Gainsight Unveils The Gainsight Horizon Experience—A Simple, Intuitive and Beautiful Product Experience Image

Gainsight Unveils The Gainsight Horizon Experience—A Simple, Intuitive and Beautiful Product Experience

At Pulse Everywhere, Gainsight Announced A Transformational User Experience, and the only community-enhanced; customer success technology exchange.

[San Francisco, CA – May 13, 2020] — Gainsight, the Customer Success company, announced today at their virtual Pulse conference, a complete transformation of the product experience across all current and future products —The Gainsight Horizon Experience. The simple, intuitive, and beautiful design system provides an efficiency boost and faster time-to-value making the powerful Gainsight platform even more critical for preventing churn and protecting your business right now.

The Experience You Want With The Power You Need

The Gainsight Horizon Experience is the company’s innovative design system built on the Gainsight NXT platform, allowing customers to integrate with the CRM of their choice for faster value, a stunning UI, and maximum flexibility. The Gainsight Horizon Experience delivers on three pillars to deliver a first of its kind experience to customer success and product professionals.

  • SIMPLE – Work more efficiently than ever. The Horizon Experience simplifies your day-to-day tasks, making the most important signals even clearer, conforming to common use cases, and giving step-by-step guidance through the most sophisticated workflows.
  • INTUITIVE – Realize value quickly. Gainsight’s Horizon Experience leverages common patterns from consumer technologies so it’s easy to know where to start, simple to navigate, and provides the next step or valuable insight before you have to ask.
  • BEAUTIFUL – Spend your time in a product you love using. Gainsight’s Horizon Experience makes your experience across the powerful Gainsight platform delightful and convenient, as it shapes both web and mobile product experiences.

“Right now, every business has an increased sense of urgency and anxiety around churn and how they spend their time and resources—as the leaders in customer success, it’s our job to help manage that,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “To help customers reduce their time-to-value and be more efficient with how they achieve customer outcomes, we’re launching a new user and admin experience. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we help make Customer Success teams’ day-to-day lives easier while making way for future innovations in the customer success industry.”

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“The Gainsight Horizon Experience is intuitive and beautiful. We’ve had a chance to “play” with the Experience Center beta and my team has been impressed by the product’s design and ease of use. Having our Gainsight solutions powered by the Horizon Experience is going to help with increasing adoption and improving onboarding of new users, which will ultimately save me time!” – Thuy Koo, Manager of Customer Success Operations, Glint, a part of LinkedIn

About Gainsight: Gainsight’s innovative technology helps companies prevent churn by identifying at-risk customers, creating systematic processes to mitigate concerns, and efficiently ramping up engagement efforts. The company’s Customer Cloud offers a powerful set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, and customer data, that together enable businesses to put the customer at the center of everything they do. Learn how leading companies like Okta, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at