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CS Ops Empowers the CS Team

CS Ops has a clear mission: Help the CS team operate efficiently and with excellence, so that CSMs help customers to achieve their goals.

Top responsibilities include systems & tools to support the customer experience, data and analytics to measure success and make decisions, and program management and process development to improve how the business operates.

Best-in-class CS Ops teams are thought partners to design strategic initiatives, and then they execute to make a vision into reality.

“Companies invest in CS Ops as a strategy to drive retention, expansion, advocacy, and efficiency.”

The Customer Success Operations Journey

This illustrated journey identifies and explains possible pitfalls and offers solutions in the path to a thriving career in CS Ops.

“CS Ops is the Hottest Job in Customer Success, right now.”

Nick Mehta
SaaStr 2021

You don't need to be in CS Ops to get a job in CS Ops! CS Ops requires skills and experiences that many other non CS jobs have. Don't worry if you dont know much about Customer Success - we have plenty of resources for you to learn.

Build Skills

What are some common skills you need to work in a CS Ops role?

Project management and prioritization of time and tasks

Comfortable reviewing data and uncovering trends

Analytical mindset with an emphasis on process, workflows, and results

Technical aptitude of systems and tools (like Microsoft Excel)

Communication (verbal and written) and collaboration

Quick learner with the ability to help enable and manage change across the team

Adaptability and flexibility

Self-sufficiency and ability to perform under pressure

Problem Solving

Hear experienced CS Ops pros talk about what it takes to succeed in CS Ops.


Where can I learn more about CS Ops?

Get started with these top-notch descriptions of CS Ops

Win Fast by Hiring CS Operations Early

At the center of some of the most impactful Customer Success strategies lies CS Operations. From translating high-level goals into...

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Drive to Thrive: How CS Ops Enables a High Performance Strategy

Delivering Operations ROI for Customer Success is critical to any successful team...

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CS Ops: What it is, Why It Matters, How to do it Right

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Get Guidance

Connect with your community

CS Ops Leadership Slack

CS Ops leaders created this channel to connect about strategic priorities, specific tactics, and everything in between.

Global Gainsight Admin Slack

If your role in CS Ops includes administration of Gainsight, you want to be part of this community-driven channel to hear about specific product solutions and share best practices with other Admins.


The CS Ops Mentor Program has hundreds of participants who have raised their hands to connect. Find someone to talk with about CS Ops, at any level of experience or seniority.

Resources to Go Deeper

How to Break into CS Ops

Gainsight’s Seth Wylie shares a variety of paths into CS Ops, and discusses the skills you need.

Sample Job Description: Gainsight Admin

CS Ops jobs come in many flavors, as a leader crafts a team that can handle systems administration, data analysis, ‘1-to-many’ customer communications, and CSM enablement. Read this job description for a typical Gainsight Administrator, which is based on real-world job postings.

Day in the Life of an Admin

Three Gainsight admins describe the typical day for this particular type of CS Ops role.

Certification & Learning


Read The Customer Success Professional's Handbook and expand your knowledge of the Customer Success industry. Download it here for $17.

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Pulse+ is an online media platform that combines premium eLearning and industry-grade certifications with exclusive content and behind-the-scenes stories of brands and thought leaders who exemplify the true spirit of customer success.

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Gainsight Administration Certification

To pursue a Gainsight Administration role, your first step is to begin taking the free e-learning courses and earn your Level 1 Certification.

Visit Gainsight University

Drive your CS Ops Career!

Careers in the field of CS Ops are growing, and data supports this. That is why a career in this field has the potential to take off - become an expert, be valued, and enjoy the benefits of a satisfying, successfull career.

For questions and feedback, email cscareers@gainsight.com.

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