Relentlessly Monitor and Manage Customer Health

Without intervention, customers and vendors inevitably drift apart over time. To counteract this tendency, you need the right outreach at the right times. But how do you achieve that level of depth in your data?

Gainsight’s robust Health Score Framework provides the granular analysis you need for each product, business unit, or geography across your business. This deeper level of insight ensures that every department understands, contributes to, and can be held accountable for customer health and ultimately Customer Success.

Gainsight Healthscore

Manage Customer Health with Real-World Granularity

Gainsight Scorecards provide a holistic assessment of your customers across all types of interactions to serve as an early warning system. Powered by Gainsight's industry-defining Rules Engine, Health Scorecards allow you to:

  • Create a panoramic view of health across customers, products, business units, geographies, or teams and track the performance of different metrics for each.
  • Blend multiple sources of customer health and explore trends in historical scores to gather context and accurately forecast upsell pipelines and renewals.
  • Leverage the flexibility of the Gainsight Health framework to account for real-world nuance; create group-level scores, assign different weights to health measures, and create exceptions to override those weights in specific situations.

Get Deeper Insights Into Your Customer Relationships

Your customer relationships are constantly becoming more nuanced. How you define and monitor customer health across many complex commercial relationships must also become more nuanced. Gainsight Scorecards provide a multi-dimensional, panoramic view across all parameters, including single customers with multiple deployments, multiple products, or multiple engagements.


Blend Multiple Sources of Customer Health

A scorecard is only as good as the data fueling it. Maximum effectiveness is only attainable when you pull information from multiple sources. Gainsight Health Scorecards let you:

  • Combine disparate data sources including product engagement, support data, survey results, sponsor transitions, advocacy activities, and many more.
  • Easily capture the tacit knowledge and intuition of your team using subjective scores.
  • View customer health trends both at a granular and aggregate level to maintain the complete and historical context of your customers’ health.

Health Score framework

Adapt to changing conditions and increasing complexity

Your business conditions are changing all the time—so are your customers'. You need a tool with the flexibility to seamlessly adapt day-to-day and year-over-year. You need a framework that embraces—instead of over-simplifying—real-world complexity. Use Gainsight Health Scorecards to:

  • Fine-tune the weighting of the underlying metrics that compose your overall health score.
  • Establish scenarios to override the traditional weights. For example, you might want to move the overall score to Red if there is a drastic drop in usage, customer satisfaction. or a combination of multiple factors.
  • Create “group-level” measures that roll-up sub-scores to reflect an overall health category. For example, community feedback and support tickets can be grouped into the “user feedback” category.

monitor health

For how we use Gainsight at my company, we call it “The Tool of Truth”. It holds all information about customers and accounts that we rely on it for almost everything.

Damon Wong

Customer Success