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5 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Product Experience

Are you delivering a product experience your users want or are you just going through the motions? In a world full of products offering the same results as yours, one of the best ways to stand out is through your product experience. What makes companies like Slack and Amazon so successful is their dedication to their user’s needs (you might know it as “customer obsession”). They build a product that people want to use. So how do you get your product to that level? The first step is to make sure that your product experience is optimized for the user. Before your next roadmap planning meeting, make sure you’re not making any of the following product experience mistakes and make fixing them a priority. Pro-Tip: If you want to skip right to the good stuff, register for a live demo of Gainsight PX. You’ll learn how to fix each of these mistakes as we guide you through the power of our Produce Experience Platform. REGISTER NOW Mistake #1: You’re not using in-app engagements. Throughout the day you get bombarded with communications from all over the place—email, Slack, on your phone, etc. In-app engagements cut through the noise and are incredibly useful […]

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The 5 Most Common Pitfalls In Launching A CSM Team

The Hare, mad at the Tortoise for beating her in a (now world-famous) foot race, said to the Tortoise, “Let’s have a rematch.” The Tortoise thought to herself, “Slow and steady wins the race!” and agreed. “Where’s the finish line?” she asked. The Hare replied, “I’ll race you home,” and took off sprinting as fast as she could. The Tortoise calmly pulled her arms, legs, head, and tail into her shell. “I win!” she said. (That joke is corny, but it will tie in to the theme of this post soon, I promise.) Is your CS org a tortoise or a hare? Customer success is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the world, but where is that growth coming from? Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another “customer success is a business imperative” piece; I’m saying, realistically, is every company on Earth hiring one CSM each? Or are a few companies hiring thousands? What’s actually driving this rapid acceleration of CSM growth from an operational perspective? And more importantly, what does it mean for you as a customer success leader? Mathematically speaking, we can infer that a huge chunk of the global economy is not hiring customer success managers at all. […]

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Valentines for the Product Manager in Your Life

Don’t just slide into your favorite PM’s DMs, give them a card from the heart. Have you ever wanted to express how grateful you are for a coworker but a shout-out on Slack just didn’t cut it? We’ve got the solution in just four simple steps: Download these valentines. Print them out on your nearest printer. Trying to save paper? Screenshot your favorite! Leave on their desks or send via your preferred style of technological communication. Share with your friends so they can spread the gratitude attitude too!

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10 Gainsight Updates That Are Setting the Bar for Customer Success Platforms in 2020

A lot happened to the Gainsight platform in 2019. Are you all caught up? Gainsight is in lockstep with the ever-evolving discipline of customer success. As the leading customer success platform, we’ve continued to focus on building out the tools that CS teams need to optimize and mature their strategy. So what have we been up to in 2019? Aside from publishing books and throwing the biggest conference in customer success, we’ve maintained a rapid pace of innovation in our product. You can find all of our features and enhancement announcements in our Gainsight Community, but here are ten game-changing Gainsight CS updates you absolutely can’t miss. Top 10 Gainsight CS Enhancements & New Features Released in 2019 Social Engagement Capabilities in Timeline This year we introduced several enhancements to our Timeline feature. Two enhancements of note include the ability to tag users in Timeline updates and comment on Timeline updates. Timeline already enables CS teams to keep tabs on all things customer activity, but these enhancements take functionality to the next level. With this new way to connect and communicate within Timeline, it’s even easier to stay up-to-date on customers, know when attention is needed, and follow up on important updates. Because this […]

7 min readFebruary 3, 2020
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How to Prove ROI With a Company-wide Value Program

Thursday, March 5 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) How do you win, retain, and grow customers based on quantified business value? Join Gainsight’s VP of Customer Success, Kellie Capote, and Ecosystems’ CTO, Mike Plaskow as they discuss how to turn sales and customer success into a single motion for outcome-based customer partnerships. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Engage and win customers with quantified business value Navigate process and technical barriers to aligning sales and customer success Drive retention and growth by proving value delivered

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6 Experts Share How They Use Customer Feedback to Build a Better Product

There is no shortage of feedback these days. But what is everyone doing with it? When you’re trying to deliver an exceptional product, it’s easy to get lost in the constant deluge of customer feedback. Your users are likely communicating with your company through multiple channels and it can seem like feedback gets lost in a black hole. So we asked six experts the following questions to learn more about how they collect and prioritize customer feedback: What are some of the effective ways you collect feedback? How do you work with your customer-facing teams to gather feedback? How do you prioritize what feedback gets incorporated into the product roadmap? Read on to learn how these six product professionals listen and act on customer feedback. You’ll see that while each company’s process is unique, there are some common threads that tie them together. 6 Customer Feedback Processes from Product Management Experts Chris Chumley Chief Operating Officer | CampusLogic Q: What are some of the effective ways you collect feedback? A: We use several channels to collect feedback. All of our customers have the ability to submit feedback directly through a widget in our product. During onboarding, we teach customers how to use […]

