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3 Tips for Onboarding New Users Quickly in a Crisis Image

3 Tips for Onboarding New Users Quickly in a Crisis

From working from home as the new standard, to businesses closing indefinitely, to once-crowded roads being now nearly empty, it doesn’t take much to see that the world has drastically changed in just a few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With changes already difficult for many to adjust to, the changes happening now are on an even more heightened scale, given the ever-evolving status of the virus and its implications on our lives. As we process the ongoing news and local policies, most of us are simultaneously figuring out new habits and routines, too. Whether it’s learning to work remotely with others around us or balancing full-time work with full-time parenting, adapting to new ways of living doesn’t come without its unique set of challenges. Not being able to be with others in-person has also meant that, for many of us, usage of different technologies has skyrocketed and broadened as we strive to stay connected with our loved ones, as well as continue working towards our business goals. What can we learn about caring for others during this COVID-19 crisis that can help us build more empathetic experiences for our users and teams? New users are looking for quick […]

6 min readApril 6, 2020

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Driving Sales through a Downturn: How the CROs of Dropbox and Flexera are Adapting Image

Driving Sales through a Downturn: How the CROs of Dropbox and Flexera are Adapting

Thursday, April 9th | 9:30 a.m. PT (12:30 p.m. ET) We’ve talked to many software/SaaS CEOs and CROs in the last few weeks who are focussed on expanding existing customers to counter the slowdown in new business. During economic disruption, leading companies prioritize the retention and expansion of existing customers as they become the lifeblood of the business. Our Director of Product Marketing, Priyanka Srinivasan will host our CEO, Nick Mehta with a panel including our SVP, Customer Account Management, Kelly DeHart alongside Philip Lacor, VP of Global Sales at Dropbox and Ryan Kubacki, CRO at Flexera to discuss the approach revenue leaders are taking during these times. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to quickly identify the right accounts to focus on cross-sell/upsell How to surface renewal risks early and how to handle them How to handle the inevitable increased pricing pressure How a coordinated, connected Sales and Customer Success motion will drive expansion And much more!

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5 Human-First Product Management Considerations to Make During COVID-19 Image

5 Human-First Product Management Considerations to Make During COVID-19

This is a challenging time for each one of us—whether as an individual or as a business. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to keep a human-first approach in mind for all of our decision-making. Especially in the way we build our products as we touch many human lives with them. Aligning on What Matters As a Product person, you’re not just responsible for making your boss or board happy, you’re responsible for the success of your users and the wellbeing of your teammates. If you want to balance it all, you need to lead with empathy. There are three dimensions to be considered in human-first product management: First and foremost are our customers who spend their time on our products. Next are our engineering/product teams who toil long hours to execute on the vision of our companies and bring great ideas to life. Last but not the least, our investors who provide the necessary resources to drive the company’s mission forward.  Take a moment to visualize what these three dimensions mean to you. How do they factor into your daily decisions? How does your company view these three dimensions? While it can be difficult to satisfy all three dimensions in […]

6 min readApril 2, 2020
4 Strategies to Help Close Every Renewal During a Slowdown Image

4 Strategies to Help Close Every Renewal During a Slowdown

Renewals and account leaders, now is your time to shine. Downturns are hard, even on recurring revenue businesses.  In a time like this, your existing customers are even more precious: with slower top line growth, it’s more critical than ever to protect what you have. That means the pressure is on to close as many renewals as possible, close them on time, and find pockets of upsell. This is where Account and Customer Success leaders have the opportunity to step up to the plate and demonstrate what their teams can do. But what’s really critical to focus on? Here are five things you need to start doing right now in your renewals or account org to ensure you’re set up to weather the current economic landscape and bring in every last renewal dollar. 1. Ensure you have a process such that every renewal comes in on-time In times of massive growth, you might be less worried about letting a few low-value renewals come in late or even slip. But in a downturn, ensuring every single renewal comes in on time, no matter how small, is mission critical – because the cash flow can literally make or break your business. What […]

5 min readApril 2, 2020
Churn Is Coming: 12 Learnings From A Survey Of SaaS CxOs Image

Churn Is Coming: 12 Learnings From A Survey Of SaaS CxOs

How many years ago was January 1, 2020? I don’t know about you, but I lose track of time these days. Even though winter is officially over, like Ned Stark from Game Of Thrones, it seems like we’re all preparing for darker days ahead. January 1st might have been the start of your fiscal year. You might have been reared up to ramp new sales. You might have been en-route to your Sales Kickoff. A lot has changed. Given the downturn, companies are doubling down on the “recurring” part of Annual Recurring Revenue. They’re trying to make sure they preserve their clients through the recession. What we learned is that’s not going to be a slam dunk for all companies. We surveyed CEOs, CROs, and CCOs of late stage private cloud companies (e.g., Forbes Cloud 100) and publicly-traded SaaS companies (e.g., BVP NASDAQ Emerging Cloud Index). These companies generally represent the “best of the best” of what the cloud offers. So, to some extent, they are a bellwether for technology. Here’s what we learned: 1. Retention is of high interest right now The first learning came from the survey responses themselves. We emailed a population of 82 respondents and received […]

