Reduce your users time to value by guiding them to adopt new features, even if the features are only new to them.

Personalize Your Product Experience

Every user is on their own unique journey with your product. With Gainsight PX, you have the ultimate in real-time segmentation ability to present each user with the onboarding guidance they need to be successful.

Want to promote a new feature to admins working in healthcare in the US who used a feature more than 3 times in the past 30 days and recently gave you a low NPS score? Go for it!

Guide Users to Aha Product Moments

Your users are super busy and don’t have time to learn new software, let alone stay up to date with the latest product capabilities. Make their life easier and guide them to value faster.

With Gainsight PX you can introduce in-app messages, guides, and hotspots when and where your users need it, all without coding.

Bring Inactive Users Back to Your Product

Even the most personalized in-app experience will have no impact if your users aren’t in your product.

Re-engage inactive users to bring them back to your product to complete a critical task.



In the subscription era, the product and customer success teams take center stage in driving customer lifetime value.

Gainsight PX helps your team deliver superior product experiences while Gainsight’s customer success platform helps to ensure customers are receiving business value from the product. They’re powerful alone, but even better together in terms of driving customer growth.

See how Gainsight PX can drive product-led growth for your company. Schedule a demo of our product experience platform today!

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