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Gainsight™ Announces Next Generation Platform and Framework for Enterprise-Wide Customer Success Image

Gainsight™ Announces Next Generation Platform and Framework for Enterprise-Wide Customer Success

New Data Architecture, AI and Machine Learning Capabilities Help Companies Drive Customer Outcomes at Scale [San Mateo – April 11, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today unveiled a series of data analytics capabilities to its Customer Success platform that provide data-driven insights and proactive suggestions to better manage and service customers. In addition, Gainsight launched a new framework designed to help companies build Customer Success programs that lead to digital transformation. The announcement was shared with 5,000 business leaders during the company’s annual Customer Success industry conference, Pulse 2018.   “We believe the key for any company to grow is to drive Customer Success across their entire organization, not only where it’s got a natural orientation, but where you need to adapt to the existing way people work,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “The new platform gives our customers a turnkey solution with a set of capabilities containing the most advanced technology tools for Customer Success today.” According to a study commissioned by Salesforce in the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of companies believe it’s important for employees to have access to customer data and analytics to deliver superior customer experience. However, just 25 percent said their companies […]

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Gainsight™ Introduces the Official Partner Ecosystem for Customer Success Industry Image

Gainsight™ Introduces the Official Partner Ecosystem for Customer Success Industry

Trusted Affiliates Join Forces to Create the Platform of Record for the Chief Customer Officer [San Mateo, CA – April 10, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, announced today at its annual Pulse conference the launch of the first-of-its-kind partner ecosystem for the Customer Success industry. The new ecosystem is comprised of trusted, certified service and technology partners, and is the next evolution in Gainsight’s rapid growth as the premier Customer Success platform. Gainsight designed the ecosystem to answer customer needs for a simple and effective means of implementing Customer Success programs and drive customer-centric transformation. Initial member companies include Accenture, Coastal Cloud, ServiceSource and Waterstone Management Group. In an effort to help drive more impactful outcomes for customers, Gainsight’s announcement of their ecosystem has created a more seamless way to bring together all of the different pieces companies are using to manage Customer Success, in a curated fashion, so that customers can achieve the most impactful results and the best time to value. “Sales and marketing have long benefited from established ecosystems of services and solutions providers that exist to serve both the breadth and depth of use cases within that industry,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. […]

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Gainsight Essentials: A One-Click Configuration for Small CSM Teams Image

Gainsight Essentials: A One-Click Configuration for Small CSM Teams

I remember what it was like to be at Gainsight in the early days. We were around $1 million in annual recurring revenue. It was early—and it felt early. Our office was in a loft above a bar, which shared our address. Sometimes clients would show up at the bar, and the bartender would know to tell them, go around the corner, find the door next to the alley, and go up the back staircase. That’s where Gainsight was. But the team did wonders with the bare bones space that we had. There were our now “vintage” Sally and the Churnbot children’s books in the entryway that kind of served as a lobby, in case kids happened to stop by. There was a sleep nook that was separated from the printer by some streamers. We pushed our desks aside to have karaoke parties—which would ultimately become a cultural hallmark. Back then, a single thought ran through my head all day: How do I achieve more with less? How do we prioritize all these prospect accounts in our database without taking weeks to implement a lead scoring solution? How can our sales development team call 2x the number of prospects without […]

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Gainsight Elements: The Science of Customer Success Image

Gainsight Elements: The Science of Customer Success

Let me take you back to when I was 10 years old. Yup, I rocked those bangs. I was also super shy. I had an A+ average, but my teachers told my parents that I never participated. I was a great athlete, but I was nervous to go to soccer camp because it meant I’d have to meet new people. I had a tight circle of close friends, but even they sometimes wondered aloud what I was thinking about when I had that dream-like expression on the playground, since I didn’t typically share what was on my mind. I was generally anxious, and settled for being known as the “nice" person. But it didn’t feel good. I felt bottled up, untrue to myself. And that didn’t serve my friends or community. Things changed when my parents saw my fourth grade report card. All the scores were high except for “Participation.” Thinking that I had a lot more to contribute, my parents encouraged me to visit a new school, which happened to be an all-girls school. I came home from a day-long visit and sobbed. “Mom, the girls are so mean there!”“What happened?”“They are loud. They talk constantly. They’re scary.”“It sounds […]

