Don’t Forget to Do These Things Before Pulse 2018 Image

Don’t Forget to Do These Things Before Pulse 2018

So you’ve bought your ticket to Pulse 2018…now what? The countdown has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off Pulse 2018—hopefully you’re in the same boat (or should we say, aircraft carrier)! Pulse will be here before you know it, so we’ve compiled all the necessary to-do’s that will ensure you’ll be prepared for and get the most out of Pulse 2018. Subscribe to Pulse emails: Our Pulse newsletter is the source of Pulse 2018 info leading up to the event. Make sure you subscribe after you register so you can be notified of updates, additions, and more. Click here to go to the Pulse homepage and subscribe. Download the app: The Pulse app is a necessity for Pulse attendees. On the app, you can create a personalized agenda, view maps for easier navigation, and interact with real-time feed of event activity. It’s also one of our primary channels for sharing Pulse 2018 information during the event. Download it here:Apple StoreGoogle Play Store Follow us: Follow our social accounts to stay in the know before, during, and after the event. Connect with us, share your thoughts and pictures, and check out other’s Pulse experiences by tagging your […]

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Leading Customer Success Company Gainsight Highlights Year Of Record Growth

Introduction of New Capabilities Enable Enterprise-Wide Collaboration on Customer Health [San Francisco – March 12, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today announced it delivered another year of record growth fueled by the introduction of a set of breakthrough technologies that further cements its leadership in Customer Success. Gainsight now manages an active roster of customers that, includes 50% of all publicly traded cloud companies, and 60% of top software companies. Over the past three years, Gainsight’s revenue has grown over 1000 percent, and increased its customer base with brands such as Adobe and Workday. While much of the technology industry has made the transition to SaaS-based or recurring-revenue business models, today the shift is sweeping traditional businesses as well as they embark on digital transformation. According to a 2016 IDC report, by 2018 67% of the 1,000 largest global companies in the world will make digital transformation a key strategic initiative; while a 2017 survey by Gartner showed that 42% of CEOs have begun digitally transforming their business. As a result, businesses are now required to deliver customer outcomes, using software like Gainsight’s Customer Success platform to proactively monitor and manage the health of their customers while driving […]

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7 Influential Women in Customer Success You Should Be Following

Who run the world? When it comes to the world of Customer Success, these ladies are leading the way. Their ideas are making businesses around the globe rethink customer relationships and how they deliver value. So what better day to celebrate their strength and successes than International Women’s Day? If you’re not following these seven women, you’re missing out. Catherine Blackmore, GVP of Global Customer Success at Oracle Marketing Cloud Twitter: @catherineblckmrCatherine’s LinkedIn With over 20 years in the industry, Catherine is a powerhouse of Customer Success innovation. Her thought leadership is fueled by real-life experiences which makes for valuable content on the structure and organization involved in running a first-class Customer Success strategy. She’s been named one of the Top 50 Influencers in Customer Success and her published works include myriad ebooks, blogs, and white papers. Learn from her:SaaStr Customer Success AMA with Nick MehtaPulses 2018: Customer Success! Part Deux: What I Learned Building My Customer Success Again Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce Twitter: @Tiffani_BovaTiffani’s LinkedIn For the impact she’s had on the Customer Success movement, it’s no surprise that Tiffani Bova was named one of the “Most Powerful and Influential Women in California.” […]

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Customer Success Showcase: The Secret to Scaling Customer Success at Your Startup Image

Customer Success Showcase: The Secret to Scaling Customer Success at Your Startup

When you work at a startup, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day buzz of managing customers. But when small teams need to make a big impact, even the most thoughtful organizations can become inefficient. But with the right tools and business processes, efficiency and scale are achievable for startups without investing heavily in resources. Affinio leveraged Gainsight to consolidate customer information, automate repetitive emails, and took a proactive approach to customer lifecycle and risk management—leading to Affinio’s CSMs saving 12 hours each week and the company increasing NPS response rate by 16 percent. Find out how they did it. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Consolidate customer information

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Customer Success + Marketing: How to Team Up to Boost Advocacy Image

Customer Success + Marketing: How to Team Up to Boost Advocacy

Advocacy—it’s the secret sauce of successful companies. Customers create important social proof that accelerates deal cycles, generates demand, and fortifies your company’s brand. Advocates are more engaged, they renew at a greater rate, and they expand their footprints more predictably. But how do you earn that business capital from your customers? Advocacy isn’t an accident. You can operationalize processes to consistently convert successful customers into engaged advocates, creating meaningful gains in core metrics from NPS to CSAT to pipeline and expansion dollars and much more. In this webinar, you’ll get real-world cross-functional plays that will help you reach out to customers at key moments in the life cycle for advocacy actions like contributions to case studies, webinars, videos, online reviews, and other valuable assets. Join Howard Tarnoff (Founder & Managing Director of Customer Success LLC) and Carlos Gonzalez (Vice President of Customer Success Operations at Ceridian) as they reveal the advocacy playbooks they used to: Close deals faster and drive up margins Reduce burdens on Support through a thriving community Reduce time-to-value and increase “stickiness” Mobilize successful customers to advocacy actions And much more

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The Surprising Impact of Allocadia’s Customer Health Score Project Image

