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Gainsight’s Data Designer helps you do more with your customer data Introducing the first data exploration solution purpose-built for Customer Success teams. Data Designer gives you a faster path to unify, enrich, and learn from customer data by bringing cross-object reporting, advanced data transformation, and next-gen analytics to the Gainsight Platform. With Data Designer, your team can now: Simplify data preparation with the ability to easily merge objects and apply powerful transformations. Derive deeper insights from your data with advanced data exploration capabilities and an easy-to-use UI. Leverage new insights across Gainsight, such as how support cases impact health and NPS, to provide a deeper understanding of your customer base and drive more impactful action. And much more

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Is This the End of Customer Success Software as We Know It?

The critical role played by customer success (CS) teams is well known, as is the importance of the customer success software powering these teams. But, could thinking about customer success software as a category be leading us down the wrong path? If I was to tell you in 2009 that in just a few years there would be a new category of software almost as prolific as CRMs, customer support, and project management software you wouldn’t have believed me. And now, as we all know, customer success is one of the fastest growing software categories. In fact, from 2019 to 2024, the customer success platforms market is projected to grow from $854 million to a staggering $2.66 billion. As co-founders of Hugo—a Connected Meeting Notes software—we have found ourselves deep in the customer success software world. Hugo is used by many customer success teams all over the world and we’re regular speakers and sponsors of industry events like Pulse. But, we recently realized that we could be undermining our industry’s success by viewing customer success as a distinct software category. Here’s why. Understanding the Customer Success Software Market It all started quite innocently. We knew that Hugo was commonly being […]

8 min readOctober 23, 2019

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A New Inbound Approach To Customer Success

If you’re familiar with HubSpot, then the word that probably comes to mind is “inbound.” Inbound marketing was the concept upon which we founded HubSpot: that outbound, interruption-based marketing was going extinct, and instead of interrupting people to get their attention, you needed to start attracting an engaged audience to grow bigger and better. From Funnel To Flywheel In 2018, based on a new set of observations, we decided to update one of the core concepts of inbound marketing. The funnel, our beloved model for growth, just didn’t make as much sense as it used to. We retired the funnel and introduced the flywheel model because we needed something that treated customers not as an output of sales and marketing but placed customers at the very center of a modern-day business. A modern model, for a modern buyer, and a modern business. As HubSpot’s former VP of Services and Support, and now General Manager of the Service Hub product, I wanted to provide our customers with a seamless, clear path to success that delivered exceptional value across the whole customer experience—regardless of which tool or team they interacted with at any given moment. Building this experience is how we decided to grow […]

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Product Metrics Your Board Members Care About

Boards are evolving—and thank goodness for that! The pace of business has accelerated and industries are transforming. Boards are realizing they must change as well and will only be successful with diverse perspectives. In parallel, the board meeting agenda is shifting. Six years ago, people didn’t present about customer success (CS) in the boardroom unless it was a major escalation. And even then it was ad hoc and anecdotal—it took awhile for the CS conversation to be as quantifiable as sales or marketing. Now, boards everywhere understand that CS is a critical part of the conversation. The same is happening now with Product. Throughout this blog post, I’ll share examples of the Gainsight PX dashboard that we show to our board members. You can make this article into an interactive experience by starting a free trial of Gainsight PX and playing around with these dashboards yourself! CHECK OUT GAINSIGHT PX Board Agendas: Then and Now Historically, board meeting agendas were often limited to corporate governance, financial performance, and sales activity. But in the world of SaaS, the entire venture is the product and therefore needs to be part of the conversation. It’s part of a broader evolution where boards have […]

8 min readOctober 17, 2019
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How To Improve Your Customer Admin Relationships

In 2018, the average company spent $343,000 on SaaS. In this same report, it was also determined that the average business employee uses eight different SaaS tools to do their daily operations. Who are the people that most directly make these systems work every day to drive our businesses? Admins, of course. But who are the administrators of today? What’s their story? In this blog—part one of a three-part series—we’ll take a look at this important user group, discuss how this ecosystem of SaaS tools has created admin archetypes and provide you with some tools to successfully manage the right metrics to improve those admin relationships. For those who don’t know, this is easily one of the most overlooked topics that can have the biggest impact on your business. If your admins struggle, your account relationships will struggle as a result. Gainsight PX can help make admins into all-stars.Read these 5 tips by an admin for admins! So buckle up as we debunk some myths and learn more about how to track success in you admin relationships. The four types of admins The first myth we need to bust is one we know is true, but we don’t always act like […]

8 min readOctober 18, 2019
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Product Leaders: Here’s How to Crush Your Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 19 | 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET) Your product is your business, but is it getting the attention it deserves during your board meetings? It’s time to make Product part of the conversation. The secret? Structuring your board presentation around concrete data that facilitates better, more constructive conversation. This webinar will provide valuable insight into the perspectives of both product leaders and board members. Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, and Bain Capital Partner, Ajay Agarwal, will come together to discuss the evolutions happening in the board room and what you need to bring to the discussion. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to facilitate an objective discussion about Product. KPIs and dashboards to share with your board. How to prepare for your next meeting. How to handle objections and tough questions. And much more! We’ll share concrete examples of what Gainsight presents at their board meetings and walk away with tactics you can use in your own board packet.

