As your customers change priorities and shift strategies, maintaining alignment with their executives and decision makers becomes paramount. With Stakeholder Alignment, Gainsight helps you set up a regular process for executive check-ins, monitor when there are organizational changes, and keep an eye on stakeholder sentiment over time.

Engage key stakeholders at scale

Schedule and carry out personalized, executive interactions at key moments along the customer journey.


Align your team

Ensure that everyone in your organization—from CSMs to Account Managers to the CEO—is aware of the full context of the latest executive-level client interactions.

360 View

Mitigate risk from organizational changes

Customers' priorities are constantly shifting, and never more that during changes in leadership or team structure. Establish personal relationships that will give you advance notice of important changes and rapid reports of any unexpected news.

Sponsor Tracking

Key Performance Indicators

  • Retain customers by building and maintaining personal relationships with key stakeholders
  • Increase potential for expansion by closely aligning actions with customer priorities

Software & Advisory Services Provider Revamps Customer Journey and Improves CSAT by 10% and Net Retention by 20%

This Software & Advisory Services Provider used the Gainsight Elements framework to advance their Customer Success Maturity from Insights & Actions to Outcomes. This case study focuses on their adaptation of the Stakeholder Alignment & Success Planning Elements, which were customized from Gainsight’s prescriptive approach to address the specific needs of the company.

  • By using Gainsight, I've been able to take our team which was traditionally very reactive and turn them into a team that's proactive.
    Roelf Kuitse, Manager, Customer Success Organization at Imprivata
  • We've seen double digit increases in renewal rates and expansion rates when we've applied Customer Success. Gainsight has been a key lever to drive those business outcomes for Cisco.
    Ed Daly, Global Customer Success at Cisco
  • We were able to use Gainsight Reporting and Calls-to-Action to drive up our on-time renewal rate 10 percentage points.
    Paul Liebman, Head of Global Customer Success at Eventbrite

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