The In-App Feedback Solution You Need to Drive a Complete Customer Experience

Gainsight PX’s in-app feedback enables you to round out your customer and product feedback program by collecting survey feedback where your users spend the majority of their time -- within your product itself.

In-App Surveys

Present a variety of surveys to users directly within your product.

  • Increase overall product feedback response rates by moving beyond email and utilizing the in-app channel
  • Easily build and embed a variety of survey types including ratings, multiple choice, free text, yes/no, and more
  • Leverage pre-built templates for common surveys such as NPS or CES
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Feedback Collection

Pair data on feature usage with qualitative feedback.

  • Place surveys after high friction, new, or critical feature flows in order to supplement the feature usage picture with contextual, qualitative user feedback
  • Target specific user segments based on product usage behavior or other core attributes like role, lifecycle stage, or geography
  • Limit survey fatigue with sophisticated time and usage-based throttling

Roadmap Prioritization

Get the qualitative input you need to make tough product decisions.

  • Stop guessing at what your users want and give them the opportunity to provide thoughtful feedback in free-text form within a resource center
  • Even if feature adoption is high, use quick survey input like NPS or ratings to pinpoint where more investment is needed from a UX perspective
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Infobip drive an 8% increase in feature adoption with PX in-app engagements.

Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire
Survey Templates
Easily capture user sentiment and feedback with out-of-the-box templates
Continuous Feedback
Integrate with Slack to provide team members with real-time updates
Pair customer feedback with product data usage for closed-loop, personalized follow up
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