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Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps connect adaptive business applications with people, products and data. Gainsight integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enable businesses to turn disparate customer data from multiple sources into insights and actions that drive measurable business outcomes for your clients.

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Salesforce helps you supercharge every part of your company that interacts with customers. Gainsight integrates with Salesforce to help you deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences for your customers as well as helps you centralize your existing customer data to surface data-driven insights and actions for your customers.

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Gainsight and Hubspot help companies centralize your existing customer data to bring efficiency to your customer-facing teams and drive outcomes across your entire customer portfolio.

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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With more than 435,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at

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Celigo’s is a complete iPaaS that automates key business processes at scale by enabling anyone across your business to integrate applications, whether they’re IT or business users. In an integrated customer success system, Gainsight CS can serve as the centralized, go-to hub for all things customer success. Achieving customer 360 with Gainsight CS integrations means resolving any data silos that force your team to fish critical info out of multiple applications, databases, or even colleagues in different departments. Working from a main hub like Gainsight CS gives a complete view of your customers in one place and greatly increases productivity, expanding how much personalized attention you can provide to customers. Want to learn more about how integrating with Gainsight CS can streamline customer success and help reduce churn? Check out our Definitive Guide to Building a Complete View of the Customer. Common Integrations with Gainsight CS Sync contacts and customers from your other systems to Gainsight CS Sync customer subscriptions from your financial system of record to Gainsight CS Bring in NPS data from Gainsight PX to Gainsight CS Import support tickets and resolution times from customer support software (such as Zendesk) to Gainsight CS Import product usage data […] Image and Gainsight make Customer Success teams stronger. Here’s how this integration improves your team’s Success: Capture all customer-facing conversations in Gainsight to seamlessly search, share, and analyze these critical moments Use Chorus AI Data to Identify and Adjust Account Health and Churn Risk Coach Customer Success reps faster, more accurately, and improve feedback with Scorecards Build Playlists of great calls to demonstrate best practices and accelerate onboarding Improve Product Feedback and Customer Insights with the Voice of the Customer Improve Product Feedback and Customer Insights with the Voice of the Customer Learn how MongoDB uses to ensure Customer Success!

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Coastal Cloud

Coastal Cloud helps high growth businesses improve retention and increase revenue by building world-class Customer Success organizations. Coastal Cloud is a modern business and technology consulting firm that has partnered with 360+ clients to deliver transformational results. A proud Gainsight and Platinum Salesforce Partner, our Customer Success Solutions help our clients improve retention and increase revenue by building world-class, outcome-oriented Customer Success organizations. Our services span the full lifecycle of needs: The Journey Ensure your customers achieve their desired results and have a positive experience working with you. Journey services focus on “first things first” to establish the right strategy and charter for your CS org and make sure key programs like on-boarding and renewals are efficient and effective: Customer Success Strategy & Charter Customer Journey Analysis & Design Segmentation & Engagement Strategy The Team Build and enable a high-performance organization. We’ll collaborate with CS leadership on defining roles, responsibilities, and playbooks for partnering with sales, marketing, and product: Customer Success Team Organization Planning Change Management Cross-Functional Alignment The Operations Build data-driven, scalable programs that predictably deliver results. Operations services focus on what you measure, how you measure, and implementation of scalable tools and technologies: KPI Definition & Measurement Approach […]

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CompleteCSM and Gainsight allow customer success teams to use human first factors to maximize each customer moment to drive net revenue retention.      Take your team from Good to Great with our digital coaching models that train your team and give them the next best action across any stage in the customer journey.  AI extensions to Customer Success allow CSMs to become revenue drivers using Empathy Intelligence to lead the way. Land: Detect challenges in customer expectations from sales in order to verify commitment to adoption goals.  Automatically take action items from your recorded meetings to create calls to action (CTA) for follow-up in Gainsight. Adopt: Validate go-live date probability and track changes in the loyalty of your champion, executive sponsor or power users to make AI-driven decisions of what to do next.  Build a personality profile of your power users consisting of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to create superhuman augmentation of the factors that drive adoption. Expand: Cross-reference product utilization to CSM health scores and detected loyalty to identify patterns that create a propensity to buy more from your champion or executive sponsor.   Validate that your customer is on the plateau of productivity or course […]

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CSM Practice

Transform your organization with strategic Gainsight Customer Success Services from CSM Practice. CSM Practice is a management consulting & technology services firm. We partner with our clients’ organizations by providing strategic, technology-enabled Customer Success solutions. CSM Practice has successfully been working with companies like Tint, Pendo, and BloomReach to turn their Gainsight and Customer Success visions into reality since 2014. Our unique service offerings are geared to help you unlock the full potential of Gainsight. We leverage our technical knowledge and Customer Success expertise to map your Customer Success vision to your Gainsight implementation roadmap in the most effective and optimized manner. CSM Practice offers a range of Gainsight solutions to kick your digital and on-demand engagement models into high gear. Over the years, we developed expertise in enabling Advanced Outreach email campaigns and customer surveys in a way that increases client engagement levels. These initiatives are data-driven in nature, and if you have any MDA initiatives you’d like to expedite, CSM Practice has the experts to accelerate your projects. You can scale your high-touch Customer Success approach using Gainsight and CSM Practice expertise to automate playbooks. Strategic Customer Success managers become more proactive with well-designed health scores. They need […]

