Present customers with in-app surveys at the right time to collect actionable product feedback.

Increase NPS Response Rates with In-app Surveys

With Gainsight PX, you can increase survey response rates including Net-Promote Score by presenting them to your users while they are in your app. Using the rich segmentation, you can make sure you get responses from specific users.

To get feedback on a specific feature, simply present the survey just after they used it to get the most relevant feedback.

Save Time with Survey Templates

No need to start your surveys from scratch. Gainsight PX provides standard templates for commonly used surveys such as Net-Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score and Customer Satisfaction.

You can also easily create a custom survey using yes/no, multiple choice, ratings, and open-ended questions.

Demonstrate your Impact on Customer Satisfaction

By analyzing product usage trends alongside survey responses, you can uncover unique insight into the product areas that are working and areas that need improvement.

Are NPS promoters using different features than detractors? Has customer satisfaction improved since your recent product investments? Answer all this and more with Gainsight PX surveys.



In the subscription era, the product and customer success teams take center stage in driving customer lifetime value.

Gainsight PX helps your team deliver superior product experiences while Gainsight’s customer success platform helps to ensure customers are receiving business value from the product. They’re powerful alone, but even better together in terms of driving customer growth.

See how Gainsight PX can drive product-led growth for your company. Schedule a demo of our product experience platform today!

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