Affinio Recognized by Gainsight™ for Customer Success Excellence Image

Affinio Recognized by Gainsight™ for Customer Success Excellence

Award Accepted On Stage at Pulse 2018 – The Industry Conference for Customer Success

[San Mateo, CA – June 5, 2018] –  Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, honored Affinio with the Sally award for excellence in Stakeholder Alignment. Affinio was recognized for their use of the Gainsight platform for building alignment amongst key client stakeholders.

The award was given to the Affinio team by Will Robins, Gainsight’s Director of Customer Marketing, onstage at Pulse, Gainsight’s annual conference for the Customer Success industry, which drew over 5,000 industry professionals to San Mateo, CA.

“Stakeholder alignment is such a crucial element in our Customer Success program because now our customers’ stakeholders understand the impact Affinio has on their business’s retention and expansion,” said Erin Fogerty, Director of Customer Success at Affinio. “Gainsight allows us to keep a real time pulse on key stakeholders across all of our customers, from tracking roles to changes in sentiment. In addition, we have now have processes in places to ensure our customers’ executive business reviews are insightful and productive.”

“We congratulate and celebrate Affinio for maximizing their use of the Gainsight Customer Success platform,” said Nick Mehta, Chief Executive Officer at Gainsight. “They’ve built a high-quality, integrated Customer Success program that’s delivering meaningful impact to their operations, and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey and to see these results.”

About the Sally Awards: In 2013, Gainsight published a children’s book titled “Sally and the Churnbot” where the protagonist “Sally,” the Customer Success Superhero, saves the world from the evil customer-stealing “Churnbot” villain. The character became synonymous with the spirit of the Customer Success Manager role — to protect companies from unexpected churn while working with customers to drive outcomes for their own businesses. The awards were named after the hero character and are produced every year for companies who personify the spirit of Sally and her Customer Success mission.

About Affinio: Affinio is an AI-driven segmentation platform that transforms the way marketers approach audience strategy and insights. Affinio’s award-winning technology mines billions of relational connections that exist within any data set. Using deep learning and a custom network engine, Affinio analyzes audience connections to develop unique, naturally-occurring clusters, enabling global brands to get a higher return on media activation, create powerful data-driven personas, identify white space revenue opportunities, and get a higher return on ad spend. Visit Affinio at

About Gainsight: Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, helps businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upsell, and driving customer advocacy. The industry-leading platform helps companies manage customers relationships effectively, track customer health and transform the way organizations orient around the customer. Gainsight provides a 360° view of customers and drives retention across Customer Success, sales, marketing, executive and product management. Learn how leading companies like GE Digital, Box, Adobe and Workday use Gainsight to help their customers succeed at


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