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Ecosystems’ collaborative software platform empowers B2B solution providers to quantify and communicate the potential (sales) and actual (customer success) business outcomes delivered by their offerings. Through a process called the Customer Outcome Lifecycle, Ecosystems helps you continually optimize customer relationships by discovering relevant business outcomes, and quantifying and tracking the business value of attaining them: Discover Outcomes Ecosystems arms you with libraries of pre-built industry templates to consultatively discover the outcomes your customers care about most. Quantify Outcomes In a collaborative cloud workspace, Ecosystems provides interactive business cases to quantify the business impact of leveraging your products and services to attain the customer’s desired outcomes. Track Outcomes Directly within your Customer Success Plan, Ecosystems empowers you to track and quantify the gap between anticipated versus actual customer outcome attainment. See Ecosystems + Gainsight integration sheet for more details.

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Front’s integration with Gainsight allows users of both platforms to: 👉Visualize contextual information about the Company and Person you’re reading a message from in Front. Identify the CSM, check the Health Score, Renewal Date, Contract Value, and any other attribute. Open their Gainsight Dashboard directly from your inbox. 👉Automatically route inbound conversations to the proper CSM. When a conversation comes into Front and does not have an assignee, instead of sitting unattended in the team inbox it can be immediately assigned to the designated account owner. 👉Apply tags and trigger alerts when conversations come from accounts that are under a certain Health Score. Triage them to a high-priority inbox or escalate them to management faster. Visit this page to find out more!

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Growth Molecules

To create exponential growth, you need strategic programs, scalable systems, and enabled teams that lead customers to a path of proven value. Growth Molecules is a team of consulting professionals and revenue advisors with more than 100 years of combined Customer Success leadership experience who deliver data-driven customer success strategies to enable your teams and customers. . Award-Winning Experience Our team is founded and built on helping numerous companies grow their SaaS business through customer adoption, renewals, expansion and advocacy. Our leadership are winners of numerous accolade as experts in this field with a level of dedication and excellence that has become our company’s standard of service. We draw from this wealth of experience, applying it in every business we undertake. We provide our clients with valuable learning, expand their growth and income capacity, and help them master customer success. . Actionable Outcomes We develop and deliver practical and actionable playbooks, workshops and training programs along with solutions that make things easier and more efficient. Our expert guides work alongside your teams from day one for a seamless execution, avoiding gaps, confusion, and wasted resources. We teach and shepherd your people on their way forward. We pave the road for […]

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GUIDEcx is the industry leader in new customer onboarding and process implementation. Our intuitive and transparent onboarding platform puts the client at the center of every project. Invite everyone to the project—internal resources, customer teams, and vendors. Guide each step and stay on track with automated tasks, reminders, and updates. Engage teams by enabling them to interact with the project in the way they prefer. They can complete tasks, view status, send updates, make notes, and more—through the portal, email, or mobile app. GUIDEcx delivers projects faster with fewer issues and accelerates time to value for your customers. Schedule your demo today! Project Handoff Gainsight customers can leverage GUIDEcx to automatically create new onboarding projects using standardized templates and better manager CS handoff. The automation provided by GUIDEcx: Guides the customer onboarding experience with established expectations and focused communication Increases speed, transparency, and predictability for onboarding and handoff to CS Onboarding Health GUIDEcx provides data to Gainsight to surface onboarding insights and better understand and predict the health of customers during the onboarding process. This insight provided by GUIDEcx: Provides engagement metrics from the onboarding experience Notifies of acceleration and stalls during onboarding

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Influitive’s AdvocateHub helps brands engage customers to accelerate sales and increase customer value by discovering, nurturing and mobilizing their advocates. Amplify your Advocacy efforts with Influitive.Influitive gives Customer Success teams a scalable way to continually build stronger relationships with hundreds or thousands of customers to drive long-term satisfaction and advocacy. Our integration with Gainsight helps CSMs gain added insights into their customers’ overall engagement and satisfaction levels. Then, this data can be used to automatically serve up resources that will ensure their customers’ continued success—or content that will help struggling accounts get back on the right path. With this dynamic integration, Customer Success teams can:— Use Gainsight data to source potential advocates for their AdvocateHub program— Use changes in health score to automatically send helpful resources to at-risk accounts via the AdvocateHub— Automatically present high NPS scorers with opportunities to advocate for the company via the AdvocateHub— Adjust health scores based on advocacy activities

