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Customer Success & Channel Partner Success

When it comes to ensuring that your customers are having the best possible experience, you can’t rely on a gut feeling or just the feedback of those that happen to be a bit more vocal with their opinions—especially in a competitive market environment.

Unfortunately, this already difficult customer feedback loop can be made even more complicated to decipher and manage if your business model includes the use of channel partners to help sell or implement your product.

At the end of the day, are you able to confidently answer yes to: Are our customers receiving the best possible experience with our product, and, in turn, our brand, regardless of who delivers it?

As many organizations know firsthand, without the right tools, answering this question can be hard for many companies to do, let alone objectively quantify and track over time.

That is why many companies are turning toward customer success platforms to provide the structure, data analytics, and other features they need to measure the performance of their channel partners in delivering for their customers.

Why weave channel partner customer experience data into your customer success platform?

So how can—and, perhaps more importantly, why should—you get started tracking the effectiveness of your channel partners along with your own internal customer success metrics?

It is actually just as easy and similar to how you would set up your customer success platform for your own business. For example, you can use an industry-leading customer success platform to:

  • Integrate your channel partner’s data into your own metrics capture so you can evaluate and refine your collaboration and customer journeys alongside your own.
  • Develop and track progress against customizable customer success plans, informed by and compared to your internal data, such as with information pulled from C360.
  • Use customer feedback and data to make data-driven decisions about how improvements to customers’ experiences are shaped and managed by your channel partners.

Once in place, your customer success platform will be able to help your business ensure that customers have a consistent and quality experience with your product no matter how it is delivered to them.

Then use Gainsight’s customer success tools to take your channel partner relationships to the next level

Once you have your channel partner metrics in place and data flowing into your customer success platform, you can then use Gainsight’s powerful tools to build even more impactful customer experiences.

For example, you can use Gainsight’s customizable customer success dashboards and C360 customer information hub to zero in on trending metrics that may be falling below certain thresholds, target areas to collaborate with partners, and identify tailored customer success improvements without disrupting your channel partner processes or their business model. These can come in the form of specialized training or additional guidance on how to move customers through the funnel or lower the risk of churn.

Gainsight’s customer success platform can also help your organization track key customer-focused metrics such as overall retention rates and time to value on scorecards or even implement custom features such as proactive alerts based on predefined criteria.

Take the next step

Working with channel partners is a great way to scale your business quickly and build relationships with businesses that can help grow your customer base in a way that your brand cannot.

However, this growth, new relationships, and connections with new and existing customers can come with some growing pains that could affect your customer’s experience with your products if not properly monitored with a customer success platform.

So whether your business is looking for a better way to ensure your customers are getting the experiences they deserve or you if you don’t know where to start in elevating your channel partner programs, the team at Gainsight would love to speak with you about our powerful customer success tools.

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