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Gainsight Announces New Functionality to Enable Customer Success Teams to Manage Complex Customer Relationships

Launch of Gainsight Success Plans and Relationships Helps Companies Execute High-Touch Customer Experience at Scale
REDWOOD CITY, CA – September 11, 2015 –

Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today announced the release of two innovative products, Success Plans and Relationships, that enable Customer Success teams to align on their customers’ strategic goals and drive enduring growth of their relationship. Gainsight Success Plans is the first product designed to enable Customer Success teams to collaboratively develop, track, and realize strategic plans for their customers. The product allows for detailed planning and precision execution to keep valuable customers on track and growing across their lifecycle with a company. Gainsight Relationships is built for companies selling multiple products and services to the same customer and need a way to manage the different relationships. Customer Success teams can now model and manage multivariable customer relationships with ease.

“Customer Success teams are constantly juggling priorities, but at the strategic level, are ever in pursuit of becoming trusted advisors to their customers,” said Karl Rumelhart, VP Products at Gainsight. “With the release of Gainsight Success Plans and Relationships, Customer Success teams can now document and manage against the outcomes that their customers hope to achieve with their products, while modeling the complex nature of each unique business relationship.”

Over two hundred companies use Gainsight every day to identify risk and opportunity in accounts and drive proactive action. With the arrival of Success Plans and Relationships, Gainsight is transforming the way companies are becoming customer-centric and modeling their customers’ business outcomes, understanding their goals, providing strategic guidance and realizing explosive revenue growth through their existing customers.

Creating a System of Record for Customer Business Outcomes

With Gainsight Success Plans, companies are now able to document the business outcomes that customers look to achieve with their products or services within Gainsight, and to create a system of record for monitoring progress towards plan achievement.

Specifically, Gainsight Success Plans enables companies to:

  • Establish Goals: Collaborate with customer stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for use of products or services in order to help drive business outcomes. Goals are built through a combination of high-level plan attributes and detailed objectives to define a shared vision for the customer outcomes and a concrete stream of actions for achievement.
  • Execute with Precision: Manage the activity and coordination across specific objectives and owners while monitoring progress of tasks. Both tasks from Success Plan objectives and data-driven calls to action within Gainsight can be managed together seamlessly.
  • Understand Success: Easily incorporate reports and graphs from Success Plans into management dashboards in order to holistically orchestrate interactions with customers across services and onboarding projects, support tickets and upsell opportunities. Gainsight enables Customer Success teams to understand the spectrum of customer touch points and their contribution to the achievement of Success Plans.

Model Complex, Multivariable Customer Relationships in Gainsight

Businesses today are selling products and services into large businesses, but modern applications don’t scale to support complex relationships — oftentimes with active transactions in different departments within the same customer account. With Gainsight Relationships, Customer Success Managers can now operate more efficiently by focusing on relationships they are responsible for rather than wading through parent account level information.

Gainsight Relationships is a breakthrough product that helps Customer Success teams:

  • Manage the success of each sale when an organization sells multiple transactions of a product or service to the same customer, typically for different teams, business units, locations or use cases. In this world, each entity is often managed separately.
  • Manage the success of each product when your organization sells multiple products to the same customer, and each product is managed by a different Customer Success Manager.
  • Manage the success of each project when an organization engages with customers based on specific projects or events and needs to manage each separately.
  • Transform the understanding of every customer by viewing all existing relationships from the Customer 360 view. Customer Success Managers can quickly locate all child relationships for the parent customer and easily switch between views to manage different relationships instantly. Teams can partition and report on usage, billing, survey and support data at a product, location, team, event or business unit level.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analytics on customer relationships across all or a subset of customers.

See Gainsight in Action at Dreamforce 2015

Gainsight will be sponsoring the Dreamforce conference on September 15-18 in San Francisco. Several key executives will be leading several keynotes and breakouts, as well as showcasing a deep-dive on the industry-leading Customer Success platform in Moscone North (Booth 1129).

To schedule a private demo of the Gainsight product (including Success Plans and Relationships), or to learn more about Customer Success, click here to request a meeting.

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