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The inSided platform gives Customer Success teams a scalable way to engage with their customers that drives customer satisfaction (CSAT scores), makes support more efficient, increases product adoption levels and positively influences customer retention. Scale your customer support and increase customer retention by offering quality customer self-service and advice in your product, powered by a best-practice knowledge base and expertise from your own user community. inSided is a SaaS (cloud-hosted) self service platform that has partnered with 100+ companies to revolutionize online self-service through community building and modern knowledge management. We live in a self-service world—your customers don’t want to contact your support staff for minor questions. inSided empowers your customers to get answers effortlessly themselves. inSided’s community and knowledge base platform helps brands engage customers to effectively reduce support tickets by focusing on the right self-service content at the right time. Minimizing the time & effort your customer success team has to spend answering repeat questions – or reciting FAQ’s – and maximizing the time they can spend on valuable customer interactions. inSided’s integration with Gainsight allows Customer Success teams to: Enrich Gainsight or CRM data with community and customer support data and achieve a 360° customer view Adjust […]

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nCloud Integrators

nCloud Integrators provides experienced leadership in building and growing world class Customer Success organizations. Your Success Is Our Business. Success for your B2B company delivering SaaS technology requires that your customers not only adopt your offerings, but also realize value that drives loyalty and expanded usage. nCloud Integrators leverages proven experience to provide strategic, technology-based services.​ Strategy – At nCloud our experience tells us that value with SaaS offerings is not found in features and functions, but rather with value-added outcomes. Our team will work with you in a collaborative, strategic, and iterative fashion to design outcomes for your customers that are measurable and create value. ​Technology – To manage and scale your customer success strategies you may consider a systematic approach provided by the Gainsight platform. To maximize the value of the platform, you will likely need to integrate data from multiple sources throughout your enterprise (Salesforce, Zendesk, etc). At nCloud, our experience with Data Integration uniquely qualifies us to help with your Gainsight implementation, ensuring full integration of your enterprise data.

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Northpass is the provider of the leading Customer Learning platform that helps today’s cutting-edge businesses deliver results. By helping companies engage their install base with a customized academy experience, Northpass boosts customer retention, improves product adoption and decreases support costs. Northpass’ Software-as-a-Service- (SaaS) based solution features ultra-fast authoring, intelligent administration and integrated learning experiences. Even better, it has the best Support team in the industry. Northpass powers learning programs for hundreds of companies, including: Compass, Freshworks, Shopify, Talkspace, Uber and others. To learn more about Northpass, please visit: Integration Overview: Northpass has always believed that a proper Customer Education program and strategy is important to a customer’s success. When people are trained effectively, businesses see improvement across customer experience (CX), product adoption, retention, and more. With the Northpass + Gainsight integration, Customer Learning data like course completion rates and progress can automatically be incorporated into a customer’s overall health score. This gives Customer Success teams more confidence in the predictability of the success and satisfaction of their customers. By knowing how much training their customers have received, CSMs can measure their impact on overall customer health, satisfaction, and, most importantly, revenue outcomes.

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Productboard – Gainsight CS

Productboard is the customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. Customer-driven companies use Productboard to understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and align everyone around their roadmap. Productboard has integrations across the Gainsight suite — with Gainsight PX, Gainsight CS, and inSided.  Productboard’s Gainsight CS integration helps to bridge the gap between Product and Customer Success teams, by streamlining communication between them and enabling CS teams to more efficiently close the feedback loop with customers. Workflow Overview: From Gainsight C360, CSMs can push customer’s product requests into Productboard’s Insights board as notes. In Productboard, product teams highlight insights within notes and link them to related feature ideas. In Gainsight C360, CSMs can then track the progress and estimated launch date of the features associated with each product request pushed into Productboard. Video –

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Productboard – Gainsight PX

Productboard is the customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. Customer-driven companies use Productboard to understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and align everyone around their roadmap. Integration Overview: Productboard has integrations across the Gainsight suite — with Gainsight PX, Gainsight CS, and inSided. Productboard’s Gainsight PX integration ensures that valuable product feedback captured in Gainsight PX’s Knowledge Center Bot is routed back to Productboard, where product managers use it to inform the product roadmap, and prioritize features that will drive real impact for your customers and business. Supported functionality: Push product feedback submitted through the Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot to Productboard as notes, where PMs can review and categorize them in the Insights board. Learn more: Productboard’s Gainsight PX integration How to set up the integration Video:

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Rocketlane is the #1, highest-rated customer onboarding platform on G2. It helps businesses reduce time-to-value and increase their NRR with a transparent and consistent onboarding journey. Rocketlane uniquely combines project management, live document collaboration, and communication capabilities into one tightly-knit experience. Rocketlane helps Gainsight users to implement and onboard new customers with repeatable playbooks, impress them and hold them accountable in the journey, and create on-demand visibility into onboarding projects and customer sentiments. It enables your CS teams to play offense from the start, helping them proactively work towards increasing upsells and cross-sells, improving CX, and driving NRR. In addition to the G2 recognition, Rocketlane was named the Gartner Cool Vendor in the technology go-to-market report 2022. Try it out today.