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10 Product Experience Articles to Add to Your 2020 Reading List

The weather outside might be frightful, but looking back, 2019 was pretty delightful. We’ve released some amazing new Gainsight PX features, put on the best Pulse conference to date, and supported the customer-centric community with an ever-growing content library. With 2020 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to catch up on Gainsight’s top product experience blog posts of 2019. Top 10 Product Experience Blog Posts of 2019 1. Product Metrics Your Board Members Care About The role of the board is changing. It used to be that board members didn’t concern themselves with product experience, but now that the entirety of SaaS revolves around product, they’re beginning to take a more hands-on role. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta sits down with Ajay Agarwal, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, to discuss which KPIs should be the focus of your next board deck. “If you have a SaaS business where you can see exactly how your customers are using your product, there are a lot of metrics you might be tempted to add to your packet. The first step is to agree on what “good” means to your company and what KPIs are the best at representing that.” 2. The Beginner’s […]

7 min readJanuary 23, 2020
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Top Customer Success Trends To Watch For In 2020

On a recent webinar with one of our private equity partners, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta shared an inspiring outlook on what’s to come in the year 2020 for customer success. The industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with new concepts and trends. This is a partial transcript of Nick and Gainsight’s vision of the future of customer success. It’s been lightly edited for clarity and length and includes slides from Nick’s presentation. Nick Mehta As we get ready to plan for the new year, there are five themes of customer success that I think should be top of mind for 2020. These are the things I think world-class customer success teams are doing in this new world. I’ll go from the top clockwise [image below] and I’m going to dive into each of these. So on the top, human first leadership, the idea is basically, although customer success as we’ll talk about is a lot about data analytics and renewals and things like that. At the end of the day, a lot of it is about the people in your company, your CSM [Customer Success Manager], the rest of your team building those […]

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Zero To Hero in 45 Days With Gainsight for Product Managers

Thursday, January 23 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) When you think of implementing a new product experience and analytics tool, what’s the first feeling that comes to mind? Fear? Exhaustion? It doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience! Join Gainsight PX customer, Igor Kranjcec (PMM at Infobip) and PX-pert, Link Black, (Technical Client Outcomes Manager at Gainsight) as they discuss the first 45 days implementing Gainsight PX. In this webinar we’ll take you from contract sign to first value, providing real-life examples and the ingredients for a successful implementation. In this webinar, you’ll walk away with: An overview of what to expect in your first 45 days with Gainsight How to overcome common onboarding and change management challenges An inside look at Infobip’s Gainsight PX instance and their onboarding experience

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The Efficiency Crisis In Customer Success Image

The Efficiency Crisis In Customer Success

It’s December. For us software people, that means it’s time for three things: Holiday fun Closing Q4 and… Microsoft Excel! Or Google Sheets. Or Pyspread (where my Python people at?). What I mean by that is it’s budgeting season! Who’s fired up? Anyone? Okay, go with me for a bit… Thousands of customer success leaders around the world are right now in “fun” discussions with their CFOs. They’re debating ratios, cost structures, and scaling models. They’re being asked—for the thousandth time, “How can you prove your team is having an impact?” (I’ve heard a rumor about some CFOs having “amnesia”—forgot where I heard it, though! 😜) Get 5 tips for winning budget from your C-Suite But most notably, CS leaders and CFOs are faced with an almost impossible challenge. How do they scale their businesses and continue to get the benefits of CSM without breaking the bank? Customer Success and the Rule of 40 This problem is particularly acute for companies trying to hit the “Rule of 40.” For those of you that don’t know, “rule of 40” is a financial concept in SaaS that’s all about balancing growth and profitability. Simplistically, the Rule of 40 is a calculation of […]

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It’s Not Just About Culture: Industrializing Customer Success

As you may know, I meet a lot of customers. As such, I often find myself waiting in many tech company lobbies. I’ve done my fair share of Envoy lobby sign-ins (I think I’ve signed every NDA in the world!) and have even resorted to eating office mints for the nutritional value. When you sit in a company’s entrance, you get exposed to the business’ culture. You notice the little things like how the front desk people treat guests—and how the employees treat the front desk people. You get to see the face they show to world, and more explicitly, you often see the values of the company. I’ve seen values on plaques. I’ve seen values on TVs. I’ve even seen values on poker chips! And you know what? Nearly every company I’ve seen has a value around “customer centricity” or “customer obsession” or “the customer is #1.” If “customer success is all about culture,” and every company has a value around it, why do we still have such a long way to go in customer success? I don’t want to turn this into yet another cheap denunciation of hypocrisy in business—we all know business can be better. In this […]

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