Gainsight Announces New ‘Voice of the Customer’ Offering to Accelerate Customer Success

The Customer Success Company Releases Gainsight for VoC, Combining a Fully Featured Customer Feedback Management Solution with Best in Class Playbooks that Immediately Turn Insights into Actions

REDWOOD CITY, CA – August 2, 2017 — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company announced today the availability of a game-changing Customer Feedback Management solution called Gainsight for Voice of the Customer (VoC). Gainsight for VoC is a standalone product leveraging the power of the award-winning Gainsight Customer Success platform to better enable companies to listen to customers and quickly act on their feedback at scale. As companies continue to move at an ever-increasing pace toward Customer Success, Gainsight for VoC provides an easy way to get started and quickly realize value.

Gainsight for VoC provides an end-to-end Customer Feedback Management platform that turns survey responses into actions, fast. With Gainsight for VoC, customers can send highly personalized surveys, trigger carefully orchestrated follow-up actions, and leverage insights to help prioritize investments that drive customer satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, Gainsight for VoC offers new and innovative features such as the visual Journey Orchestrator, which makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly launch multi-step feedback campaigns.

Gainsight has been offering surveys in its Customer Success Platform from the start, as they are an important part of any Customer Success strategy. However, companies aren’t always ready to deploy a complete Customer Success solution due to data-related requirements or the need to take on organizational-wide transformation. Gainsight for VoC has no such requirements, providing an easy option for companies to quickly get started on their Customer Success journey.

“Listening to your customers and doing something to solve their problems is a huge part of Customer Success,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “By offering Gainsight for VoC as a standalone solution, we’re making it easy for our clients to get started with Customer Success without the need for them to tackle issues like data readiness. Rather, they can deploy quickly and immediately begin to capture insightful data and act on it.”

“There is so much that account teams can do to leverage feedback and manage customer expectations within their own book of accounts,” said Steve Bernstein, founder of the Customer Success firm, Waypoint Group. “Gainsight for VoC provides rapid value without the need to engage the entire company for end-to-end improvements. Teams can quickly deploy and scale their NPS, CSAT, ESAT, or other feedback-related programs using Gainsight’s powerful set of capabilities.”

“Many Gainsight customers are already harnessing the power of Gainsight to listen and act on customer feedback,” said Susan Underwood, Head of Worldwide Client Success at Adobe Sign. “Gainsight for VoC helps us to better listen to our customers, allowing my team to focus on delivering what the customer needs, when they need it.”

“Most Voice of the Customer tools stop at surveying customers and distributing the results. This leads to slow, inconsistent or no follow up, which disrupts customer relationships,” said Dee Zepf, VP of Partner Success at Continuum Managed Services. “Gainsight for VoC solves this problem by ensuring fast and consistent response to customer feedback.”

Create Powerful Surveys in Minutes
Gainsight for VoC provides an easy to use Survey Creator that enables users to choose common question types, including NPS format, right out-of-the-box. Surveys are easily personalized, and branching logic and multiple question types can be combined to craft the perfect survey for a variety of use cases.

Orchestrate Cross-Functional Execution
Gainsight for VoC offers cross-functional playbooks that can be triggered instantly based on specific survey responses, setting into motion a coordinated response that can include both digital and human touches. This makes it easy for teams to quickly and consistently close the loop with customers in ways that leverage company best practices. The result is improved customer experience, retention, and upsell.

Leverage Seamless Salesforce Integration
Gainsight for VoC is the only fully featured Voice of the Customer platform built natively on Salesforce. This allows VoC teams to seamlessly tap into their wealth of CRM data to more precisely target outreaches, finely tune personalization, and capture feedback at unique moments in the customer journey. Additionally, Gainsight for VOC grants field teams visibility to customer feedback directly within Salesforce, the tool they already use. The end result includes higher response rates, deeper insights, and greater customer impact.

Scale your Customer Feedback Program
Gainsight for VoC provides a visual Journey Orchestrator, making it simple for non-technical users to scale their Customer Feedback Management programs. With an intuitive point-and-click interface, VoC teams can quickly automate sophisticated outreach and feedback processes. Pre-built multi-step journeys for NPS and CSAT make it easy to get started fast by leveraging Gainsight best practices.

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