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Satrix Solutions Delivers Customer Experience Programs to Improve Satisfaction, Retention, Expansion & Referrals. Satrix Solutions is a consultancy dedicated to furnishing our clients with insights they rely on to improve their products and services, differentiate from the competition, and scale their business. As experts in Voice of the Customer strategy, our consultants capture the true sentiment of your customers -pinpointing specific actions that will drive the greatest return on investment for your efforts. The insights we deliver enable your leadership team to focus on those activities and improvements most likely to engender satisfaction and loyalty. We enable you and your team to focus on the things customers care about most, instead of overloading the organization with too many initiatives. Engagements are customized to the unique needs and goals of our clients and include: expertly designed customer experience programs that follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls, robust reporting and recommendations for continuous improvement, educational materials on the actions employees can take to strengthen relationships, and benchmarking and trend analysis to evaluate ongoing performance. Companies that don’t possess a deep understanding of what drives value for their customers risk losing market share to those that successfully align their offering with the […]

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Skilljar’s award-winning customer training platform empowers companies to successfully onboard, engage and certify their customers. The product is much more than a learning management system (LMS) – it’s purpose-built for customer and partner enablement, and designed to seamlessly integrate with the business systems used to track and measure revenue and customer activity. Companies use Skilljar to serve their customers beautiful training experiences that look and feel like a natural extension of their brand. Features include a best-in-class student experience, payments engine, certifications, advanced analytics, and integrations with Salesforce and Marketo. Skilljar customers regularly see: Increased customer retention and expansion Accelerated product adoption Improved customer engagement By integrating Skilljar’s customer training platform with Gainsight, businesses can:  Leverage customer training and engagement data as a key determinant of customer health and product adoption. Access powerful insights about individual user and overall account education by incorporating Skilljar activity into Gainsight health scores. Create playbooks around key learning behavior, and trigger Customer Success teams to think about training as an agent for product adoption. For example, notify your team when a new customer hasn’t yet enrolled in on-demand training, or trigger playbooks based on content completion to proactively encourage customers to learn more best […]

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SurveyMonkey’s mission is to power curious individuals and organizations to deliver impactful customer, employee and market insights. SurveyMonkey is a leading global survey software company on a mission to power the curious. The company’s People Powered Data platform empowers over 17 million active users to measure and understand feedback from employees, customers, website and app users, and the market. SurveyMonkey’s products, enterprise solutions, and integrations enable 350,000+ organizations to solve daily challenges, from delivering better customer experiences to increase employee retention. With SurveyMonkey, organizations around the world can transform feedback into business intelligence that drives growth and innovation. SurveyMonkey’s enterprise-class survey platform gives organizations an easy way to collect reliable feedback across multiple touchpoints, discover meaningful insights, and make that data accessible to the right teams, all within the systems they are already using. By understanding the opinions and perspectives of people that are crucial to their success, organizations can make better, more informed decisions. SurveyMonkey’s integration with Gainsight allows Customer Success teams to: Enrich Gainsight or CRM data with SurveyMonkey response data View SurveyMonkey response data in Gainsight 360 Set up one-time or recurring syncs of SurveyMonkey responses Gather periodic feedback on your product or process with surveys focused […]

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Thought Industries

The Thought Industries Platform enables enterprise organizations to create, manage, monetize, distribute, and analyze their end-to-end customer training initiatives through a modern, user-friendly interface. With Thought Industries intuitive administrative capabilities including native tools and third-party integrations, businesses boost learner engagement, operationalize processes, and execute an impactful, outcome-driven customer training program to continually drive new revenue. Thought Industries makes it easy to handle complex learning operations at scale to empower growth. The platform removes the burdensome need for multiple solutions – surpassing the capabilities of a traditional LMS – to execute a single initiative thereby freeing up resources to continue optimizing your business. The powerful, easy-to-use tools help organizations improve their efficiency which helps businesses consolidate their technology, optimize operations, and grow their online learning capabilities. Thought Industries solution encourages you to leverage non-traditional learning methods that engage your customers and ignite behavioral change. It addresses the unique needs of customer training by breaking the norms set by traditional online learning. Whether you’re offering training to develop professionals or improve your product retention, impactful online training starts with a dynamic, quality experience. The Thought Industries integration with Gainsight allows your teams to: Deliver dynamic training content directly within the Knowledge Bot […]

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The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is dedicated to helping technology and services organizations large and small grow and advance in the technology industry. Find out how you can achieve success, too.

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UserVoice helps growing SaaS businesses understand customer needs clearly. By bridging the gap between Customer Success, Product Management, and customers, UserVoice empowers organizations to live up to their commitment to customer-centricity. UserVoice’s Gainsight integration provides CSMs with an always-up-to-date view of an account’s requests and their current status, making it an indispensable tool for driving proactive product update discussions during QBRs and renewal calls. And, when new feedback is shared during those calls, the integration makes it as easy as ever to capture feedback and associate it with the relevant account. Current supported functionality: View an account’s product feedback (and the status of that feedback) from within the C360 view Capture product feedback for an account from the C360 view As the importance of strong relationships between Product Management and Customer Success teams has grown over the years, so has UserVoice’s commitment to bridging the gap that often exists between these two key groups. The Gainsight Integration is the latest piece of functionality enabling close, continuous collaboration between Product and CS. For more than a decade, UserVoice has been the go-to product feedback solution for customer-centric software companies. Leading organizations such as Microsoft, Procore, and Box use UserVoice to: Tame […]

