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The Team You Create: Lessons From Joe Theismann

Today, I had the pleasure of listening to a recent client event hosted by one of my favorite athletes, Joe Theismann. Now, I am a west coast girl who loves college basketball, bleeds red and blue, and is true to my beloved Arizona Wildcats. But I am also a Phoenician and always support the Arizona Cardinals, especially the amazing Larry Fitzgerald. A true class act. In my house growing up, the Cowboys were our team, Tom Landry was deeply respected, and Roger Staubach was king. However, I admire Joe Theismann. And how can you not? Our family was watching that game on November 11, 1985. All of us were athletes and to watch that tragic and career-ending accident was devastating. Joe’s transformation after his injury is an incredible testament to the type of man he is. Joe, no doubt has many talents. He is a restaurant owner, author, and well-known philanthropist. But his career as an inspirational speaker has intrigued me. Joe had many notable “nuggets” of wisdom to share during the event. However, it was his insights into leadership and teams that struck an interior chord and resonated with something I had read before. As a development and content […]

9 min readJuly 9, 2020
EdTech Series: 3 Ways Customer Success Can Help EdTech Companies Thrive Image

EdTech Series: 3 Ways Customer Success Can Help EdTech Companies Thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing the delivery of education and training in the United States. Acceleration to the cloud is critical for most businesses, and EdTech companies like yours want to be at the heart of this transformation, because if they’re not, they risk missing out on growth, or worse, going out of business. Today, online learning is highly accessible. Rosetta Stone, Absorb LMS, and Udemy bring education into our homes and businesses, making remote learning not only possible but enjoyable. And, most importantly, eliminating the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by enabling learning at home. This period of intense growth in the EdTech industry created customer, user, and business challenges that must be addressed now to enable the continued transformation of the education industry. Here are 3 ways Customer Success and Gainsight can help your business thrive. 1. [Customers] Your customers need (a lot of) your time and attention Demand for your products and services is likely at an all-time high. Given this urgent demand from your customers, you need to scale the impact and reach of your existing Customer Success team. Leveraging a marketing automation tool that blends digital and human touch can help. For our customers, […]

4 min readJuly 8, 2020

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Managing Churn in SaaS Business With A Focus On Customer Success

Churn (the amount of revenue lost from a company’s existing customer base each year) is a metric that rises to the top of most SaaS leaders’ minds; it is one of the most commonly tracked metrics in SaaS businesses. As a SaaS leader, some elements of churn are structural. However, there are also decisions you can make that affect churn. We recently interviewed ~50 leaders at mid-sized SaaS companies, to identify decisions they made that did or did not affect churn. Specifically, we focused on decisions concerning the ‘Customer Success’ function. Why is Customer Success a key piece of the puzzle? Customer Success (CS) is a function found in many SaaS businesses that is responsible for ensuring that customers are driving better business outcomes when they use the company’s products. Said another way, it ensures that customers experience success because they use the product – hence the name. Crucially, it is often the function that owns churn! In fact, in over 2/3 of the companies we interviewed, churn was a key performance metric for a frontline Customer Success Manager. Therefore, it should follow that decisions made about the Customer Success function affect churn, and that is indeed what we saw […]

6 min readJuly 7, 2020
How D&B Built a Personalized, Point-of-Consumption Customer Training Program That Drove Results Image

How D&B Built a Personalized, Point-of-Consumption Customer Training Program That Drove Results

Training your customers on how to use your product is a continuous process, and it’s particularly daunting to do it at scale. But anyone who has ever designed a training program knows that the key to success is actually quite simple: you just need to identify the most high-value training assets and, more importantly, get them in front of your users wherever they are.  Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), an organization that provides commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses, understands this deeply, which is why they leveraged the partnership between Gainsight PX and Thought Industries to up their training game. The Thought Industries and Gainsight PX integration enabled D&B to include their training materials directly within the PX Knowledge Center Bot, a resource popup window that lives at the bottom of every page of their product. When users click on the Bot, they are presented with the training materials most relevant to them and can search for courses and materials – all without leaving the D&B application. In this way, D&B was able to deliver personalized training to thousands of users organically at the point of consumption.  In this webinar, hear from D&B about how this exciting partnership took their […]

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Finding My Pride: A Gainster’s Story Image

Finding My Pride: A Gainster’s Story

I originally came out as “not straight” in early high school, but the time I spent in heterosexual romantic relationships seemed to nullify my Queer identity to my peers. A resulting feeling that I wasn’t “Queer enough” to warrant coming out kept me from being more public about my sexuality in the years since then, especially at work. I’ve come to realize that nagging feeling is internalized homophobia, and the only way it could be conquered was by accepting my Queerness as a part of my whole self in all parts of my life and using my own visibility to bring greater awareness, acceptance, and accessibility to all parts of the beautiful LGBTQIA+ spectrum, to Gainsight from within. I am especially passionate about ensuring Gainsight is a welcoming place for Trans and Nonbinary employees, and it’s been wonderful to see the acceptance and the willingness to learn from the people I work with! Have you watched Pose yet? Why not? It’s so good. It’s about my family. Pose is the story of chosen families of Queer folks who lived and thrived during the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s by creating art, community and opportunity for themselves through New […]

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Healthcare Edition: 3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Team’s Performance Image

Healthcare Edition: 3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Team’s Performance

