The Ultimate List of Product Management Resources: Books, Blogs, and More Image

The Ultimate List of Product Management Resources: Books, Blogs, and More

To truly excel in product management, you need to have a respect for design, an understanding of countless processes, a passion for problem-solving, excellent communication skills—the list goes on and on. That’s a lot to keep up with. Let us introduce you to the mantra, “Stay thirsty my friends.” To you this may sound like the tagline of a famous beer commercial, but to us, it’s a core value that we live by every day. In the spirit of “Staying Thirsty” we’ve compiled this list of books, blogs, Slack communities, and podcasts for product-obsessed people that want to develop themselves in and out of the office. Bookmark this list and get through it bit by bit. It can seem daunting, but you of all people should know small rituals can lead to large results. So treat yourself to a book every quarter. Download three podcast episodes at the beginning of every week. Set a weekly time slot on your calendar to interact with your Slack community friends. Before you know it, you’ll have sped through this list! Want to get right to the good stuff? Books for Product Managers Blogs for Product Managers Slack Groups for Product Managers Podcasts for Product […]

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3 Best Practices for Combining Human and In-App Communications

Tuesday, December 17 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) If you want to create successful customers, you need to be with them outside and inside of your product. But while this can supercharge the customer journey, it brings with it lots of uncertainties. What if we spam our customers? How do we make sure we’re talking to the right people at the right time? How do we keep track of all of these out- and in-product communications? Join Gainsight’s VP of Product Growth, Travis Kaufman, as he shares his unique perspective and best practices to create a customer journey that incorporates human and product outreach. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Craft better, human-driven communications. Create a customer journey that extends into your product. Work cross-functionally to deliver a seamless customer experience. And much more!

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Measuring B2B CX In SaaS: What Are The Metrics That Matter?

According to a B2B Marketing survey, two-thirds of marketers are making CX a priority in the next twelve months. More than a quarter of those surveyed are prioritizing CX before the year-end, largely because CX is set to become the most influential factor in customers’ minds as they sort through their options in saturated markets. Of the B2B companies that are fine-tuning their CX strategy, they are said to have strong revenue growth and ROI, reporting more than a 2x return on their investment. The bottom line is clear: measuring and improving the customer experience is not only good for customers, it’s good for business. A focus on CX creates a competitive advantage that drives customer retention, revenue expansion and enterprise valuation over time. B2B CX: Beyond customer surveys The beautiful thing about B2B SaaS companies is that we have multiple sources of CX data at our fingertips. Consider the possibilities to leverage data from learning management systems, support cases, CRM, the customer success platform, marketing automation tools, content management systems, and online communities. So much data, so little time! We can often use these data sets to infer the customer experience by proxy. This is a massive benefit for SaaS companies […]

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5 Considerations For Your B2B CX Program In 2020

Over the past few years, appreciation for B2B Customer Experience programs has grown stronger across board rooms thanks to business leaders who have successfully aligned their company’s marketing, sales, and customer success strategies around the needs and preferences of customers. While this shift in mindset is certainly paying off for industry leaders, it has also brought to light the unique challenge B2B companies face when it comes to implementing a CX strategy. For example, in B2B, there are numerous “moments of truth” which provide a company with many opportunities to delight or frustrate customers. These interactions include sales, implementation, renewal, support, in-product experience, and so on. And there are also various contact roles across customer accounts. If you’re not gathering robust and representative data across all key customer contact roles and segments to guide actions that will improve the customer experience, you’re at risk for losing market share to your competitors. So, with 2020 around the corner, many business leaders and customer success practitioners are considering how to raise their game in the New Year. As more B2B companies make CX a priority, it becomes harder to differentiate—unless you are continuously evolving and maturing your programs. And, just like your […]

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What Is B2B Customer Experience?

Have you ever had that feeling where you looked around a room and wondered if everyone was thinking the same thing, but no one was saying anything? The Emperor’s New Clothes, the “elephant in the room”—take your pick! I think there’s an elephant in the CX room, so to speak. Over the past few months, I’ve spoken to 50+ customer experience (CX) professionals at business-to-business (B2B) software firms and we’ve been having that feeling a lot. With competition more fierce than ever, all of us instinctively, obviously continue to prioritize CX. Yet we’re seeing varying results, especially when compared to our business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts. We know that trying the same things again—another journey mapping workshop, launching a new survey, force fitting the latest B2C trend—is not the answer. We’re all thinking the same thing: if we’re going to improve the B2B experience, we’re going to need to explore B2B specific best practices. But this is wild territory. B2C has decades of refinement and standardization in CX. B2B CX is relatively uncultivated. That’s why Gainsight is partnering with some of the most preeminent leaders in the industry to get to the core of what this B2B identity in CX will be. We’ll be […]

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The Importance of “Importance”

