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The Ultimate List of Product Experience Resources for 2022

By Gainsight Team

2022 has already been quite the year.

Since 2021, we have seen more product-led hypergrowth than in years past. According to an October 2021 Wired Magazine article titled “Earth’s Unicorn Population Is Exploding,” it was revealed that a record-breaking 264 companies were hitting “unicorn” status in the US, with VC investment hitting $240 billion.

In fact, in 2022, there are reportedly over 1,000 companies that were in hypergrowth and reached “unicorn” status worldwide. Though the past two years were some of the most challenging times for businesses, it did not stop one of the most difficult seasons from producing hypergrowth for product-led companies.

If your company has its eye on the sacred hypergrowth status and you are investing in product-led growth, Gainsight has good news for you. We compiled our best Product Experience resources from last year, from blogs, ebooks, and webinars.

As the category creator of customer success and the definitive thought leader, this list is filled with the help you need to deliver the ultimate Product Experience for your customers. You will learn everything from utilizing product analytics and product adoption strategies to career advice for Product Management professionals. 

Product Experience 

Product Led Growth


Product Analytics

In-App Engagements and Product Communications

Product Adoption

The Relationship Between Customer Success and Product



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