As providers of HealthIT and Digital Health services, your solutions provide workflows, data, and deep analytics to enable patients and clients to answer  questions such as: Is my health getting better?  Are my patients getting better? Am I providing the right care? Are we optimizing revenue for our practice?   Are we improving patient access to care?  But, we often don’t have the same understanding of how our teams and organizations perform.  We lack the workflows, data, and analytics to answer similar questions: Are my clients seeing value with our solution? Are my clients as healthy as they could be? Is their experience where we want it to be? Is my team taking the right actions at the right time and delivering on our commitments? Are we on track to meet our retention, expansion, and satisfaction goals or do we need to course-correct?  Are we properly investing in scaling our client-facing operations?  As we navigate through the ups and downs of 2020, being able to answer these questions is more important now than ever. In both organizations that are “thriving” and “surviving” 2020, C-suite executives are renewing their focus on clients. Why? For “survivors” retaining and expanding the base is critical […]

5 min readJune 29, 2020
Using Gainsight’s PX Analytics To Make Data-Driven Decisions and Qualify Event Leads Image

Using Gainsight’s PX Analytics To Make Data-Driven Decisions and Qualify Event Leads

After the incredible success of Pulse Everywhere, the virtual version of Gainsight’s annual Pulse conference, we were inundated with inquiries from companies across the industry. Everyone wanted to know how we organized such a monumental event in a short amount of time—online!  One of the most interesting questions we received was how companies could develop and qualify event leads from Pulse traffic and attendees. Wait, but Pulse was a VIRTUAL event. Is it possible to generate quality leads and make decisions from this type of information? The answer is, “Yes, you can, with Gainsight PX!” After all, no one wants over 23,000 potential leads to go to waste. So, we asked our internal teams and discovered some insightful revelations from their experiences.  How we helped our sales team turn attendees into leads Gainsight PX was designed to have the ability to reveal vital and effective data through its product analytics features.  It is very flexible and user friendly. But what is the best way to utilize and leverage PX to a company’s advantage within a virtual conference? Gainsight’s internal team was excited to share that it begins with ease of onboarding. They felt it was crucial to have Gainsight teammates […]

5 min readJune 29, 2020
Path to CPO Series: Amy Bunszel from Autodesk Image

Path to CPO Series: Amy Bunszel from Autodesk

In this episode of Gainsight’s “Path to CPO Series,” Denise Stokowski, Group VP of Platform Products at Gainsight talk with Amy Bunszel, Senior Vice President, Design and Creation Products at Autodesk in a candid discussion of Amy’s journey in product management. As Senior Vice President of Design and Creation Products, Amy manages product strategy and execution for Autodesk’s 3D design and creation portfolio including the Autodesk Product Collections, AutoCAD family, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya and more. With more than 20 years of experience innovating software products across the architecture, engineering, and construction, manufacturing and media and entertainment industries, Amy inspires innovative strategy while driving large-scale agile software development around the globe. Amy combines her roots as a start-up co-founder with deep product management knowledge and large-scale product execution expertise to build high performing teams focused on delivering value to their customers. Enjoy the session! Register for the next webinar in this series here.

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The Customer Success Economy Part 1 Image

The Customer Success Economy Part 1

Watch co-author Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight and book contributors Jane Graham, Vice President, Customer Success and Renewals at Kronos, Alexis Hennessy principal at Heidrick & Struggles, and Charles Atkins, Partner at McKinsey & Company as they discuss The Customer Success Economy and offer examples and specifics of how companies can transform. It addresses the pains of transforming organizational charts, leadership roles, responsibilities, and strategies so the whole company works together in total service to the customer. For a free copy of the book, click here.

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4 Step Playbook for Establishing A New Normal With Customers Image

4 Step Playbook for Establishing A New Normal With Customers

“Reopening.” That word brings up so many feelings for people right now: excitement, hope, fear, doubt. Are we bouncing back in a “V shape?” Or is our opening going to lead to another closing in the dreaded form of a “W?” Regardless, business leaders right now must confront the realities in front of them. They must determine how to open their offices and declare when employees can return to work. They have to update their hiring and spending plans to capture the rebound in progress. And they have to determine what to do about customers. Luckily, many CEOs and executives used the last few months to get ready for scaling with their clients. As an example, I emailed the CEO of a late-stage SaaS company a few weeks ago to check on how things are going given COVID-19. His response: “Dude the things we’re doing in CS these days – and Gainsight is absolutely key to making it happen – are so freakin great. We’ve talked about CS moving from reactive to proactive (who hasn’t?) for years. In the last 30 days, it’s just …. happened! So great.” And it seems like CXOs are feeling “cautiously optimistic” about their existing […]

5 min readJune 24, 2020
Pulse Everywhere: The Biggest Event Pivot of My Career Image

Pulse Everywhere: The Biggest Event Pivot of My Career

Hello! My career in events started back in 2008 as a sales associate supporting sponsorship fulfillment. I fell in love with the nitty-gritty details of my job so I ventured out of sponsorship fulfillment and dove right into event management. Fast forward 12 years, I landed my dream job as the Director of Corporate Events at Gainsight, giving me the experience of working on both the client and agency side of event production and the opportunity to oversee the corporate events team here at Gainsight. Having just surpassed the biggest milestone in my career of pivoting from a 6,000 in-person event at Moscone to a 22,000 virtual event in less than 60 days, I thought I’d share my journey, lessons learned, and key takeaways.  Pivot…Pivot…Pivaat! Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that 2020 kicked-off just like any other event year in the fast-paced world of B2B SaaS.  February 28 – a day I remember well. Local Bay Area newspapers posted the first of what would be the start of in-person event cancellations in San Francisco. I felt it in my gut that once big tech companies announced their cancellation, that us little guys would soon have to face the […]

13 min readJune 23, 2020