Take a look at two NPS responses: “They have been a great partner. But as we look to the future, we’re rethinking how we do things and there are other firms out there that are better aligned with where we are headed. They aren’t going away for a long time, but I don’t see us expanding with them.”-NPS 9 “We’ve been at the implementation for 9 months and we are 6 months behind. The experience has been horrible. But, there is nothing else on the market that does what we need and it is critically important to us. We’re committed to seeing this through.”-NPS 3 In just three sentences each, these two customers exemplify one of the fundamentals of B2B tech: fueled by constant innovation, the market landscape is always changing. In the first case, despite having a long, successful relationship, the customer is moving away from the company and toward a new set of competitors that are better aligned with where the customer is going. In the second case, despite a terrible experience, the customer sees the company’s solution as highly differentiated and is willing to work through the pain to reach the end of the rainbow. As a […]

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Why Your B2B Journey Mapping Effort Is Doomed To Fail

We’ve all been there. After months trying to convince colleagues, “Let’s do it right this time,” finally, everyone agrees to invest in a cross-functional B2B customer experience effort. We get everyone in a room together for a couple days. Post-it notes are everywhere, laying out our customer journey map. Several pots of coffee later, we think we have it. Yes! Kumbaya! But then… nothing happens. The journey map ends up sitting on a SharePoint somewhere, unshared and unused. Minimal impact. “What went wrong? I thought we nailed this…” The reality is, B2B customer journey mapping is uniquely tough. We have multiple stakeholders. “Whose journey are we mapping? Do we care most about the buyer or the person actually working with our product? We have 37 personas! What about partners?”   We have complex post-sale journeys. “Our prospects are already customers! Should we start with renewal? Isn’t the journey actually circular?” We have tons of disconnected data. “How do we know what stage of the journey our customer is in? How healthy is this customer really?” We have so many silos touching the customer. “Does anyone actually see the full customer experience? How many teams are engaged with an account at any given […]

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Company Intelligence

It Pays to Stay Informed About Your Customers and Prospects Whether you are a Sales Exec hunting for additional revenue or a Customer Success leader working to ensure a customer renews, staying on top of the latest news and information about the companies you work with is a must. You want to be the first to hear about the departure of a key exec sponsor at a customer or a about a new round of funding at a prospect. Get alerted to: Mergers & Acquisitions Exec changes Funding rounds Expansion into new products or geographies And much more

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Data Designer

Gainsight’s Data Designer helps you do more with your customer data Introducing the first data exploration solution purpose-built for Customer Success teams. Data Designer gives you a faster path to unify, enrich, and learn from customer data by bringing cross-object reporting, advanced data transformation, and next-gen analytics to the Gainsight Platform. With Data Designer, your team can now: Simplify data preparation with the ability to easily merge objects and apply powerful transformations. Derive deeper insights from your data with advanced data exploration capabilities and an easy-to-use UI. Leverage new insights across Gainsight, such as how support cases impact health and NPS, to provide a deeper understanding of your customer base and drive more impactful action. And much more

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Is This the End of Customer Success Software as We Know It?

The critical role played by customer success (CS) teams is well known, as is the importance of the customer success software powering these teams. But, could thinking about customer success software as a category be leading us down the wrong path? If I was to tell you in 2009 that in just a few years there would be a new category of software almost as prolific as CRMs, customer support, and project management software you wouldn’t have believed me. And now, as we all know, customer success is one of the fastest growing software categories. In fact, from 2019 to 2024, the customer success platforms market is projected to grow from $854 million to a staggering $2.66 billion. As co-founders of Hugo—a Connected Meeting Notes software—we have found ourselves deep in the customer success software world. Hugo is used by many customer success teams all over the world and we’re regular speakers and sponsors of industry events like Pulse. But, we recently realized that we could be undermining our industry’s success by viewing customer success as a distinct software category. Here’s why. Understanding the Customer Success Software Market It all started quite innocently. We knew that Hugo was commonly being […]

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A New Inbound Approach To Customer Success

If you’re familiar with HubSpot, then the word that probably comes to mind is “inbound.” Inbound marketing was the concept upon which we founded HubSpot: that outbound, interruption-based marketing was going extinct, and instead of interrupting people to get their attention, you needed to start attracting an engaged audience to grow bigger and better. From Funnel To Flywheel In 2018, based on a new set of observations, we decided to update one of the core concepts of inbound marketing. The funnel, our beloved model for growth, just didn’t make as much sense as it used to. We retired the funnel and introduced the flywheel model because we needed something that treated customers not as an output of sales and marketing but placed customers at the very center of a modern-day business. A modern model, for a modern buyer, and a modern business. As HubSpot’s former VP of Services and Support, and now General Manager of the Service Hub product, I wanted to provide our customers with a seamless, clear path to success that delivered exceptional value across the whole customer experience—regardless of which tool or team they interacted with at any given moment. Building this experience is how we decided to grow […]

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