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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Pulse 2022

After two years of virtual experiences, Pulse is back and it’s happening IRL!

If you ask us, logging off Zoom and making face-to-face connections once again is reason enough to buy your ticket right now. Whether you’re a Pulse vet or this is your first one, we promise that this year will be unforgettable! Here are our top ten reasons why you should join us in San Fransisco on August 17-18. (Plus a bonus reason you won’t want to miss!) 

10. It’s San Francisco, Baby! 

The city by the Bay is iconic! People write songs about it. Famous movies film here, and it serves as background to numerous books. The sights and history are impressive. Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate, anyone? And we are back in the famed Moscone West Center, right in the heart of this beautiful city.

Remember that energy we talked about? Well, it will be here! You will be able to meet, greet, network, and get fired up with thousands of like-minded, in-person attendees. Not to mention the hundreds of experts sharing their knowledge with everyone.

9. Speakers from CS, Product, and Community

Pulse has always been a place for the best and most inspiring leaders to offer their diverse perspectives on all things CS. But, now we’re expanding! This year, we’re also including some incredible voices from Product and Community, because together, we are unstoppable. Hear how Product can influence revenue-driving CS strategies, how your community can inform your roadmap, and many more valuable insights at the intersection of all three.

Speakers such as Maria Martinez, Malcolm Gladwell, and author Geoffrey Moore have shared their expertise with an enthralled audience in the past. Gainsight also likes to think outside the box by bringing in notable speakers who are change leaders in their own field, like actress, producer, and author Mindy Kaling. Who will be this year’s keynote speakers? You’ll have to sign up to find out!

8. Product Innovations 

Pulse isn’t just about inspiring ideas — it’s also the place to see how all these ideas are possible. We’ve filled the entire space with booths, showcases, and experiences that show off the exciting new technologies in customer success, product experience, and community. Plus, be the first to hear about the newest product innovations coming to Gainsight.

Previous announcements have included Horizon AI, and Person 360. This year, we’re going even bigger! Come prepared with any questions you have about how our solutions can address your current growth goals or obstacles. Experts Gainsters and our partners will all be available to answer questions, give demos, and show you what’s possible for 2022 and beyond. 

7. The Game Changer Awards

Do you know that feeling when you see your customer become empowered and successful with your product? So do we! That is why we love the GameChanger Awards. At Gainsight, we define GameChangers as customers who shift their thinking to transform their business outlook. They push beyond the familiar and comfortable to achieve remarkable results for their company, teammates, partners, and customers.

To us, all of our customers are GameChangers. However, there are a few that stand out in various areas. We look for The Visionary, The Experience Maker, The Challenger, The Defender, The Dream Team, and The Transformational Leader.

Each year, companies submit their entries to be considered for the award in each category. Last year’s winners included Jamf, Sonotype, RD Station, PTC, SAP Concur, and Software AG. We can’t wait to see who will win this year’s awards!

6. Thoughtful Breakouts and Meaningful Meetups 

Earlier, we briefly touched on networking and meeting like-minded individuals. One of the best places for this is during breakout sessions, where more detailed and topic-specific conversations happen. Where you have “A-ha” moments during keynotes, breakouts are more tactical with real process “how-tos” that you can begin implementing almost immediately.

Gainsight has these exact events in mind when we create meeting spaces to talk business, discuss topics that need clarity, or even sit alone to ponder the subjects presented. The remarkable aspect of being at Pulse is that everyone there has a similar purpose. You could say they are all “birds of a feather.” Being amongst innovative people will no doubt get your creative ideas flowing.

5. The Bustling Expo Hall

If you have attended Pulse in the past, you know that the Expo Hall is the place to see and be seen! Gainsight designed this space for vendors and sponsors to gather and share their wares and ideas. Join us on Wednesday for a special Welcome Reception, get your caffeine fix at the Gainsight booth featuring the best baristas and stop by the Success Hub for professional development opportunities and brand new headshots from our professional photographer. Did we mention the Expo Hall is the place to get your swag? Oh, how we’ve missed the swag for the last two years!  

4. Making Memories and Instagram Moments

Pulse is so much more than amazing speakers, innovation, networking, and professional development. It’s also about the experience we will create for you at Moscone West in San Francisco. Being live and in-person after the last two years will be an experience in and of itself. Keep your eyes peeled and your phone ready to capture all the surprise and delight moments of Pulse and throughout the venue.

There will also be opportunities to meet new people and deepen the relationships with teammates who traveled with you to SF. We are also bringing back our popular photo wall so you can memorialize your Pulse experience on LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Tik Tok!

3. The Epic Pulse Party and Unique Entertainment

We aren’t an ordinary conference, we’re a cool conference! No Pulse would be complete without our EPIC Pulse Party. Did you hear about the party on the USS Hornet docked in San Francisco Bay? Or the robot fashion show at a rooftop bar in London? Or perhaps the Roaring 20’s party down at the historic San Francisco City Hall? At Gainsight, we work hard, and we play hard. We have so many surprises planned for this party and can’t wait to unveil the entertainment that hardcore Pulse fans will totally appreciate.

2. Childlike Joy

At Gainsight, we believe that company values should not be written and framed on a wall. They should be lived every single day. Our values are: Live the Golden Rule, Success for All, Childlike Joy, Shoshin (A Beginner’s Mind), and Stay Thirsty My Friends. While we like showing off all of our values, Childlike Joy is the one that comes out to play at Pulse. Just check our video parodies.

Pulse is a purposeful mash-up of thought leadership, converging ideas and techniques, strategic processes, and product-led growth. But it would not be a Gainsight event if our Childlike Joy was not a part of it. So, bring yours to San Francisco and find out how fun Pulse can be!

1. Puppies of Pulse!

You may be asking, “Did I read that right?” Yes, you did! Puppies of Pulse were one of the highest-ranking features at Pulse 2019. Since we are coming back to Moscone West, Gainsight wants the puppies back too! And why not? As Charles Shultz, the creator of the cartoon characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy, said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” The benefits of petting a puppy are well known. It lowers your blood pressure and the stress hormone Cortisol. It also raises your “feel-good hormone” oxytocin. So, why wouldn’t we have puppies at Pulse?

It’s the epitome of Childlike Joy!  

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