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Measuring the Success of Your Product Initiatives With Gainsight PX

Chances are you’ve heard the saying, “‘Everyone wants change, just not for them.” If we’re being honest, we can all agree that the one constant in life is change—yet managing change can be difficult. Will the new thing be better than the old thing? What will I have to relearn or rethink with the new thing? Even if all the parties involved know that the change is overwhelmingly for the better, it can still be tough to manage the process. More #changeManagement #OrgDev #OrgChange comics – — Torben Rick (@torbenrick) September 18, 2017 Change as seen from a product management operations lens Change management is one of the core responsibilities of an operations function in business, whether it be IT Operations, Sales Operations, or in my personal case, Product Operations. The product operations function at Gainsight enables the product management team with the tools and processes they need to succeed. We also work cross-functionally with other departments to remove barriers and enable effective communication. One of our big internal initiatives is our platform evolution, Gainsight NXT. This evolution represents a multi-year effort to upgrade our application and bring more flexibility, speed, and control to our user community. We’re really […]

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How to Create Targeted In-App Messages with Gainsight PX

Companies are constantly releasing new products and features. But making end users aware of these new options is a big challenge for marketing, sales, and customer success teams. For those of us in B2B SaaS, we often interact with solution admins, internal champions, or decision-makers, not our end users. To reach end users, we rely on emails, press releases, and events. These channels let us reach a broad audience quickly but more often than not, end users receive the information when it’s best for us to share it with them, not when it’s most relevant to them. Our Challenge: Raising Awareness of the New Gainsight Mobile Application At Gainsight, we experienced this challenge firsthand. We know CSMs are on the go and need a customer success solution that they can access anytime, anywhere, so we created the Gainsight Mobile Application. It seemed like the hard work was done once we built the app, but it was just beginning. We needed to inform our customers of the value they would get from the app so they could download and start using it. We announced the mobile app at Pulse 2019 and followed up with an integrated campaign to drive adoption. The first touch in […]

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Perfecting Your Handoffs From Sales to Customer Onboarding to Customer Success

80 percent of companies think they are delivering “superior experiences.” Just eight percent of customers agree. Where’s the disconnect? If each team thinks they’re doing a great job ensuring the customer experience is superior, the disconnect is most likely in the handoffs. You work in a company with many different roles, teams, departments, metrics, and objectives. But from the customer’s perspective, you’re all just one company. So how do you fix the weak joints that connect strong teams? That’s where this ebook comes in. Gainsight and Taskray present the four keys to perfecting your handoffs and creating indelible experiences and successful outcomes for your customers. Get proven tactics and best-practice strategy for improving each handoff across the customer lifecycle—from Marketing to Sales to Onboarding to CS to Account Management to Renewals and beyond. This ebook also includes a gold-standard journey mapping template and a communications checklist for handoff-related outreach. Download it today and share with your cross-functional teams!

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Stop Using the Wrong Product Metrics: Valuable Metrics Framework [Part 1]

This article is Part 1 in a two-part series that will help your product team find the right metrics to demonstrate and improve business impact. Stay tuned for the release of Part 2! As a product manager, your job is to drive value for your customers and for the business. The thing is, you can’t tell whether you’re driving value unless you have a way to measure the value that you’re creating! After all, you need an objective way of determining your impact outside of qualitative feedback from customers and stakeholders. That’s why it’s so valuable for product managers to be data-informed, and why it’s such a key skillset for any product manager. Yet, even when product managers are data-informed, one challenge that I regularly see across the industry is that it’s difficult to align current product metrics to the targeted business value. Let me first explain why product metrics might not align with business value. Then, from there, I’ll dive into a framework for how to leverage metrics to truly drive business impact. When Product Metrics Don’t Line Up Many times, product managers inherit an existing product, and therefore they also inherit its current set of metrics and instrumentation. As an […]

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Gainsight PX vs. Mixpanel: 10 Advantages of Gainsight PX

The daily life of a product manager is busy—you don’t have time to waste on software that doesn’t fit your needs. Especially when you consider how much time and resources get put into evaluating, implementing, onboarding, and navigating change management. So, what can you do to save yourself all that effort? It might seem like a time sink at first, but thoroughly researching solutions will save you time in the long run. There’s a lot of content out there on the internet so take advantage of them and read the reviews, check out the case studies, and schedule the demos. The more time you put into researching software equates to less time you’ll waste on a solution that isn’t right for you. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comparison breakdown to help you out. This post focuses on Gainsight Px compared to Mixpanel, but don’t let your journey stop here. You’ll never know for sure if a solution is a right fit until you try it out, so if you’re looking at Gainsight PX, take advantage of our free trial and schedule a demo to see if we fit your needs. Keep in mind, you should never rely on just […]

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The Essential Guide to Customer Experience

Introduction If you’ve read anything about customer success on this website, you’ve probably seen this definition: “Customer success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome with your product or service.” It’s not uncommon that people mistakenly confuse “happiness” with success. In other words, customer success is not about happy customers—it’s about successful ones. Why the distinction? Critically, customer happiness, or as we’ll refer to it in this guide, customer experience (CX), isn’t strongly correlated to renewal and retention, the core financial goals of the customer success movement. Achieving the customer’s desired outcomes is the only way to ensure they come back and buy more with every renewal. In the world of Business-to-Business (B2B), these desired outcomes have historically often had a completely independent relationship with CX. They’re often owned by completely separate teams. In many cases, customers have terrible experiences with their vendors, yet keep renewing every subscription period. But that’s changing. In this essential guide, we’ll look at the relationship between CS and CX and understand at a strategic and tactical level how to improve CX to deepen your relationships with clients with the ultimate goal of driving both long-term and short-term growth. Chapter 1 Customer Success = […]