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Valuize is a customer lifecycle strategy consulting and technology implementation partner specializing in B2B SaaS companies. Valuize empowers B2B software companies to retain and expand customers by supercharging their customer success strategy + technology. As the world’s first and most certified Gainsight consulting partner, we are masters of the technology and employ it to transform the customer success strategies of companies like Splunk, Datto, Elastic, PointClickCare, GE Digital, Databricks and Commvault. Experts in integrating and optimizing strategies and technologies across the B2B SaaS customer lifecycle, we help Customer and Revenue leaders to: Define Shared Value Define prescriptive measurable outcomes that will drive value realization for your target customers. We call these Value-based Outcomes Define a subscription pricing model that integrates with your Value-based Outcomes so as to enable shared value realization with your customers Define prescriptive formulas consisting of the activities, roles and data required to achieve and sustain your Value-based Outcomes. We call these Value Formulas Unify and Optimize Your Customer Lifecycle Unite the customer acquisition, adoption, retention and expansion phases of your customer lifecycle using the Value Formulas as a common DNA Design and optimize your Customer Success strategy using Value Formulas as its foundation Connect and align […]

Wigmore IT Group Image

Wigmore IT Group

An independent consulting firm, born in the cloud, to help all subscription based businesses transform their revenue models. Founded by the team who launched into Europe over 20 years ago, we have a deep understanding of how to rapidly and successfully deploy enterprise cloud applications to deliver real value quickly. Through our expertise and highly pragmatic methodology, we work with Gainsight to: Protect your revenue stream Grow your revenue from installed accounts Increase customer advocacy As early pioneers in the cloud, we have extensive personal experience with the the impact of contraction and churn on a subscription driven business. Combining these insights with Gainsight’s tools, we help our clients to: Gain deeper insights into customer behaviour Operationalize the customer lifecycle Coordinate actions and results across teams Proactively grow subscription revenue from installed clients

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Get even more from Gainsight by integrating with Zoho. Give your customer data a boost with the insights from your CRM. Get deeper insights into customer health and drive better outcomes for your customers.

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Allbound’s partner relationship management (PRM) enables you to automate partner training; manage leads, opportunities, & MDF; co-brand; and gain visibility into what’s working while integrating with your favorite tools. Simple. Powerful. Effective. The results-driven ingenuity of Allbound’s next generation platform and our proven track record of helping channel leaders reach their goals quarter-after-quarter, year-after-year, is what’s earned Allbound our reputation as the industry’s leader in PRM. With seamless integrations to Gainsight and your existing technology stack, painless onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can rest assured that the people, processes and technology driving your channel’s success are optimized to deliver real, measurable outcomes. That’s the Allbound way. A way you – and your partners – can be proud of.

Intellum Image


Intellum combines the best of customer experience with customer education to help large brands improve user performance and close the consumption gap. We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to determine the impact of Customer Education on an organization, and the results are impressive.  Teaching individual users how to be more successful with complicated products or services is the ultimate customer experience. Scaling that experience across the entire customer/partner base leads to significant improvements in revenue and customer churn. High-success organizations engage their customers and partners in three distinct ways – through live events, conferences, and meetings; through product training and knowledge management; and through social collaboration and user communities. Yet, for many organizations, these experiences still occur on disparate, disconnected tools, and online destinations. Turning all of that activity into actionable data can be very difficult. Intellum is the first technology provider to offer a single solution for the mission-critical customer and partner experiences that drive revenue and retention. The Intellum Platform includes everything an organization needs to: Facilitate and capitalize on live virtual events Create, manage, and track product training, certifications, marketing, and knowledge base content Encourage users to engage, communicate, and collaborate through a wide range of social, chat, […]

Syncari Image


Syncari is the #1 Data Automation Platform built specifically for operational teams VISUAL DESIGNER: Allows operational teams to create powerful data policies and workflows using our groundbreaking visual user experience. DATA UNIFICATION: Unify and synchronize data across multiple siloed systems, paving the way to company-wide consistency and integrity. 360° EVERYWHERE: Don’t centralize a source of truth, distribute the truth to all teams, ensuring your departmental and BI reports always match. Don’t be fooled by aging iPaaS, RPA, or CDP tools. Learn a ‘third way’ to modern enterprise data management using Syncari’s Data Automation. Download Syncari information sheet to find out more!

Workato Image


Workato’s integration with Gainsight allows Customer Success teams to: Expose creation of a company in Bulk Expose creation of a person in Bulk Read Company, Person, and Custom object data from Gainsight Create custom models with Custom Objects Create and manage a call to action See a Demo. Try it Free. Automate in Days

Sendoso Image


Foster loyalty experiences your customers love with Sendoso. Customers have more options than ever. The good news? They value something they touch 24% more highly than something they can only see. So forget thank you emails; drive lifelong loyalty with tangible rewards and tokens of appreciation that your customers will actually enjoy using our customer loyalty software. Onboarding. Send a beautiful box of swag and educational materials to new customers so you can get them excited to be working with your company. Support. These things happen. Remedy a bad customer experience by sending a $50 eGift card for coffee, lunch, or an experience of their choice. Renewal. Maintain strong relationships by sending customers surprise treats or thoughtful handwritten notes, especially before a renewal or upsell event. Download the 2020 State of Sending report to learn more!

