Feeling the PulseCheck Culture: No Facepaint Required Image

Feeling the PulseCheck Culture: No Facepaint Required

We were planning last year’s (inaugural) PulseCheck virtual workshop on the heels of World Cup 2014 fever. Companies across the globe carried on with business as usual, but typically with a TV on in the background streaming the matches live. The most passionate fans would conveniently schedule a team happy hour or lunch when their favorite team was playing, caught up in the global phenomenal that brought the entire world of sports together.

That fever inspired us, and although we’ll admit that Customer Success may not convict with the same degree of passion as World Cup soccer, we wanted to create a similar culture around PulseCheck that involved bringing the entire CSM team together in a room to watch the event live, learn tangible best practices from some of the leading voices in the industry, and discuss how to apply the concepts within the business.

The response was phenomenal (see below).

This year, we’re bringing the challenge back to the companies who sign up the most teammates to attend PulseCheck. Gainsight will select 10 companies who register more than 5 members of their team to win a FREE catered breakfast and lunch on us. Here’s how to play:

  • Sign up as many members of your company as possible (using your corporate email address) to attend PulseCheck 2015.
  • Keep your calendar clear for July 22nd with the exception of any urgent customer meetings.
  • Book out a conference room for July 22nd from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • Gainsight will select at random 10 companies who register more than 5 members of their team to win our grand prize.
  • On July 20th, you’ll receive an email from us to take your breakfast and lunch orders, which will be delivered on the house to your company HQ.

It’s that easy. You won’t find another opportunity to go deep on Customer Success knowledge from the comfort of your own office… and get fed on us. So spread the word to your teammates, and we’ll look forward to seeing you online on July 22nd LIVE from Stanford University… vuvuzelas optional.

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