The Benefits of PulseCheck 2018 Image

The Benefits of PulseCheck 2018

To watch PulseCheck 2018 or not to watch? That is the question.

We make an average of 35,000 decisions per day. Blue jeans or black? Highway or side streets? Salad or stuffed crust pizza? These can end up putting a lot of pressure on you (and your poor brain). Fortunately, this flowchart will take one of those decisions off your plate and answer the burning question, “Should I watch PulseCheck 2018?”

What is the benefit of PulseCheck?

PulseCheck is Gainsight’s annual, free live-stream workshop that combines the hottest topics from Pulse with experienced industry practitioners to deliver tactical Customer Success best practices. This year we’ll be live streaming on August 7th at 9:00 a.m. (PT) and will have special replays for our friends in EMEA (9 August, 9:00 a.m. GMT +1) and APAC (14 August, 9:00 a.m. JST)!

PulseCheck 2018 will pair experts from companies like Box, Sprinklr, Workday, and GE Digital with Gainsight’s own subject matter experts to put Customer Success under the microscope. They’ll zoom into subjects like The Elements of Customer Success, the newest way to build a customer journey, the evolution from reactive to predictive, and much, much more. It’ll be a day full of unbeatable learnings and fun science experiments! (You know we can’t do a Pulse event without a little child-like joy) 😉.

Use this handy-dandy flowchart and then click here to register for PulseCheck 2018.

Phew—now you can continue your day with one less decision to make! Click here to register for PulseCheck 2018 and tune in during the airing that best fits your schedule. Remember, even if you can’t devote a whole day to watch, register anyway to get access the Recap Site so you can watch the sessions when you decide the time is right.