The Surprising Impact of Allocadia’s Customer Health Score Project

Allocadia has always been a customer-driven organization. The very first customer of our Marketing Performance Management SaaS tool remains an active—and growing—user seven years after the company was founded. Since that very first deal, we’ve grown to over 10,000 users from over 150+ organizations around the world, and that trajectory is due in part to our commitment to Customer Success. A year ago, our CS team embarked on a critical project related to our customer health score. We knew it would be a way to better serve our customers, but it accidentally began a transformation within our organization. This project has catapulted our Customer Success organization to new heights. Today, we have insights that allow us to be nimbler in our go-to-market strategy, align us better with Marketing and Product Management, and truly serve as a leading department within Allocadia Here’s what happened: Our Customer Success team was functioning at a solid pace. Customers were happy and accounts were growing, but we thought we could do more to be a true driving force for our business. We have amazing customers who do amazing things, but didn’t have a formula or way to understand who the next great customer was (and why!) […]

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How To Increase Product Adoption With Intelligent Journey Mapping Image

How To Increase Product Adoption With Intelligent Journey Mapping

You track the way your customers use your product. You engage them at different milestones. But did you know that how you reach out to customers at each stage of the customer journey can have a profound effect on product adoption? Do you know which features your customers find most valuable? Do you know how many licenses are in use? Do you know when and how to reach out to maximize their usage? And finally, are you working with end users to ensure they are hitting their success metrics? Nichole Richards, Director of Client Services at Rosetta Stone, and Tyler McNally, Director of Customer Success at Gainsight, will describe in detail how they work with customers to ensure that product adoption continues to increase. In this webinar, you’ll get actionable methods to boost adoption by: Intelligently mapping the customer journey Reaching out at the right time with the right message Tracking, analyzing, and understanding usage data to measure improvement

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How To Boost End-User Adoption Using Gamification Image

How To Boost End-User Adoption Using Gamification

In the world of Customer Success, the word “adoption” is essentially synonymous with customers’ usage of our product. But as a Gainsight administrator, “adoption” inspires a different interpretation: our CSMs usage of Gainsight and the various workflows associated with it. Just as CSMs work to inspire and guide our customers to fully utilize our products, I was on a similar mission to get our team of CSMs to regularly use the multitude of tools within Gainsight that I had configured for them. In my mind, Gainsight was a way to make their lives easier and their days more efficient, but amidst their hectic schedules, it sometimes fell by the wayside. I knew I needed a new way to inspire the team to adopt the software. I looked at past initiatives, and the ones that always proved the most effective were friendly competitions. I didn’t have either the bandwidth to do weekly in-depth analysis of usage and build new dashboards or the capability (as this was before G360 was released), so the Usage and Habits Report emails were the perfect solution. Since I didn’t have a budget for actual prizes, I knew the competition had to tell more of a story than just who were […]

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Three Powerful Workflows that Extend the Power of Gainsight Image

Three Powerful Workflows that Extend the Power of Gainsight

Almost any technological development can be boiled down to a pretty simple premise: Do more with less time and effort. Whether it’s the invention of the wheel or the toaster or a bevy of data analytics tools for understanding customer behavior and influencing it in positive ways, when you boil it down, we humans are just trying to do a better job and put some hours back into our day. If you follow that logic, automation is the pinnacle of technology. Your processes can run all day and all night flawlessly (in theory) to do your job while you focus your time and energy on other things. But it’s not just about putting time back in your day, at least when it comes to Customer Success software. We’ve found that technologically maturity of CS organizations—teams who automate key processes from data collection through to outreach—correlates very strongly to a significant uptick in revenue. As you can see in this graph, as operations move from “Informed” to “Proactive” and “Predictive” stages of maturity, there’s a dramatic improvement in revenue expansion rates. What changes between those stages? Teams are advancing in technological sophistication, a large part of which is automation. Obviously, Gainsight […]

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Meet the First Wave of Pulse 2018 Speakers

BETH COMSTOCK, Change Maker and Author A marketing veteran and torch bearer for women in business, Beth Comstock has contributed to the rise of well-known companies like General Electric, Hulu, and NBC Universal. A former Vice Chair of GE of 25 years, Beth has been featured in many notable publications including New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, and Fast Company. Her honors include being named as one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes and one of the 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers by Richtopia. Beth’s newest book, “Imagine It Forward: Making Change Work for You, Your Team, Your Company” will be released in September 2018. GEOFFREY MOORE, Author Dedicating his life’s work to the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations, it’s no surprise that Geoffrey Moore will have much to share with attendees of Pulse 2018. Author, speaker, and advisor, Geoffrey is known for publications like, “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers,” “Escape Velocity: Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past,” and, “Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption.” He currently holds positions as Venture Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners and is chairman emeritus at his firms, The Chasm […]

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You’re doing it wrong: Art vs. Science in Customer Success Image

You’re doing it wrong: Art vs. Science in Customer Success

It seems like something from a different lifetime, but I still remember the old days when sales was all chalkboards, steak knives, and “gut feeling.” Okay, well maybe chalkboards were before my time. Also, I’m vegetarian and don’t really need steak knives. But gut feelings—those were definitely the name of the game back in the day! There was a time (and I’m dating myself here) when the prevailing attitude was that selling was an art—unquantifiable, non-systematic. Sales has gone through a “Moneyball” transition just like baseball—the art is still there, but the science has developed so much more. Fast forward to today. If you’re starting a new company, you often define your sales process, identify your key metrics, and set up your CRM system before you hire your first rep. That’s an important development because companies are now able to start testing and learning in their sales process at a much more rapid rate. The problem with the rock star seller who somehow just closes is that it’s not repeatable. It doesn’t scale. And it will stop working eventually and leave you with no answers and no way forward. But that’s a well known and broadly accepted premise—at least in […]

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