Leverage the power of Gainsight within the tools you already use.
Gainsight’s AI-powered bot enables your team to interact with Gainsight data and functionality within their preferred collaboration tools.

Access information where you need it

Sally the AI Bot allows your team to receive notifications and access the customer insights they need from Gainsight, directly within the tools they are using.

Take action quickly

Sally responds to commands, enabling your team to take action quickly based on the insights she provides. Drive productivity across your organization and ensure that customers always receive the attention they need.

Gain insights through simple conversation

No need to remember specific commands or follow complex paths to get the information you need. Sally’s Natural Language Processing enables your team to access rich Gainsight data via simple conversation.

Smarter with every interaction

The more you interact, the more she learns. Sally’s machine learning technology helps her get smarter with every interaction.

  • “Sally has made customer insight effortlessly accessible across our company. Anyone who is planning to speak with a customer only has to chat with Sally to get all the information they need to have a high value, in-context interaction with that customer. In a matter of minutes any member of the team can be equipped to interact with customers.” Jocelyn Brown, VP of Customer Success, Allocadia


Innovative companies are protecting and nurturing their most valuable asset—their customers—with the power of Gainsight's award-winning platform.

Our customers use the Gainsight Platform to predict and manage customer risk, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions across their teams to drive expansion and advocacy at scale.

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