Multi-Step Outreaches for Meaningful Customer Conversations

You want to engage with your customers; they want to engage with you. But a lack of tools and data is limiting your ability to connect with customers at meaningful points in their journey. Sound familiar?

With Gainsight’s Advanced Outreach, you can design multi-step email outreaches to guide your customers to success. Advanced Outreach helps you:

  • Translate existing customer data into purposeful communication campaigns
  • Guide customers to outcomes with orchestrated outreaches
  • Gain insight with sophisticated funnel analytics

Lead Customers to Success With Responsive, Orchestrated Outreaches

Advanced Outreach enables you to identify a customer’s pain points and design email campaign flows that drive them towards meaningful outcomes. Easily incorporate surveys into your outreaches and watch as your campaign model dynamically adjusts to customers’ responses, sending them down paths that align with their individual experiences. Solve customer issues by:

  • Suggesting targeted training courses to customers with poor feature usage
  • Sending surveys to assess a customer's interest in co-terming contracts
  • Incorporating surveys into emails to gauge the potential for an upsell

Advanced outreach
Advanced outreach
Advanced outreach Survey

Translate Data into Conversations Your Customers Want to Have

Advanced Outreach leverages the power of Gainsight’s Bionic Rules technology. This powerful engine gathers data from multiple sources to identify what’s impacting your customers’ daily experiences. The Bionic Rules Engine’s cutting-edge capabilities give you the power to identify customers who:

  • Show continuous low usage of features despite multiple support tickets and documentation downloads
  • Have multiple open contracts, heavy platform usage, and good overall health
  • Have exceeded licensed capacity and have recently submitted positive survey responses

Advanced outreach Survey

Evaluate Outreach Effectiveness with Analytics

Robust analytics illustrate how customers are engaging with your outreach efforts so you can tailor them with precision. Advanced Outreach’s sophisticated analytics give you the power to:

  • Understand the correlation between emails, survey responses, and model completion
  • Monitor trends in customer participation with prebuilt time-series reporting
  • Pinpoint weak spots in your model that are affecting customer engagement
  • Determine which actions and models are most effective

Advanced outreach analytics
Advanced outreach analytics