Success Lab Image

Success Lab

Success Lab Helps Japanese Companies Transform and Grow their Customer Success Success Lab helps Japanese companies transform and become customer-centric by helping them embrace customer success into their strategies, operations, culture and organizations. With deep expertise in transformation and customer success, Success Lab delivers insights that enable your leadership team to focus on those activities and improvements most likely to engender satisfaction and loyalty. Our services include content service, learning community and consulting services. Content service: Thought leadership and best practices content for every role in the organization with effective tips and case studies curated from both Japanese and US-based sources that will keep you informed and engaged. Learning community: Deep learning experience on our online learning platform makes everyone get motivated and energy for the job and career. Consulting service: Expertly designed customer success programs that follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls for Japanese companies. We enable you and your teams to understand your customers, what matters most to them, and how to help them at every step of their journey to business success. If you are interested in accelerating customer success at your company, feel free to contact us at サクセスラボは、企業の戦略、オペレーション、文化、組織にカスタマーサクセスを取り入れることで、企業が「真の顧客第一主義」へ変革するのを支援します。サクセスラボは、変革とカスタマーサクセスに関わる深い専門知識をもち、お客さま企業のリーダーシップチームが、高い満足度とロイヤルティを生み出すための活動や改善に集中できるようアドバイス致します。サクセスラボは、コンテンツサービス、学習コミュニティ、コンサルティングサービスを提供します。 コンテンツサービス:組織内のさまざまな役割を担う人に向け、日本と米国の情報ソースから、すぐに役立つヒントや事例が豊富な、業界をリードする考え方や具体的なベストプラクティスなどのコンテンツを提供します 学習コミュニティ:参加者一人ひとりが、自身の仕事やキャリア構築に向けた意欲とエネルギーが湧き上がる革新的な学習経験を重ねられる、独自のオンライン学習プラットフォームを提供します コンサルティングサービス:欧米企業や日本企業のベスプラクティスに加え、日本企業によくある落とし穴に関する深い知見を踏まえてカスタマイズした、個社ごとのカスタマーサクセス推進プロジェクトを提供します 私たちは、皆さまのチームがカスタマーのこと、そしてカスタマーにとって最も重要なことを深く理解し、カスタマーがビジネスで成功するまでのあらゆる段階で効果的に手助けできるようになるまでご支援します。御社におけるカスタマーサクセスの促進にご興味のある方は、 までぜひお気軽にお問い合わせください。

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TaskRay is designed to help mid-market and enterprise companies in every industry master customer onboarding, arguably the most critical phase of every customer journey.  With TaskRay, businesses can automatically kick off new customer projects from Salesforce; access purpose-built, and fully customizable, templates to manage repeatable processes; and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Launching in Spring 2020, TaskRay’s Gainsight integration will allow a seamless flow of TaskRay’s customer onboarding health scores into Gainsight, giving CS teams everything they need to take a proactive approach to customer success. The integration will also enable CS teams to capture target go-live dates and Desired Outcomes from the sales person during the handoff between Sales and Onboarding. Because, the more CSMs know about the customer coming their way, the better prepared they are to provide each customer with the right level of support at exactly the right time.  CSMs get the data and insights they need to determine what success plays to run. Insight into customer behavior and onboarding hiccups and wins allows CSMs to accurately adjust health scores and churn predictions. Companies can significantly reduce churn and increase second order revenue opportunities. Want to learn more about how TaskRay can help […]

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Deliver exceptional experiences by letting our easy-to-use, intelligent software pinpoint when, where, and how user struggle is affecting your revenue and retention. Poor user experiences are impacting your company’s bottom line in ways you might not even realize. FullStory automatically discovers, analyzes, and ranks these opportunities so your teams can confidently focus on the improvements that will yield the greatest benefits. With Gainsight PX and Fullstory, you can deeply understand how your users are interacting with your product in a given point-in-time. Gainsight PX usage analytics helps you focus on the right users and right recordings. With the FullStory integration, Gainsight PX allows you to easily launch the relevant session replay session of the most relevant set of users or jump to the most recent FullStory session from within your Gainsight PX Product Analytics. Enabling this integration is done via the PX integrations tab. Changes are propagated in approximately 5 minutes. Image

Connected Meeting Notes software for Customer Success teams. Hugo is connected meeting notes software, which means your meeting notes are connected with the people and tools in your organization and your customers. We do this using over 20 integrations with the most-used apps at work, including your calendar. Because Hugo is calendar-centric, you can easily pull up notes by searching by contact, organization, date, or what was in the note. You don’t have to remember where anything is. Day-to-day, companies like Slack, Spotify and Shopify use Hugo to collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time with teammates and customers. Create tasks in Trello. See the discussion thread in Slack, and sync to Salesforce — all directly from within your meeting note. See how Hugo works Key Hugo Features 📝 Fast and powerful meeting agendas and notes 💼 Free agenda template library 👋 @mention to notify teammates 💬 Auto-post notes to Slack 🔄 Auto-sync notes to CRM records that match the meeting 🚀 Create tasks and tickets for Jira and other systems from your notes 🔎 Notes are automatically categorized for easy search With Hugo, team and customer collaboration becomes easy. Connect your customer to the rest of your organization, […]