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The Brief Moments In Time Image

The Brief Moments In Time

Sad fact: Some of the most profound moments of my life have happened on United Airlines red eye flights. While I may have a love-hate (or rather hate-hate) relationship with the incessant yet “unexpected” flight delays, increasingly tiny legroom in Economy “Plus,” and “No-Go” in-flight WiFi, the sheer exhaustion of overnight flights forces my brain into a contemplative state. Credit: Paramount Pictures And I’ve done a ton of red eyes. I don’t count because the number would be too brutal, but it’s definitely several hundred. As I’m leaning on the cold window of seat 9F trying to sleep, I end up in a recurring loop of thoughts: Envy and anxiety about the friend’s company that just got bought for a ton of money, or about the college classmate who seems to be “killing it.” Longing to have been at the school event for my kids and to trade FaceTime for the real thing. Wonder at the billions of stars that beckon from the window of my window seat. I only know myself really… but I like to think—or perhaps hope—in a shared-pain-sort-of-way that we all have those moments: the WTF-AM-I-DOING-WITH-MY-LIFE moments. The IS-IT-ALL-WORTH-IT refrains in the cacophony of the day. And some of […]

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Gainsight™ Makes Two Executive Appointments: Chief Information Officer and Chief People Officer Image

Gainsight™ Makes Two Executive Appointments: Chief Information Officer and Chief People Officer

Addition of Kirsten Helvey to Board of Directors Adds Practitioner Experience to the Customer Success Leader   [San Francisco – April 6, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today announced the addition of two executive hires: IT expert and business leader, Karl Mosgofian, has joined the company as Chief Information Officer, and HR veteran, Carol Mahoney, has joined the company as Chief People Officer. The company also appointed to its board of directors Kirsten Helvey, former Chief Operating Officer at Cornerstone OnDemand. With the addition of these new executives, Gainsight has strengthened the experience of its leadership team, added practitioner experience to its board of directors, and has drawn a clear correlation between both IT and employee success as key enablers for driving Customer Success.   The role of the CIO within enterprise companies has increasingly been seen as tactical and reactive — due primarily to the pace of change in how digital technologies are procured and deployed. While CIOs and IT experts are essential for digital transformation, businesses are slow to adopt this principle. According to Logicalis’s Global CIO survey, CIOs are spending 60-80 percent of their time on day-to-day IT management, leaving little to no time for […]

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The Customer Success Identity Crisis Image

The Customer Success Identity Crisis

I have watched the rise of Customer Success as a philosophy, a discipline, and a function with great interest and excitement over the years. The idea that the key to retaining and growing your customers was connecting the use of your product to attainment of their business objectives or measurable business value was brilliant. And the supporting idea that the customer needed to have an advocate for them within your organization was as romantic a job as one might hope for in a for-profit business. I also spent a lot of time listening to and interacting with many genuine thought leaders in Customer Success: people that could clearly articulate the original idea of CS, point to specific examples of how they had implemented a successful CS model, and explain how they innovated and scaled it over time. But, all is not well in CS land. While the discipline is maturing and scaling in some organizations, it is also flailing and failing in others. One has to ask: Has the hype about CS peaked? Are we about to enter the trough of disillusionment? To that second question, I answer both No and Yes. Let me explain. In my opinion, the problem […]

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Top 6 Customer Success Metrics for Non-SaaS Businesses Image

