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A Guide To Gainsight’s Pulse 2019 Product Announcements

When it rains, it pours—products and features, that is! In addition to the exciting announcement of the Gainsight Customer Cloud at Pulse 2019 and new offerings that include Gainsight CDP, CX and RO, our product leaders also shared an incredible list of innovations to our existing products. In fact, with a product team that’s over 200 people strong, one of the things that Gainsight does best is we’re always thinking about how our products can add more value for our customers. In that sense, our story has never been stronger than it is right now. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in! Gainsight PX Gainsight PX pairs deep SaaS product analytics with personalized in-app engagements that enable product leaders to deliver exceptional user experiences, continuously improve their offerings, and drive adoption of their most valuable features. Planned enhancements broaden the scope of PX analytics capabilities and offer new tools and channels to engage users. Enablement Engine Adopting a new system or complying with internal best practices can come with a learning curve. Enablement Engine uses Gainsight PX to engage your own internal users through in-product guidance delivered directly within Gainsight CS (and soon other systems as well) to get new users […]

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5 Principles of Human-First Products

As a COO, I’m always trying to figure out get a ton of things done in a short amount of time. I’m constantly thinking about how to do more with less. The danger for someone like me is that when you give them technology, the standard for what counts as “efficient” dramatically increases. Here’s what my typical work week looks like. Technology helps me pack my calendar to the brim: any empty 30-minute time slot is immediately visible and available for me to book. In the two minutes I might have in between meetings, I flip through my inbox to see how quickly I can get back to inbox zero and how many text messages I can respond to. The busy-ness is such a good sign that our teammates want to collaborate, that clients want to meet, that there’s opportunity. But the volume of communication is exorbitant. I’m playing a day-long game of whac-a-mole. It takes its toll. By the time I’m at home, I am completely fried. My long-distance vision has declined because I spend most of my day staring at one or more screens, 12 inches from my face. I’m not as familiar with city neighborhoods, because when […]

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What We’re Doing To Improve Inclusiveness and Diversity at Pulse 2019

I want to talk about “virtue signaling.” In case you haven’t heard that term, it’s generally meant as a criticism of public displays of morality for self-flattering or self-aggrandizing motives. Some might call it “conspicuous wokeness,” and usually they’re talking about businesses and brands when they do. It’s tough, because I totally understand the impulse behind that criticism. It’s hard to look at something like that infamous Pepsi ad (the one that shows a fake clash between law enforcement and protestors being defused by an ice cold Pepsi) and view it as anything other than a bankrupt exploitation of a deadly serious social issue. On the other hand, I can’t help but thinking of the people behind the brand—all those marketers and PR people and filmmakers and executives and agency people at Pepsi—and wondering about their actual motives. Did they all get together, twirl their mustaches, and try to brainstorm a way to exploit a movement for profit? You’d have to be pretty cynical to believe that. Or did they all come to the project with mostly good or neutral intentions? It’s such a difficult concept to talk about with nuance for an articulate individual, let alone a huge corporate […]

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What is a Product Roadmap?

A product roadmap is a high-level, visual representation of the direction your product offering will take over time. A good product roadmap will provide your colleagues and stakeholders with the “why” behind your product and should serve the following purposes: Lay out the overarching strategy Provide high-level instructions for executing the strategy Serve as a starting point for discussions on various options and scenarios Align internal stakeholders and facilitate a cohesive message to external stakeholders Maps are a fundamental part of our lives therefore, a product roadmap isn’t exactly a new concept. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t have a clear direction. Building a product without a roadmap is like setting off for a trip without any idea of a destination. While this sounds like a fun adventure of self-discovery, we guarantee you that doing this with your product will not fill you with an “Eat, Pray, Love” feeling, but more of a “Stress, Scramble, Cry” vibe. Many other departments can use roadmaps as well to ensure they fulfill their duties related to the product. There are even different types of product roadmaps to cater to different needs/end users. The types of product roadmaps we’ll be […]

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2019 Pendo Alternatives: 10 Reasons to Choose Gainsight PX Over Pendo Image

2019 Pendo Alternatives: 10 Reasons to Choose Gainsight PX Over Pendo

Evaluating software is tough. I’ve gone through the process more times than I can count. In the era of the subscription economy, there are tons of choices in every category and they all claim to be the best—so how do you decide? The only advice I can give is: read the reviews, read the comparisons, read the case studies, and demo everything. Sure, it sounds like work. But you know what’s worse than spending time on demo calls? Buying the wrong software and getting stuck with a product that doesn’t serve your needs. So with that in mind, I wanted to provide a take on Pendo alternatives. This post focuses on 10 areas of Gainsight PX compared to Pendo—but don’t stop the process after you’ve finished. Schedule a demo of Gainsight PX or create a free account and see for yourself if this post is more than just marketing fluff. Beyond that, give Pendo a call, and all the other Pendo competitors, because the only way you’re going to truly know which product is right for you is if you put in the work. Now, let’s dive into 10 advantages of Gainsight PX vs. Pendo. 1. Gainsight PX is purpose-built for product […]

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10 Product Industry Influencers You Should Be Following

