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Why Customer Success Teams Are Using Aptrinsic

This post was co-authored by Mickey Alon.

We don’t have a handle on how each customer is using the product.

We need to scale our customer onboarding.

Our biggest challenge is product adoption.

These challenges are nothing new to Customer Success (CS). But as SaaS becomes the global standard for delivering software, it’s urgent that companies get to the root of the problem. In the Age of the Customer, buyers will hold you accountable for outcomes, and users are increasingly expecting consumer-grade usability and product experience.

The world is realizing that to drive Customer Success in a SaaS business, the product plays a central role. No longer just an assemblage of features, the product is a channel to gain key behavioral insights and drive engagement. Bringing the product into your CS strategy isn’t a nice to have in SaaS. It’s a business imperative. Those who don’t recognize the critical bridge between Customer Success and Product will struggle to compete against those who do.

For Customer Success teams looking to drive customers to value quickly, to understand user behavior, and to accelerate growth, the product is a great place to start. It provides levers for scale and the foundation for a more holistic Customer Success strategy in the future.

That’s why we see more and more Customer Success teams using Aptrinsic.

Why Customer Success Teams Are Using Aptrinsic

If you’re an early Customer Success function or considering launching one in the future, think about Aptrinsic. You’ll be equipped with user, customer, and product feature insights and the right levers to start driving action.

With Aptrinsic, you can:

  1. Understand how customers are adopting your product
    • Capture usage across key features of your product
    • Spot adoption trends across customer segments
    • Leverage adoption as an indicator of customer health
  2. Prioritize initiatives and investments through robust Product Analytics
    • Discover how the adoption of specific features correlates to retention and expansion
    • Identify the window of time you have to guide users to value realization
    • Gain influence over the roadmap through a shared understanding with the product team of how customers are getting value from the product
  3. Scale onboarding and adoption efforts with In-app Engagements
    • Engage your customers at scale using in-app guides, messages, sliders and hotspots
    • Make engagements personal using powerful audience segmentation
    • Re-engage inactive users on other channels to bring them back to your product
  4. Get ahead of risks and identify advocates with In-app Feedback:
    • Present surveys to users directly from within your app and enjoy increased response rates
    • Capture more insightful feedback by sending surveys based on product usage, or lack thereof
    • Leverage NPS, CSAT, CES, or design your own multi-question surveys to ask the right questions at the right time

Collectively, this suite of functionality provides a strong foundation of data, and key levers for scale, that can accelerate a broader Customer Success strategy.

Why a Holistic Customer Success Strategy Includes Gainsight + Aptrinsic

Similar to how Sales and Marketing platforms converged to optimize growth around new customer acquisition (Salesforce and ExactTarget, Oracle and Eloqua, etc), Customer Success and Product are now converging to drive growth in the Age of the Customer. As your organization and strategy mature, you need a more comprehensive platform to orchestrate your customers’ journey and drive growth for your business.

With Gainsight + Aptrinsic, you’ll have the complete platform to orchestrate a seamless customer journey both inside and outside of the product, blending human and automated touch. You’ll grow faster by:

  1. Building products that customers love
    • Gather and understand feedback from all levels of the organization
    • Understand which parts of your products drive the greatest outcomes
    • Validate the impact of product decisions on retention, expansion, and advocacy
  2. Delivering outcomes consistently and efficiently
    • Track and measure progress towards your customers’ goals
    • Optimize for the strengths of people versus technology
    • Orchestrate a clear journey with a consistent message for each customer
  3. Placing the customer at the center of your business
    • Make decisions faster with a unified view of customer data, insights, and health
    • Collaborate with the right stakeholders across your functions and the customers’
    • Finding opportunities to deliver more value to the customer, sustainably growing your relationship over time

To build great products, consistently deliver outcomes, and put the customer at the center of your business, Customer Success and Product need to be aligned on the same data, feedback, and insights. Gainsight + Aptrinsic is the only solution that provides the common language to make this strategy possible.