Supercharge your Survey Strategy with Gainsight

Gainsight’s Survey capability leverages the best of your customer success data and tools to supercharge your surveys.

With Gainsight’s surveys, your team can:

  • Create and send multilingual surveys based on key customer data and insight
  • ‘Close-the-loop’ with Gainsight’s best-in-class workflow
  • Make better decisions with detailed reporting on holistic data

Create and send surveys based on customer insight

No other system holds the wealth of customer data or generates meaningful customer insight like Gainsight. With Gainsight surveys, use this customer knowledge to send a personalized survey to the right customer at the right time.

Using our survey designer, you can create and publish sophisticated surveys in minutes. Then, use Gainsight’s functionality to:

  • Automate survey sends based on key customer events or trends in data like implementation project close, red overall health score, declining feature usage
  • Leverage data on your customer and contact’s identity to create targeted surveys and emails for higher response rates
  • Tokenize your survey email with customer data for scaled personalization

Improve your ‘closed-loop’ survey follow-up

Gainsight’s best-in-class workflow module is where your CSM team goes everyday to address data-driven alerts and complete day-to-day customer management. With Gainsight surveys, the survey follow-up is seamlessly integrated into their existing workflow process.

To improve your ‘Closed-Loop’ follow-up:

  • Automate Calls-to-Actions (CTA) for follow-up to certain survey responses within Cockpit
  • Apply Playbooks to automated CTAs so CSMs can follow best practices and track their activity
  • Pass the needed information on the survey triggering event to the CTA, providing CSMs context on customer survey responses. For example, show the support ticket information that triggered the survey and the subsequent alert within the CTA

Make better decisions with holistic data

Your Gainsight survey responses are automatically added to your existing customer data store in Gainsight. It can be seamlessly combined with other crucial customer data sets to gain a holistic picture of customer feedback.

  • Display survey results and a calculated NPS score on the C360 page for easy access
  • Leverage Text Analytics to categorize NPS comments as either positive, negative, or suggestions
  • Create reports and dashboards that combine survey data with your other datasets, like health score, product usage and support data, to conduct cross-customer, holistic analysis
  • Analyze the root cause and most effective follow-up to certain survey responses with a data link between the survey triggering event, the customer’s survey response, and the follow-up action

Survey Links remove the guesswork from identifying which support ticket a customer is responding to in a survey. Because Gainsight can reliably match survey responses to transactional information, our team now has confidence that they can understand the customer's feedback and close-the-loop via CTAs and alerts generated through CoPilot.

Richard Vickers

Business Intelligence Analyst