Gainsight® Launches Gainsight PX, a Complete Product Experience Platform to Drive Subscription Growth Image

Gainsight® Launches Gainsight PX, a Complete Product Experience Platform to Drive Subscription Growth

B2B Product Teams Can Leverage Deep Product Insights and Personalize In-App Engagements to Build Products Customers Love to Use

[Redwood City, CA – February 4, 2019] — Today, Gainsight®, the leading provider of customer growth solutions, announced the launch of Gainsight PX, an easy, powerful, and complete Product Experience Platform. Built on the foundation of the company’s recent acquisition of Aptrinsic, Gainsight PX addresses the common challenges product leaders face by helping them make data-driven decisions, engage users directly within the product, and demonstrate the business impact of their investments.

The Role of Product in the Subscription Era

In the subscription economy where customers have more choice than ever before, digital products must consistently deliver value in order to retain customers. As a result, product teams play an elevated role in delivering exceptional product experiences, and ultimately, business outcomes.

“One of the main reasons we acquired Aptrinsic in 2018 was because we realized true customer success starts with a delightful product,” said Nick Mehta, Chief Executive Officer at Gainsight. “As a former product manager, I understand the struggles people in product management role face, and I’m proud that the introduction of Gainsight PX offers the first and only platform to help subscription businesses maximize retention through customer success and product management.”

Building a Winning Product

In a world where competition is fierce and companies have finite engineering resources, product leaders are under increasing pressure to make smart, data-driven decisions. According to McKinsey, “Over the next three to five years, we see the product-management role continuing to evolve toward a deeper focus on data (without losing empathy for users) and a greater influence on non-product decisions.” The increasing significance of analytics, along with the connected nature of SaaS solutions today provides a new, powerful channel for companies to engage directly with customers.

Gainsight PX is a complete Product Experience Platform that enables product teams to:

  • Make Data-Driven Product Decisions: Leverage rich product analytics and relevant user feedback to understand what product features your users value most and which areas of the product are ripe for enhancements—all without coding.

  • Accelerate Onboarding and Adoption: Create memorable product experiences that efficiently scale onboarding and drive feature adoption through in-app guides, dialogues, and email. Deliver real-time engagements personalized based on user behaviors and segments.

  • Demonstrate the Business Impact of Product Investments: Prove the value of your efforts by demonstrating to your executive team the return on your product investments based on revenue, retention, customer lifetime value, and other key performance indicators.

Powerful Alone, Even Better Together

Both product and customer success teams share responsibility for driving subscription business growth. While product teams are focused on building products customers love, customer success teams ensure that the products are delivering the business outcomes customers’ desire. As a result, the need for cross-department collaboration between customer success and product has become more critical than ever before. When Gainsight PX is used in conjunction with the Gainsight customer success platform, it ensures both teams are working together toward the mission of driving subscription growth.

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