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3 PX Strategies To Give Users A Seamless Product Update Experience

Change is hard. When it comes to making a change in your product or launching a new version entirely, you might spend months analyzing and preparing for this update. You know what you’re doing is in the best interest of your users, but they haven’t been thinking about this change for months as you have.  How do you give your users a seamless change experience? Answer: the very thing you’re changing—your product itself.  You may have many customer-facing teams – customer success, support, services, etc.—but your product is the most consistent, scalable customer interface you’ll ever have. The value of taking the time to show users what they need—in the exact moment they need it—can not be underestimated.  Let’s explore a hypothetical scenario to see how communication about product changes can make or break a user’s experience. Consider the following:  I use your product every day for work. It’s a fine product, but I’m busy and don’t pay much attention to blogs, newsletters, release notes, etc. I have a specific way I use your product that’s efficient for me. I’m about to join a meeting, and I quickly log into your product to check something before I hop on the […]

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Pulse CxO Summit: From The Cape To Everywhere Image

Pulse CxO Summit: From The Cape To Everywhere

Visual Executive Summary from Pulse CxO Summit 2020 The ocean breeze. Whale watching. A morning walk to the lighthouse. I consider myself lucky to be part of a thriving Silicon Valley company while living and working (from home) in a place like Gloucester, Massachusetts. Imagine how excited I was last year when Gainsight and over 60 of the top Customer Success executives in the world decided to pay us a visit for the 2019 Pulse CxO Summit. And it took place just a short drive down the coast at the breathtaking Chatham Bars Inn in Cape Cod. Every year, the CxO Summit is one of the most anticipated events in the industry. It is not only known for its scenic locations, such as the stunning Skywalker Ranch, in Marin, California, the historical South Lodge Hotel in Sussex, UK, or the one-of-a-kind Chatham Bars Inn. The CxO Summit is where the greatest strategic thinkers and most energetic group of customer success and product thought leaders get together, escape, and dig-in to the topics that are most important to them and their companies. In the end, they take home real advice and strategies that help transform their businesses.  If you think it […]

8 min readAugust 10, 2020

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The 10X Team: Secrets to CS Scale from the GameChangers at Intellishift Image

The 10X Team: Secrets to CS Scale from the GameChangers at Intellishift

High growth? Limited resources? Only 24 hours in the day? Chances are that in Customer Success you’ve faced one of these barriers. So how do you ensure your customers are still massively successful, especially in a world where adding headcount isn’t a guarantee? Download now to learn how Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at VTS Intellishift, has perfected the art of running an efficient and wildly effective CS team with Gainsight — and you can too.

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2020: The Last Stand for Legacy Technology Vendors Image

2020: The Last Stand for Legacy Technology Vendors

via GIPHY Procrastination. We can all empathize with the concept. Sometimes it means putting off the project fixing a broken light at home for another week. Or sometimes, it is staring at a challenging email and promising yourself that you’ll get to the response later. For legacy enterprise software companies, this game of “kick the can down the road” often plays out in terms of their strategy around “transformation.” 100% of software companies started before the cloud emerged have a stated strategy to move to the cloud and SaaS “over time.” The question is, over what time? The decision isn’t easy. For many companies, the short-term revenue and profits (hello EBITDA!) of the traditional on-premise license software business model is hard to beat. That’s doubly true since many on-premise software companies carry the weight of massive debt loads due to recent Private Equity deals. In parallel, many clients of on-premise companies are pleased to keep those workloads on-premise. The license + maintenance business model works well for legacy applications. “If it ain’t broke, don’t change it,” as they say. Customers are happy to ride their enterprise applications down the old model as long as they can. The challenge is that […]

4 min readAugust 6, 2020
5 Step Playbook for Nailing Pre to Post-sales Outcomes Handoff Image

5 Step Playbook for Nailing Pre to Post-sales Outcomes Handoff

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Customer spends months explaining their goals and desired outcomes to a sales rep Sales rep closes the deal Ring the gong! CSM and/or Services team kickoff the onboarding call with “so tell me what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve with our product.” Handoffs If you go through the dictionary of buzzwords in Customer Success, right between “adoption” and “proactive,” you’ll find “handoff.” I can’t count the number of times CS leaders have told me about their desire to improve handoffs from pre to post-sales. Of course, all of those terms are anachronistic: There is no pre-sales versus post-sales – it’s all a continuous cycle. Handoffs don’t work – the collaboration needs to be much tighter. But the core idea still applies. Customer Success isn’t just a department – it’s a business process end-to-end, and it starts with the expectations set with Sales and Marketing at the beginning of the customer journey. So far, every leader who works with cross-functional teams is vigorously nodding their heads and/or saying “duh,” or “YES…please, please tell me how to fix it!” The question is, how many of you have operationalized this vision end-to-end? So far, I’ve […]