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DataGrail is the first purpose-built privacy management platform that ensures sustained compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and more. DataGrail directly integrates with more than 100 business systems, such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle, enabling companies to discover and map personal data in seconds–not weeks or even months.  DataGrail’s direct integrations allow companies to operationalize the privacy request workflow in minutes and unify email preferences across all customer facing applications. Customers include Databricks, G2, and SaaStr. To learn more, check visit, or check out this video.

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THE leader in designing, developing and delivering Customer Value Management Programs for SaaS companies Identify and Quantify your Value through the entire Customer Lifecycle. Enables Sales and Customer Success with tangible evidence of your value for both pre-sales and post-deployment analyses. Develop marketing assets that are rich with quantified value evidence and financial and business impacts on your customers. Integrate financial value propositions into your Sales Methodology and Subscription Renewal justifications.

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With Rybbon, companies generate more actionable data for stronger decision making and business results. Rybbon’s incentives and instant rewards make increasing customer engagement and survey response rates easy. This gives companies more data points to analyze, widening the depth and breadth of their customer feedback, and enabling valuable insights.  Our easy-to-use integration helps companies harness the power of incentives without any of the headaches. No need to waste hours on administrative tasks with our automated incentives management process. Rybbon automatically delivers rewards by email to customers and survey respondents worldwide. Simply set up a curated gallery of rewards for your recipients to choose from and let our integration do the rest. And with Rybbon’s tracking capabilities, you get a 100% refund on unclaimed rewards. Save hours, save dollars, and get the results you need with Rybbon. Rybbon’s integration with Gainsight enables Customer Experience teams to: Achieve higher survey response rates Capture timely feedback Ex. ‘The first 250 respondents receive a reward!’ Avoid the “squeaky wheel” syndrome when only people who have had a negative experience with your brand respond with feedback. Capturing the sentiment from customers who had a positive or neutral experience is important as well. You need to hear […]

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ThunderAct is a SaaS (cloud-hosted) self service platform enabling customer driven enterprises to automatically and continuously analyze the impact and performance of their business-critical decisions hidden in all customers’ interaction digital channels. As a customer-driven enterprise, you always want to know everything about your customer from start to end. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time during the day to be part of every customer call, of every meeting and to track all activities others in the organization are having with your customer. Customer facing teams need to stay on top of things, expect changes, adapt to changes, prepare for emerging trend and show domain knowledge to gain the customer’s trust. ThunderAct empowers you to learn about trends, risks and opportunities across all customers so you can own your customers and business success. With ThunderAct, you’ll understand customer needs, challenges, and concerns before they become a problem, allowing you to be proactive in addressing them. With this information you’ll be able to engage your entire team in a customer-first culture, helping you reach customer success. With ThunderAct integrated with Gainsight, Customer Success interactions are recorded alongside other teams’ customer engagements allowing a comprehensive view of cross-organizational insights. You’ll be able to […]

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Deliver the best Customer Success experience by augmenting Gainsight CS with Conversica’s Success AI Assistant to scale Customer Success teams to levels only ever dreamed of! Allows Customer Success to focus on conducting meetings rather than scheduling meetings by autonomously engaging customers and passing opportunities along to CS teams only when the customer has expressed readiness for a meeting Improves upsell & remediation opportunities by ensuring 100% of opportunities identified by Gainsight scoring functions are pursued Increases renewal & winback rates by autonomously engaging customers at a scale that human CS teams cannot achieve Keeps Gainsight scores up to date by automating updates based on customer replies to Success AI Assistants Improve time to value for customers by automating initial onboarding

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That prospect you’re courting? They’re going to engage with you 9X longer as a customer than as a prospect… Are you prepared? Do you want to extend their time subscribing to your service? Then it’s critical that they can quantify and agree with the value you bring them every day. ValueCloud® is a SaaS-based, enterprise-class Customer Value Management platform helping companies including DocuSign, ACI, Caterpillar, Marketo, VMware, CrowdStrike and ServiceNow measure, track and communicate quantified value and the economic impact of solutions across a customer’s lifetime. By storing and processing customer value data at an enterprise level, ValueCloud® enables: Product managers to price based on quantifiable value Marketers to communicate the economic value of solutions Salespersons to differentiate and elevate conversations by leading with value, and Customer Success organizations to ensure solutions support value commitments made to a customer and deliver upon the expectations The benefits that DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® integration with Gainsight brings to Customer Success teams is: Clear alignment with customer business KPIs Value achieved over time is captured and monitored, allowing customer achievement to play a direct role in every customer engagement Provides formalized structure to capture case study content Reduced churn and protects margins Promotes cross-sell and […]