Top 6 Customer Success Metrics for Non-SaaS Businesses

The secret is out. Our cover has been blown. Customer Success isn’t just for the SaaS industry. But really though, it is beyond awesome that businesses of all kinds are realizing the benefits of Customer Success. You absolutely don’t need to have a subscription-based service to care about your customers. However, because Customer Success is so deeply rooted in SaaS, it can be hard to determine what metrics matter when you’re not dealing with subscriptions and contracts. Instead of pulling your hair out, give yourself a pat on the back for bearing the Customer Success torch and read on to learn what metrics will help you measure your efforts. 1. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Success is the product of exceptional customer experience and customer outcomes, and it’s common practice to solicit customer feedback in the form of a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to determine how effective these measures are. Net Promoter Score measures a customer’s willingness to recommend your product/service to a friend or colleague. Survey takers rank their willingness to recommend on a scale of 1-10 and, based on their answers, are then divided into buckets. Promoter: 0-6 Passive: 7-8 Detractor: 9-10 NPS will be most accurate when used at strategic moments […]

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How to Visualize and Execute Companywide Customer Success Image

How to Visualize and Execute Companywide Customer Success

It’s incredibly easy to say you put customers’ success at the heart of your business. Including ‘Customer Success’ in job titles can feel like action, as can adding buzz terms like “Customer-First” to your mission statement. However, without incorporating Customer Success Thinking in each part of the business—and across each prospect/customer touchpoint from pre-sale to renewal—your journey is only just beginning. If you’re the type of reader that would find an analogy at at this point helpful, think “feeling more healthy just because you put on gym shorts and sneakers…” I joined Zignal Labs, a punchy and innovative San-Francisco based Media Intelligence startup, in September of 2017. I was lucky enough to inherit a passionate team of CSMs with a great attitude, excellent service ratings from clients, and broad technical knowledge. As is natural at this growth stage, the CSM role encompassed wearing a variety of hats, from trainer to implementation consultant to advisor to technical support. As such, the team had been predominantly reactive, with activity driven by client requests. We’ve come on quite a journey since then on our path to best-in-class Customer Success practice, and we’ve set ourselves up for success by methodically and strategically aligning the […]

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G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success (Spring 2018) Image

G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success (Spring 2018)

We’re thrilled to announce that, for the second year in a row, G2 Crowd has recognized Gainsight as a Leader in their Grid Report for Customer Success. The Spring 2018 Customer Success Grid Report provides a unique analysis of Customer Success solutions that “represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst.” This robust piece of research material should be read by anyone evaluating a Customer Success solution. G2 Crowd’s scoring methodology blends data from user reviews and a vendor’s market presence, taking into account their social impact and market share, to generate the results for their Grid Report. Once scored, a vendor falls into one of four categories: Leader, High Performer, Contender, or Niche player. Gainsight is the only Customer Success platform to have earned the position of “Leader” since the Customer Success Grid’s inception in 2017. Along with the Grid, this report also includes in-depth product profiles for all 18 of the featured companies. Learn exactly how each company received their score, their highest and lowest-rated features, satisfaction ratings, and more. Download this report to get: The G2 Crowd Grid visual A deep dive into the methodology behind the scoring process […]

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Gainsight Announces the Largest Industry Gathering in Customer Success at Pulse 2018 Image

Gainsight Announces the Largest Industry Gathering in Customer Success at Pulse 2018

Over 5000 Executives Expected to Attend Gainsight’s Sixth Annual Industry Conference [San Francisco – March 20, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today announced its sixth annual Customer Success industry conference, Pulse 2018, is expecting more than 5000 executives and Customer Success professionals to convene at the San Mateo County Events Center in San Mateo, CA. on April 10-11, 2018. Pulse is the annual destination for Customer Success professionals from all industries to share best practices, learn about new industry developments, network with peers, and celebrate being pioneers of the emerging profession. The two-day event aims to help executives and professionals in post-sales and customer-facing roles manage effective Customer Success programs and grow into successful recurring revenue businesses. The conference includes educational sessions on industry best practices, exciting special events and compelling keynotes from leading companies such as Box, Microsoft, Okta, ServiceNow, VMware and others. Gainsight has partnered with over 30 companies to produce the conference, including N3, ServiceRocket, Accenture, Deloitte and others. “Over the past six years, Pulse has become the forum where all members of the Customer Success community — from practitioners to chief executives — gather to learn, network, and advance the interests of one of […]

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