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2019 Customer Success Industry Benchmark Report Image

2019 Customer Success Industry Benchmark Report

How much should you be getting paid as a CSM? What level of education do you need to take the next step in your customer success career? How much revenue should you have in your portfolio—and how does that relate to salary earnings? Those are just a few of the questions answered in the new sweeping report on customer success industry benchmarks. This is the third generation of this benchmark report, and it’s more meaningful than ever. This data was compiled based on more than 1,450 responses made up of over 83,000 individual data points—the most ever in the history of this benchmark survey. That makes this the most significant set of salary and career data in the customer success industry. Why download? In this 18-page report, you’ll find key learnings on important questions like: How much educational variance is there between customer success professionals with bachelors degrees vs. advanced degrees? What’s the median salary and bonus for individual CSMs? How many CSMs are on variable compensation plans and what are the metrics that make up their accelerators? How many customers and how much revenue is the average CSM managing? And much more!

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G2 Grid for Customer Success (Fall 2019)

It’s fall, and you know what that means: the leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice lattes are back in season, and Gainsight is being recognized as a “Leader” on the G2 Grid for Customer Success. It’s our fifth-straight time receiving this honor and far from us taking it as a given, we’re even more grateful than ever. Achieving Leader status on the G2 Grid means more to us than any journal’s recognition, because it’s entirely based on our customers’ online reviews. Our business is customer success, and if we’re not delivering on that promise for our customers, we don’t deserve to be in business at all. That’s why it’s especially meaningful when those customers take the time to post about their experiences on sites like G2. But as important as this report is to us, it’s even more important to people evaluating customer success platforms. The G2 Grid For Customer Success is a completely unbiased, scientific aggregation of customer reviews and third-party market data. It evaluates all the software providers in the category across usability, scalability, data security, and much more. Every review is stringently verified by G2 and the aggregate scores are blended with a market presence score to […]

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How WeWork Trains Account Managers At Scale

Expanding the Account Management team by 5x in 12 months? Getting them onboarded in one week? Doing it all for a global, distributed workforce? Sounds pretty scary! WeWork was facing down a monster task as it looked to train up its rapidly expanding team. Including the challenges of global distribution and massive, rapid scale, WeWork also had to solve problems like: Training the team on major updates, releases, and changes and overcoming low engagement to do it. Communicating minor changes in process and technology to the various teams as they became relevant. Tracking the impact of training and onboarding activities. Saving time and sanity by automating activities. In this webinar, you’ll hear from WeWork’s Senior Lead of Growth Operations, Brian Goodliffe, on the tricks he and his team used to solve those challenges, as well as a few treats inside Gainsight that helped them do it. Expect a huge haul of tasty onboarding best practices and actionable training tactics you can put into practice at your growing Customer Success or Account Management teams tomorrow.

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Making 200+ Customer Success Career Intros

I love playing professional matchmaker. It’s my favorite part of business. I’m sure if I were born 100 years ago in my family’s native home of Gujarat, India, I would be the annoying uncle always trying to set people up in relationships. But my modern, software company version of that urge manifests in helping link career seekers to their next opportunities. And I’ve hit a goldmine of opportunities in the customer success profession. 5 CXO requests today for #CustomerSuccess leader intros – this market is en fuego! — Nick Mehta (@nrmehta) September 24, 2019 As I’ve tweeted many times, the customer success leadership job market is white hot. Every week, several CEOs reach out to us at Gainsight asking for advice, intros, and background checks on hiring a leader. We’ve spent the last six or seven years growing the world’s largest network of customer success leaders, and I absolutely love using it to help professionals and companies connect. Although I’m not a recruiter by profession, I’ve been able to learn a lot about customer success more broadly by facilitating some of these connections. And several of my colleagues have done the same. We’ve also enjoyed comparing notes with the pros in […]

5 min readOctober 7, 2019
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Case Study: Global Technology Company

Global Technology Company Uses Gainsight to Evolve Its Customer Success Approach for Better Engaging and Serving Its SaaS Customers In business nearly 100 years, this global technology company is steadily evolving into global e-commerce, software, and other technologies. It employs over 13,000 people globally and serves more than one million businesses, including over 90% of the Fortune 500. As the company shifted from providing on-premise software business to Software as a Service (SaaS), it has had to evolve the way it approaches customer success. Without onboarding that involves CSMs, the company had no view into how and how much customers were using its self-serve, freemium products or where they might need assistance to ensure adoption. It also had no insight into when they were moving from trying to buying, meaning the company was missing potential upsell opportunities. With Gainsight, the company equipped its CSMs with insight into all customer activity, enabling it to: Engage all customers as relevant activities occur Migrate freemium users to paid Achieve ROI in the first year using Gainsight Read the case study to learn more about how this global technology company has evolved its approach to customer success