Customer Success Best Practices

You’re doing it wrong: Art vs. Science in Customer Success Image

You’re doing it wrong: Art vs. Science in Customer Success

It seems like something from a different lifetime, but I still remember the old days when sales was all chalkboards, steak knives, and “gut feeling.” Okay, well maybe chalkboards were before my time. Also, I’m vegetarian and don’t really need steak knives. But gut feelings—those were definitely the name of the game back in the day! There was a time (and I’m dating myself here) when the prevailing attitude was that selling was an art—unquantifiable, non-systematic. Sales has gone through a “Moneyball” transition just like baseball—the art is still there, but the science has developed so much more. Fast forward to today. If you’re starting a new company, you often define your sales process, identify your key metrics, and set up your CRM system before you hire your first rep. That’s an important development because companies are now able to start testing and learning in their sales process at a much more rapid rate. The problem with the rock star seller who somehow just closes is that it’s not repeatable. It doesn’t scale. And it will stop working eventually and leave you with no answers and no way forward. But that’s a well known and broadly accepted premise—at least in […]

4 min readJanuary 16, 2018
The Official Chief Customer Officer Welcome Kit Image

The Official Chief Customer Officer Welcome Kit

One of the best parts of my job as CEO of Gainsight is seeing individuals with responsibility aligned to customer needs moving up in their own personal careers. And one of the hottest trends in enterprise businesses is to appoint one person with end-to-end operational responsibility for Customer Success and Customer Experience. While the title may vary from company to company, the concept of a “Chief Customer Officer (CCO)” is becoming very popular. Whether you are an experienced CCO, sought out the big job, or got it handed to you, you probably don’t want to reinvent the wheel as you attempt to help your company become more customer-centric and grow faster in the process. As I talk to new or experienced CCOs, I often get the same list of questions. So I tried to document a set of resources that can help you get started or sharpen your team: Follow on LinkedIn Nick Mehta That’s yours truly. I share a lot of big picture stuff about the direction of the industry, along with occasional ramblings about football, physics, and philosophy. You can also follow my writings at or me on Twitter @nrmehta. Allison Pickens Allison is Gainsight’s CCO. She’s a prototypical CCO in […]

7 min readJanuary 11, 2018
4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Number Without Customer Success Image

4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Number Without Customer Success

If I had a genie, one of the things I would wish for (after more wishes and a Steelers Super Bowl win) is an extra month between the end of our current fiscal year and the start of our next.* It feels like every year, you go from the stress of closing strong to the new stress of starting from zero again. And if you’re like me, you stare at the $0 bookings amount on the first day of the new fiscal year and say, “How the heck am I going to make my number?” If you’ve been around as long as I have, you might feel nostalgic for the “old days” before SaaS. Making the number was still hard then (and dramatic) but the playbook was pretty simple: Hire reps Ramp reps Push reps If things fail, blame Marketing! But all jokes aside, as bizarre as the licensed software world was in some respects, the model was well-understood and could translate from company to company. And even though we are 15 years into the SaaS/cloud transition, most companies still run sales with an on-premise/license software mindset. Every bookings goal is about more “rep capacity.” But modern CEOs and sales […]

5 min readJanuary 8, 2018
How to Build the Ultimate Customer Success Board Presentation Image

How to Build the Ultimate Customer Success Board Presentation

Is there anything that causes more sleepless nights or gray hairs than planning a presentation before your Board of Directors? There’s so much riding on it, from your next fiscal year budget to near-term headcount to (potentially) the future of your career at your company. You know that every slide, every sentence, every chart and figure will be closely scrutinized. Our all-star panel has been on both sides of this key business event, and they know exactly what you need to do to prepare and execute a flawless presentation for your board. Alfonso de la Nuez is CEO of UserZoom, a highly customer-centric company. Kristina Shen is a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and no stranger to receiving presentations on Customer Success. And finally, Nils Vinje is VP Customer Success at Rainforest QA and founder of Glide Consulting. In this webinar, you will learn: The top three things every CS leader should include in their deck What board members really want to know about Customer Success How to blend metrics, tactics, and strategy into a seamless presentation And much more

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Continuum Saves $5 Million in ARR Using Gainsight for Partner Success Image

Continuum Saves $5 Million in ARR Using Gainsight for Partner Success

“Before Gainsight, by the time we found out about a partner risk it was already too late. Now we can take a proactive approach to manage risk. It has saved us over $5 million in ARR since we implemented.” Continuum is an IT management platform that sells 100% through channel partners. Continuum’s partners are Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who provide IT & Security solutions to small and medium businesses around the world. The end-customers span a broad variety of business and industries, ranging from restaurants to boutique shops, doctors offices, libraries, and more. In this model, partners are the key lever for growing the business. Since contracts are not part of Continuum’s partner relationships, it’s critical to proactively manage the partner relationship and consistently deliver stellar results. By improving partner time-to-value, partner knowledge and training, and fostering partner success, Continuum is able to help their partners deliver Continuum products and solutions to the end-client more quickly. Download the case study to read the rest now.

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