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Meet Hayley Jean Farr: Gainsight’s VP of Market Development

Our mission is to prove that you can win in business while being human first. So we want to put the spotlight on some of those humans helping Gainsight win in business! This time around, let’s meet our VP of Market Development, Hayley Jean Farr, and hear from her in her own words. Tell us a bit about yourself and what your role is at Gainsight. I am based out of my home office in Chelsea, MA—just a few miles outside of Boston—where I live with my husband, David, and our two cats, Wyatt and Watson. In my past life, I led Customer Success and Professional Services Operations at athenahealth where I implemented Gainsight in 2018. I fell in love with the “outcomes-focused” customer success methodology and with Gainsight. Here at Gainsight, I am pioneering a new function, Market Development, where I am identifying scalable ways to target, serve, and support companies outside of SaaS.  What does your day-to-day look like? Since I’m just a few months in, my typical day-to-day involves a lot of listening and learning! On a typical day, I might join a teammate in Sales for a demo call, speak with a customer who is implementing […]

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How to Design Your Customer Success Strategy to Win More Customers Faster Image

How to Design Your Customer Success Strategy to Win More Customers Faster

As a B2B SaaS company, your customer success strategy can be your best sales strategy. And I don’t just mean for expanding customers through upsells and cross-sells (farming). I mean for acquiring net-new customers. I’m talking about hunting. Your customer success strategy can be your best customer acquisition strategy. Here’s how I measure “best customer acquisition strategy” in this context: Win Percentage Optimum Deal Size (dollars paid up front) Speed of Sale …AND: Time to First Value (post-sale) Many B2B SaaS companies suffer from too many competitive losses, heavily discounted quotes, and no-decisions during net-new sales cycles. These weaknesses are often compounded by a failure to consistently, quickly, and efficiently get the customers that are acquired to First Value as part of onboarding. If this is your company, you’re not alone. This is endemic in B2B SaaS companies today. The cure lies in the design and application of your customer success strategy. When your customer success strategy is designed and applied correctly to the customer acquisition phase of your customer lifecycle, you will win bigger deals with more customers faster—all while ensuring these new customers can achieve First Value quickly during onboarding. Allow me to explain why this is the […]

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Avoiding the Customer Feedback Black Hole: Strategies to Improve Cross-Functional Communication Image

Avoiding the Customer Feedback Black Hole: Strategies to Improve Cross-Functional Communication

Tuesday, July 30 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) Where is your customer feedback going? Does it actually make it to your product roadmap? In an ideal world, customer feedback would flow from customer to customer-facing teams to the rest of the company. But it often feels like this valuable data is lost in a black hole. Eigenworks has set out to learn more about these communication workflows. Join Alex McDonnell, Client Insight Lead at Eigenworks, as he discusses part one of this study. He’ll share insights gleaned from interviews with customer success professionals about how they and other teams can improve the flow of customer feedback. In this webinar, you’ll learn: Four strategies to improve communication flows Frameworks to prioritize customer feedback How you can participate in and follow the progress of this study And much more!

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The Science Behind How We Can Predict a Customer’s Likelihood to Renew Image

The Science Behind How We Can Predict a Customer’s Likelihood to Renew

It’s basically the holy grail of subscription business: how can you accurately and scientifically predict whether a customer is going to renew or not? Seeing the future of your revenue base gives you the ability to better forecast your financials, take action on risky renewals, and—you probably don’t need me to convince you how incredibly gamechanging it would be to pull up a dashboard with a clear likelihood-to-renew score. But could you really trust such a score? Gainsight recently unveiled our Renewal Center—the incredible dashboard that’s the centerpiece of our Revenue Optimization platform, Gainsight RO. Here’s what it looks like: Since we started showing people the software, one of the most frequently asked questions we started getting was regarding the predictive Likelihood-to-Renew score. How is it calculated? Does it really utilize machine learning capabilities? How accurate is it? Instead of taking it on faith that it works, we wanted to explain in more detail the science behind the Likelihood-to-Renew score. Renewal Center Learns Over Time In a nutshell, our predictions are powered by a learning framework that continually learns from past outcomes and updates the predictions. Within Renewal Center, we will initialize a set of predictions at T0 for each […]

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How to use Gainsight and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a Better Customer Experience Image

How to use Gainsight and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a Better Customer Experience

This year at Pulse 2019, Gainsight officially made our biggest product announcement ever. We unveiled the Gainsight Customer Cloud that includes incredible products like CS, PX, CX, CDP and RO—all purpose-built to drive customer success across the entire company. But there’s one announcement that’s just as big of a deal that may have flown under the radar compared to the Customer Cloud: a deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We talk a lot about a companywide commitment to delivering outcomes to customers, and now we can do that for Dynamics CRM users so they can drive outcomes for theirs. It’s all part of our commitment to giving our customers the opportunity to use Gainsight’s products in unison with the tools that they’re already using. How does it all work, you ask? Let’s dive deeper! Gainsight for Microsoft Dynamics Gainsight’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows companies to drive outcomes by providing cross-functional teams with rich customer data, powerful collaborative tools, and a complete 360-degree view of their customers that ensures customer-facing reps continue to stay ahead of any challenges their customers might have. Microsoft AppSource: One of Microsoft’s incredible innovations comes by way of Microsoft AppSource, which serves as its central […]

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