5 min readAugust 4, 2020
Watch this AMA with Cisco CXO, Maria Martinez and Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta Image

Watch this AMA with Cisco CXO, Maria Martinez and Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta

In this recording of a LinkedIn Live AMA, Cisco Chief Customer Experience Officer, Maria Martinez, and Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, discuss strategies to make sure your company beats the odds. As companies shift from being reactive to proactive, customer success has never been more important. Hear Maria and Nick discuss the most core elements of customer experience and why they believe that building strong human-first relationships, both within your team, partners and with your customers, is critical to customer success. Ready to learn more? Get a personalized demo here.

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Gainsight PX vs. WalkMe Feature Comparison Image

Gainsight PX vs. WalkMe Feature Comparison

The age of generic customer onboarding and product walkthroughs is over. Gainsight is a modern product analytics and user engagement platform that enables you to create personalized walkthroughs based off of user behavior — no coding required.

1 min readAugust 3, 2020
Gainsight PX vs Pendo Feature Comparison Image

Gainsight PX vs Pendo Feature Comparison

Discover how Gainsight PX provides a product engagement and analytics tool with faster time-to-value, more extensive user analytics, and superior in-app engagement when compared to Pendo.

1 min readAugust 3, 2020
Customer Love Book Club: The Customer Success Handbook Image

Customer Love Book Club: The Customer Success Handbook

Join Gainsight’s CCO Ashvin Vaidyanathan and Gainsight’s Chief Strategist Ruben Rabago to get the rundown on what’s being called the definitive customer success manager how-to guide for the CSM professional. Joining them are book contributors Eduarda Camacho, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer at PTC, and Stephanie Berner, Global Head of Customer Success, LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

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5 Ways to Become a Human-first CSM Image

5 Ways to Become a Human-first CSM

Sometimes an outsider can observe something so obvious that you just can’t identify yourself. I’ve written about how the approach of the CEO needs to change, especially during this tumultuous year. CEOs need to think about all of their stakeholders as people and thereby adopt a Human-first approach. And 2020 is making that vision a reality. CEOs now see employees through whole new lenses, thinking about their physical health, mental health, and family situation, given the impact of COVID-19 on the world. They are looking at customers as true partners, with both sides getting the other through this challenging economy. And they view their role in the community more thoughtfully, with a need to address issues around justice and equality. I’ve always found that “human-first” captures the spirit of what Customer Success is all about. It’s about viewing your client not as a transaction or as a deal, but instead as a human being. What I didn’t realize is how perfect a parallel Human-first is as a rallying cry for the day-to-day job of a CSM. It took a conversation with the thoughtful CS leader Guy Galon, VP Customer Success at Hysolate, to recognize this. As I think of the […]

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3 Ways EdTech Can Adapt Their CS Strategy To The “New Normal” Image

3 Ways EdTech Can Adapt Their CS Strategy To The “New Normal”

A few weeks ago, New York City, Indianapolis, and Oakland updated their plans for reopening public schools in the fall, but soon after, NYC announced reopening at most three days a week. At the same time, higher education is laying out plans on how they will reopen, while Los Angeles and San Diego decided schools will be remote full-time in the fall.  With all the unknowns surrounding reopening K-16 institutions, EdTech solutions are becoming essential tools for learning at home. As a result, EdTech companies are preparing for a fall full of new customers and users and growing usage from existing customers. Now is the time to adapt Customer Success strategies to support your growth and help learners succeed! Here are three ways EdTech Customer Success teams can adapt their strategy to make sure their product positively impacts learners during this “new normal.” 1. Help your struggling users by engaging them in their workflow. To help struggling learners, you need clear visibility into how they’re engaging with your product. Without high product usage, your product won’t effectively enable learning outcomes and is likely to be seen as disposable by your customers. Struggling customers and end-users can be expensive to support, […]

4 min readJuly 27, 2020