Gainsight for Voice of the Customer
Listen Carefully. Act Quickly.

"The real value-add is not just the feedback from the customers, it’s taking action from the insights that allow us to act appropriately and quickly—every time."
Domenico Batteate

Your customers are talking to you—are you responding?

Customer feedback is only as useful as the actions you drive from it. Built natively on Salesforce, Gainsight pairs a best-in-class action platform with your existing infrastructure to automate targeted outreaches, execute follow-up actions, and generate deeper insights. Achieve higher response rates, improve customer sentiment, and leverage data to drive strategy with Gainsight for VoC.

Powerful Automation

Automate end-to-end customer feedback programs to capture deeper insights and plan closed-loop action.

Cross-Functional Execution

Orchestrate rapid coordinated action to respond to customer feedback using Gainsight's best-in-class playbooks.

Native to

Instantly leverage your customer data for more targeted outreach and provide visibility where teams already work.

Automate Customer Feedback Programs Using Survey Journey Orchestrator

  • Send the right outreach at the right time to the right recipient at scale
  • Create custom, mobile-optimized surveys
  • Program follow-up actions based on specific responses and non-responses

Drive Cross-Functional Action With Best-Practice Playbooks

  • Streamline, collaborate, and escalate follow-up actions, all without disruption to your daily workflow
  • Grant visibility and assign tasks to field team members in the platform they already use—Salesforce
  • Drive efficiency with automated and semi-automated emails

Distill Insights and Track Success Using Dashboards and Analytics

  • Assess business impact using Reports and Dashboards
  • Identify trends across the business with text analytics
  • Optimize feedback and follow-up processes with engagement analytics

Adobe Drives Action and Strategic Decisions with VoC

When you have as large a customer base as Adobe, the Voice of the Customer isn’t a whisper—it’s a shout. Learn how Adobe listened to their customers to make strategic decisions.

The Scientific Method to an Effective Voice of the Customer Program

Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta explores the relationship between sub-atomic physics and an impactful VoC program.

The Essential Guide to Voice of the Customer

Listening to your customers and taking action to solve their challenges is the first essential step to Customer Success.

Civitas Learning Rapidly Grows Customer Advocacy Using VoC

Learn how Civitas Learning automated an NPS, Training CSAT, Support CSAT and Implementation CSAT survey program with Gainsight for VoC.

Continuum Tackles Partner Success Using Gainsight for VoC

Learn how Continuum partnered with Gainsight to launch a VoC program to identify pain points that have led to direct product improvement.

Resultados Digitais Drives Scalability and Accountability

Resultados Digitais was able to collect insights that led to a 28% increase in implementations per rep with Gainsight's VoC.

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