Gainsight Data Privacy Transparency Report

Gainsight is committed to protecting the privacy rights and information of our clients and users, and to providing transparency on how we handle data requests from government agencies and law enforcement.

Certain government agencies – including intelligence, security and regulatory agencies – and law enforcement officials around the world may be permitted under various local laws to request information from companies about individuals for a number of reasons, including national security purposes.

Please note that Gainsight has never shared its encryption or authentication keys with anyone. Gainsight has also never compromised any of its encryption at the request of a government agency or law enforcement official from any jurisdiction.

Our process

If Gainsight ever receives a request for user information from a government agency or law enforcement official from any jurisdiction, Gainsight will notify its clients, unless legally prohibited. Additionally, our Legal Team will review the request to ensure there is a valid legal basis for the request.

Requests Received

The report below includes information about any such requests that Gainsight has received, except as prohibited by applicable law. This report is updated quarterly with the information from the prior fiscal quarter. In the event Gainsight receives a request for user information, we will provide as much relevant information as possible, including – when legally possible – the type of data requested, the requesting authority and whether the request has been challenged.

Requests Received for User Information from Government Agencies or Law Enforcement Officials from Any Jurisdiction.

Reporting Period Number of Requests Received Number of Impacted Users
2012 0 0
2013 0 0
2014 0 0
2015 0 0
2016 0 0
2017 0 0
2018 0 0
2019 0 0
2020 0 0
2021 0 0
2022 0 0
2023 0 0
2024 (through Q1) 0 0

* This report is aggregated and anonymized, and does not identify any particular individual, company, or request.

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