Shout out to the Product people of the world. Without them, none of the software solutions or apps we love would be here today. If you’re building and managing products, it can often feel like life is a nonstop rollercoaster and every time one box is checked, another five are added. So we thought we’d pause and take a moment to recognize some influential people in the Product Management community. From sharing best practices to creating networks and solutions, these people are making an impact on the discipline and the community in big ways. Meet some of these stellar human beings in person at Pulse 2019. Learn more about this exciting event for product managers here. SC Moatti, Founder of Products That Count SC Moatti founded Products That Count, one of the largest networks of product managers in the world. It has a community of over 20,000 product managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Moatti is also a technology visionary, entrepreneur and investor. She is the founding partner of Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that invests in companies building “products that count”—products that transform lives and create value at scale. In addition to her investments in the Product community, Moatti […]

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Ask an Expert Q&A: How to Build Products That Drive Growth

Friday, May 17 | 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET) Consultants cost money. Quora is a wildcard. What if you could get honest answers from trusted product professionals who’ve been in your shoes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Join Gainsight’s VP of Product and VP of Product Growth as they answer your burning questions on building products that drive growth. Meet the Experts: Ciara Peter, VP of Product at Gainsight Ciara has led teams at Salesforce, Betterworks, Box, InVision, and now, Gainsight. She’s best known for bringing consumer-grade experiences to enterprise products at scale. As VP of Product at Gainsight, she leads vision and strategy for Gainsight PX, the Product Experience platform focused on delivering insights, enabling data-driven in-app customer engagement, and instantly evaluating ROI of product investments. Travis Kaufman, VP of Product Growth at Gainsight Travis Kaufmann is the VP of Product Growth at Gainsight, leading the delivery of product-led growth strategies for Gainsight PX, the Product Experience Platform. Prior to joining Gainsight through the acquisition of Aptrinsic (now Gainsight PX), Travis held leadership roles in marketing, product, and engineering at companies including Marketo, Leadspace and E*Trade Financial.

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How to Scale Onboarding to Every User Without Adding a Single Headcount Image

How to Scale Onboarding to Every User Without Adding a Single Headcount

Doing more with less has become a staple for successful customer success organizations. This is especially true during customer onboarding, where flawless execution and red carpet experiences can create clients for life. So in a world with limited resources, how do you ensure all of your customers get the experience they expect? It’s not only possible for you to do it, you can do it sustainably through process and technology. We’ll tell you exactly how to do it. Join Ganesh Subramanian, Director, Product Marketing, and Travis Kaufman, VP Product Growth, who’ll walk you through the organizational and workflow frameworks as well as the technology you’ll need to scale onboarding through process not headcount. In this webinar, you’ll learn how businesses use Gainsight PX to scale their onboarding to every user through finely tuned in-app engagement. You’ll hear best practices for: Right time, right message comms Synchronizing channels Aligning stakeholders And much more.

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What Managing 10 Million Hours of Products Taught Me About Roadmap Execution Image

What Managing 10 Million Hours of Products Taught Me About Roadmap Execution

Thursday, June 6 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) What’s holding you back from building amazing products your customers love? Too many opinions and ever-changing product direction? Lack of resources and unrealistic goals? Spending too much time on tactical decisions? Becky Flint, co-founder and CEO of Dragonboat.io, is a veteran technology executive who has built and scaled product execution at both Fortune 500 companies like PayPal, and fast-growing startups. Join us on Thursday, June 6 at 11:00 AM (PT) as she passes on what she’s learned during her experience building and managing 10 million hours of product roadmaps. In this webinar, she will share how to: Build a responsive roadmap Avoid common pitfalls Effectively prioritize and get buy-in Manage roadmap tradeoffs using MoAR (Metrics over Available Resources) And much more!

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Gainsight’s Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

Our purpose: “To be living proof that you can win in business while being human first.” Mission and vision statement: Gainsight’s Diversity & Inclusion mission is to live up to our company’s purpose. We seek to build a diverse and inclusive team that fosters an environment where each teammate feels empowered to bring their unique differences to work and achieve their full innovative potential. In this environment, we will make the business stronger, enabling us to truly win in business while being human first. With diversity and inclusion at the forefront of Gainsight’s core values, we strive to promote a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness at Gainsight regardless of, but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, family status, religion, ethnicity, national origin, physical disability, veteran status, or age. We strive to: Act as a globally inclusive and bias-free company. Attract and retain the world’s best talent by increasing the diversity of our talent pool. Promote an inclusive environment through teammate development and networking. Leverage the power of diversity to unlock insight into the needs of our teammates, customers, and community. Make diversity and inclusion everyone’s responsibility. Actively support self-worth, offer opportunities for positive intergroup connections, and encourage and reward pro-equality […]

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6 Important Product Management Metrics (And How to Improve Them)

As a product manager, metrics affect every move you make. You need to know the right ones to get the job done—and to prove you did it right. Today’s Product teams are under increasing pressure to deliver outstanding products and exceptional user experiences. Three new market dynamics have contributed to the evolution of our product expectations: Subscription models Fierce competition Access to data What are SaaS companies doing to create competitive products? Check out our Essential Guide to learn how to navigate the new product experience landscape. READ THE GUIDE Product analytics provide the insight necessary to evaluate your last roadmap planning session and make informed decisions going forward. General business metrics are important as well, so you can tie your activities back to overall company goals. Here are six critical product management KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that every product manager should know. Monthly Active Users (MAUs)/Daily Active Users (DAUs) Customer Retention Rate (CRR) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)/Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Monthly Active Users and Daily Active Users The Monthly Active Users (MAU) metric measures the number of different users who open your product within a 30 day […]

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