Gainsight Glossary

Customer Experience

Make consistently positive customer experiences a reality with Gainsight

Customer experience plays a very important role in Customer Success. To deliver an experience that customers truly want, you need to start with customer intelligence. These insights can be derived from a combination of customer feedback and usage data—both of which Gainsight can help you collect.

Gainsight’s Customer Success Management software enables Post-Sales teams to measure product usage and adoption. The data procured from Gainsight then allows you to analyze the reasons behind your churning customers, in order to pinpoint spots of friction along the customer lifecycle. Gainsight is also packed with tools that can smooth out these rough patches and make the customer experience successful and consistent.

  • Our in-app survey builder lets you build out intuitive surveys and applies customer feedback directly to their health score.
  • Advanced Outreaches will make it easy to close-the-loop with customers—like addressing unhappy customers and leveraging happy ones.
  • Plan and track key customer milestones with Success Plans so you can deliver on the goals set by your individual customers

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