Pulse Everywhere: The Biggest Product Announcements Ever From Gainsight Image

Pulse Everywhere: The Biggest Product Announcements Ever From Gainsight

Product innovation – it is something that is most certainly at the tip of the tongue of every product executive. Most strive for it, build roadmaps around it, and even sell it to prospective buyers. 

There are different paths towards product innovation. Interestingly, when you are a leader in a particular space, like Gainsight is in Customer Success technology, the right path consists of multiple important pillars, all connected and working together. This year’s Pulse, our annual conference, now Pulse Everywhere in 2020 due to the current pandemic, is our incredible chance to share with the world our continued path towards the most meaningful innovation in our industry. 

For us, the pillars are always very clear. One, we love our customers and dedicate a large percentage of our roadmap towards helping them achieve more with Gainsight. We listen to the voice of the customer and it translates to many of our new products. Two, we also have a vision to expand our offering and to make it even more competitive not just for the “now,” but also for the future. Vision and voice of the customer have made us the leader among customer success software vendors. And this year we are delighted to introduce a third pillar, one that both stands on its own, but also powers the other two pillars of vision and customer feedback: that pillar is product experience. 

Unveiling the Gainsight Horizon Experience is the key representation of this new pillar of product strategy for Gainsight. 

More and more I believe that the way to create impactful products is to build a supporting experience layer, which essentially puts your new product innovation in the hands of customers. The most impactful products delight and inspire customers by being simple, intuitive, and beautiful – and by offering the innovation and power they need as well. For this reason, investment in product experience is a fundamental part of every innovation we announced this week, recapped below. 

Gainsight Horizon Experience

Gainsight unveiled a complete transformation of product experience across all current and future product areas. Gainsight Horizon Experience is planned for users of Gainsight NXT and Gainsight Salesforce Edition (with some exceptions such as Cockpit). Many of these transformational experiences are live now or rolling out to customers including our Revenue Optimization product as well as all of our mobile products. Gainsight Horizon Experience will power all Gainsight Applications and will serve as this layer of simplicity, intuitiveness, and beauty that will accompany all of our solutions. We are super proud of this innovative layer that will power our technology for years to come. 

Customer Experience Center

We are delighted to unveil the availability of Customer Experience Center, providing a cohesive view and analysis of various sources of the voice of the customer, which can be analyzed and acted upon directly in Gainsight. Providing an integrated view of the customer experience across numerous available sources, Gainsight Customer Experience Center will, for the first time, allow customer success processes to be closely connected to the analysis of customer experience across the entire customer journey, including analysis of customer sentiment. Integrating your customer experience processes with your customer journey management is the most innovative approach to CX, so definitely check out our new Gainsight Customer Experience Center. 


We know that as the nature of work has changed radically and many of us are managing a new blend of work and home responsibility, mobile tools are used equally or even more now than ever before. Gainsight is responding to these needs during these important times. Continuing our innovation with mobile, Gainsight announced that it’s mobile applications now support mobile analytics. Available to everyone whether you are a Gainsight admin or a CCO preparing for a meeting, mobile analytics will allow access to important customer success insights on the go. Our mobile enhancements also allow for C360 access on the go. Mobile analytics combined with mobile C360 creates incredible power to make game-time decisions critical in these times. 


Gainsight unveiled Initiatives, a feature that will allow organizations to run portfolio-level initiatives that may not be specific to individual accounts. This feature will support organizations that implement cross-account initiatives in order to drive customer success independent of account-level success plans. Powered by Horizon Experience, Gainsight Initiatives will allow organizations to run cross-functional projects that span an entire book of business to improve product adoption, distribute best practices, as well as to measure success across the segment of accounts. At a time like now, when account segmentation is important to swarming accounts based on COVID-19 impact, scaling a strategy across a segment versus an account supports increased efficiency and time to value.

Value Center

One of the additional innovations we announced, also powered by Horizon Experience is the Gainsight Value Center. Designed to assist sales teams in managing opportunities, Gainsight Value Center will allow sales teams to capture desired business outcomes during the sales process, and feed this important information directly into the Gainsight Success Plan framework in order to enhance the customer journey. ROI achievement with respect to desired business outcomes will be available throughout the customer lifecycle. This important innovation will forever simplify the process of information gathering during the sales cycle, as well as the handoff to the post-sales teams.

Reference Center

Gainsight unveiled Reference Center, a high-value capability that will streamline how sales teams search for and request references for opportunities that are nearing a decision point in their lifecycle. Sales users will be able to request references, and reference program managers will have a working area within Gainsight to review and to process reference requests, as well as to manage the entire reference program. Based on numerous sources of information available throughout the customer journey, Gainsight Reference Center will help sales users get the most perfect reference just at the time it is needed to close that next great deal. 

Expansion Center

We showcased and announced Gainsight Expansion Center.  An evolution of our Revenue Optimization offering which was previously focused on state of the art renewal management and renewal forecasting, Gainsight Expansion Center will now additionally allow users to explore, discover and analyze expansion opportunities across your book of business in addition to renewals, resulting in the intelligent generation of expansion opportunities based on numerous signals of customer success. 


One of the most incredible innovations we unveiled this year at Pulse was Sightline, the first complete customer success ecosystem. The new Sightline Vault is entirely focused on translating best practices into technology and into integrations, ultimately resulting in your ability to enhance every aspect of customer journey via crowdsourced knowledge and leverage the success of peers. Sightline Vault, soon to be synonymous with the GitHub for Customer Success, will allow global customer success communities to package solutions that enhance everyday customer success use cases in Gainsight. These solutions will be available to download into Gainsight directly from Gainsight Sightline Vault. Additionally, Sightline Integrations will offer the most comprehensive integration ecosystem with business productivity tools available to all Gainsight customers.

This year Gainsight unveiled more product innovation than any other previous year at Pulse and we are so proud of these achievements. Most importantly, we are proud that these tools are going directly into your hands, the hands of our customers, with the Horizon Experience layer which will make your day even more simple, intuitive, delightful, and just gorgeous!