The Periodic Table of Customer Success Elements

Customer Success is a transformative philosophy, but it's also a science. Elements are evidence-based processes for a complete Customer Success structure.

Insights & Actions

Cv 360° Customer View

360° Customer View

You’re constantly collecting customer data, but it’s difficult to generate anything useful from that valuable information if it's spread across different systems. 360° Customer View aggregates all of your customer data into our best-practice customer model in order to deliver actionable insights across your organization.

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Lm Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Your customers expect a seamless experience when working with your company. Lifecycle Management enables you to collaborate effectively across functions in order to execute on key "moments of truth" across the customer journey.

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Ch Customer Health

Customer Health

Tracking the delivery of business outcomes is foundational to Customer Success. Gainsight’s Customer Health enables you to monitor your customers, provides visibility of customer risks, and aligns the organization on opportunities for expansion and advocacy.

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Cx Experience Management

Experience Management

Your customers are talking to you. Are you listening and responding? Customer feedback is only as useful as the actions they drive. With Experience Management, Gainsight enables you to execute closed-loop Voice of the Customer programs, take action on customer signals in real-time, and deliver insights to improve the overall customer experience.

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Am Adoption Management

Adoption Management

Adoption of your products and services is essential to drive Customer Success. Adoption Management drives meaningful customer engagement with your products and services by executing best-practice adoption plays and tracking the results.

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Rm Renewal Management

Renewal Management

If you run a subscription business, customer retention is your lifeblood. Renewal Management helps drive retention by prioritizing your team’s energy and resources, executing impactful retention plays, and accurately forecasting renewals.

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Em Expansion Management

Expansion Management

Successful customers will grow with you over time. However, if you don’t have a streamlined, data-driven process for expansion, you may miss out on valuable growth opportunities. Expansion Management helps drive revenue by identifying and executing on opportunities for upsell and cross-sell.

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Sa Stakeholder Alignment

Stakeholder Alignment

As your customers change priorities and shift strategies, maintaining alignment with their executives and decision makers is paramount. Stakeholder Alignment helps you set up a regular process for executive check-ins, monitor when there are organizational changes, and keep an eye on stakeholder sentiment over time.

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Re Risk Escalation

Risk Escalation

Retaining customers requires monitoring, managing, and escalating risks in your customer base well before they lead to churn or downsell. Risk Escalation enables you to proactively identify and triage risks in your customer base, escalate issues to appropriate internal leadership, and manage them before it’s too late.

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Sp Success Planning

Success Planning

To truly deliver success, you must capture a customer’s desired outcomes very early and deliver on them throughout their journey. Success Planning helps you systematically capture customer objectives, collaborate across teams and with customers, and demonstrate success to drive retention and growth for your business.

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Pr Product Success

Product Success

The essence of Customer Success is ensuring that your products are consistently delivering value. With Product Success, your team can easily monitor the impact of new product releases, drive closed-loop processes for enhancement requests, and gather feedback to help inform and prioritize your roadmap.

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Ae Advocate Engagement

Advocate Engagement

Stories of successful customers fuel growth. However, identifying advocates and coordinating their participation with Sales and Marketing can be a laborious process. Advocate Engagement helps you quickly identify advocates and drive them towards high-value activities that drive growth for your business.

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Su Support Experience

Support Experience

A successful experience working with your Support team can turn around even the most challenging customer situations. Support Experience empowers your Support team with relevant customer insights and cross-functional plays to enable them to not only close tickets, but also contribute to delivering customer outcomes.

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Se Services Experience

Services Experience

Successful Services engagements should be measured by more than just on-time, on-budget delivery. Customers also expect Services organizations to focus on their desired business outcomes. Services Experience helps you track the health of projects from a Customer Success perspective, proactively mitigate risks, and ensure a great customer experience.

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