a global business of massive scale. Agarwal and her team have done an amazing job of helping customers realize outcomes that help drive NRR. Before coming to Workday, Agarwal has held senior Success and Services positions at Hubspot and IBM, so she’ll have some phenomenal insights from those organizations as well.

According to Adam Joseph, Regional Vice President, EMEA, at Gainsight,, “Net Retention is the north star metric for many CS leaders and achieving this in the quickest time possible is going to be of uttermost importance.”

Scaling From 80 to 8000 Customers in a Year With Digital Customer Success 

Digital CS has been one of the hottest topics in CS over the last year. In this session, Jordan Baker, Senior Director, Digital Customer Success at Alteryx, has a mind-blowing story to share: He leveraged digital-led CS to scale from 80 to 8,000 customers in just one year. 

This session will be a great way for participants to learn actionable insight into setting up a Digital CS strategy. 

Investing in CS Ops? When and How You Should Build CS Ops 

CS Ops is a fast-growing profession that enables CS teams to grow and scale efficiently. In this session, Shachar Avrahami, Director of Product at EverAfter, outlines the why, the when, and the how of CS Operations. 

CS Ops plays a critical part in demonstrating the ROI of CS. In other words, we can thank them for turning CS into measurable success by tracking NPS, GRR, NRR, renewals, expansions, and more. 

Rachel Bush, Regional Director of Customer Success, EMEA, at Gainsight says, “There are still a lot of grey areas around turning CS Ops into a reality, which this presentation should help clear up.” 

Panel: Delivering Value to Your Customers Across the Lifecycle

The panel discussion will feature CS leaders discussing what delivering value looks like at their organization, who the key stakeholders involved are, and what this looks like at different stages of the customer lifecycle. 

Bush says, “NRR is a company-wide goal, and can not be achieved without delivering value to customers.” 

Product-Led Growth (PLG) 

Another pillar of durable growth is PLG. The product is not only your frontline CSM, but it’s also your best source of customer data and a powerful tool to prevent churn. 

Product-led Is the Way But … What Does It Take to Drive a Product-Led Growth Strategy in an Enterprise Context?

Digital transformation is changing the way business customers are evaluating and buying products and it is clear that the future of a successful go-to-market strategy is product-led. But what does it takes to drive a product-led growth strategy in a large software enterprise? 

Nadia Rusenova, Product Manager for Product Experience at Software AG, will share how her team is successfully overcoming the challenges that traditional software enterprises face in the era of digital transformation.

The Unbeatable Product Engagement Strategy to Support Worldwide Growth

Ready to be unbeatable? 

Attend this session to learn how to create an unstoppable strategy to measure customer sentiment and scale your Customer Success organization globally through increased Product Engagement. The team at ReviewPro will share how they implemented a product engagement process as the first key part of their scalable customer lifecycle journey. 

We could not be more excited to unite with the best minds in Customer Success, Community, and Product at Pulse Europe. It’s a unique opportunity to learn the secret strategies that can drive efficient, durable growth from the most successful SaaS business leaders today. 

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