6 min readApril 1, 2020
Healthcare Edition: How to Get Information to Your Users Quickly Image

Healthcare Edition: How to Get Information to Your Users Quickly

In an industry where communication is critical, how do you make sure the right message reaches the right patients, providers, and non-clinical staff? Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably been reminded of every email subscription list you’ve ever signed up for. Your inbox number ticking higher and higher as COVID-19 (a.k.a. coronavirus) became part of our everyday vocabulary and businesses rushed to send communications to address this “new normal.” If you needed to get important information to your users, it was likely buried under all of these communications. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, companies need to be prepared to keep users informed. In this guide for healthcare products, we’ll show you how to use in-app engagements to cut through the noise and effectively communicate information to your end users when time is of the essence. What Is an In-App Engagement? In-app engagements are outreaches from your company to your end users that happen within a product. In times like these, they can be used to: Provide critical updates Enable quick onboarding Drive ongoing product education that evolves with current events Capture user sentiment Examples of in-app engagements include onboarding tours, new feature releases, content announcements, and surveys. […]

9 min readMarch 31, 2020
5 Tips To Do More With Less In Customer Success During Covid-19 Image

5 Tips To Do More With Less In Customer Success During Covid-19

If you’ve been following customer success blogs recently, a lot has been said and written about how to communicate better and consistently in times of crisis like the one we’re all going through. In these uncertain times, companies (rightly so!) are keeping close tabs on their expenses and cash. Based on research done by Gainsight as well as a few other companies with CEOs, CROs and CCOs, 65–80% of companies have frozen hiring for the next few months and 30–45% have frozen hiring and backfills indefinitely. In addition, 60–70% of sales leaders polled are reporting delayed sales cycles. All these data points suggest that retaining existing customers becomes even more important in these times—and furthermore, to maintain retention without adding to the headcount. As a fellow CS leader, I have so much empathy for what it takes to deliver on those expectations while making sure your CSM and Account Management teams don’t burn out (further impacting customer retention in a downward spiral). To do more with less in CS, many companies are relying more than ever on process simplification, automation and consistency to add scale. I’ll share five strategies based on what I’ve seen as best practices in the CS community to quickly add […]

9 min readMarch 31, 2020
How to Provide a High-Touch Product Experience While Social Distancing Image

How to Provide a High-Touch Product Experience While Social Distancing

With the global shift to remote work, our customers have experienced a 50% increase in Monthly Active Users. All of us are spending more time in our day-to-day products in an effort to stay connected and collaborate with coworkers. We’ve never faced something like COVID-19 on a global scale such as this. It’s pushing us to become more creative and infuse more compassion into everything we do—inside and outside of the workplace (or more accurately, home office). This critical time for humanity has resulted in a critical event in the lifecycle of your customers. More users in your product means more opportunities to nurture lifelong customers, but it also presents more work to ensure each user is on the path to success. How do we provide a high-touch approach to users when our methods of contact are more limited than ever? What is a high-touch product experience? A high-touch approach typically involves very close contact with your high-value customers. Creating this same white-glove experience in your product requires a high level of personalization that makes the product feel tailormade. To deliver this level of customization, you need product analytics to slice and dice your customer segments and in-app engagements to […]

6 min readMarch 31, 2020
Managing Churn During COVID-19: A Conversation with Bessemer Image

Managing Churn During COVID-19: A Conversation with Bessemer

As SaaS leaders tackle the unexpected management implications of COVID-19, there has never been a better time to double down on retention strategies to minimize churn. Existing customers become the lifeblood of every SaaS company during an economic downturn. When each line item is fair game, renewing emphasis on Customer Success and using data to predict churn becomes an increasingly powerful way to help plan future quarters. Watch this webinar to find out what Bessemer Venture Partners sees in the venture capital community and hear how Gainsight leaders are increasing their retention efforts to manage churn. In this webinar, you’ll learn: The increasing importance of Customer Success in an economic downturn The early indicators in the venture capital community Specific performance indicators and segmentation to analyze your customer books to minimize churn And much more.

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Healthcare Edition: 3 Reasons Why Customer Success Is Existential Right Now Image

Healthcare Edition: 3 Reasons Why Customer Success Is Existential Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing how we practice and experience healthcare in the United States and digital health platforms, like yours, are at the heart of this transformation. Because of you, patients today have access to care at their fingertips. Adoption of telemedicine platforms like American Well and TytoCare bring healthcare directly into our homes. Symptom checkers like Buoy Health, care navigators like Rightway Health, and digital care management platforms like Livongo and Omada Health reduce the need for patients to visit overburdened healthcare facilities. And, most importantly, your technologies help minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by keeping care that can be done outside of the hospital in the home. But all the incredible good that this transformation of healthcare is delivering does not come without challenges. During this crisis, we are hearing from our HealthIT partners that they are “heads down” addressing the following customer, user, and business challenges – and we have ways to help. [Customers] Your customers need (a lot of) your time and attention Demand for your products and services is likely at an all-time high. Given this urgent demand from your customers, you need to scale the impact and reach of your existing […]

4 min readMarch 26, 2020