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Quantifying the Impact of Human-First AI

Innovations in SaaS don’t just change how we do our work. They change the work we do, and the impact we have. Gainsight revolutionized how companies thought about their relationship with customers, their community, and their revenue models. And now, with our Human-First AI approach built into our Gainsight AI feature set, we are expanding those definitions, all while adding new capabilities. 

Gainsight is at the forefront of this transformation, harnessing AI to redefine how organizations approach customer engagement, risk management, and expansion strategies. However, it’s not enough to simply claim AI features. It’s critical to understand how AI functionality, built specifically to support CS use cases, is actually getting used and having a quantifiable impact on CS strategies. We’ve got some initial data to share on a couple great Human-First AI examples we talked about in our Pulse 2024 opening keynote

AI Follow Up Redefines Efficiency for Customer Success Managers (CSMs)

Much of a Customer Success Manager’s day is spent in meetings, preparing for meetings, or summarizing meetings. On the best days, that means CSMs can share critical knowledge and craft winning strategies for their team and their customers. On the worst days, meetings stack up and information gets lost. 

AI Follow Up doesn’t just prevent critical information from slipping through the cracks. It notes the nuances of customer sentiment, lists action items, and makes all these details available immediately for your entire organization. Metrics like time-to-value or expansion opportunities improve considerably when each individual knows the best next action to take right away.  

With a dedicated note-taker in the room, CSMs can focus on their most valuable task: building relationships with customers. They can be more present in meetings, abandon the need to multi-task across several accounts, and have more capacity for creative problem-solving in the room with customers. 

And these results are not just theoretical. We found, on average, AI Follow Up is saving CSMs 10 hours per week. If you consider that the average CSM compensation is $123,187, and a company has an average of 10 CSMs, that’s a savings of more than $300,000 annually! In the long-term, using AI Follow Up will increase account ratios and reduce cost-to-serve as each individual CSM can be doing more with less. 

AI Cheat Sheet Improves Executive and Customer Relationships

AI Follow Up aims to make daily work more efficient and effective. To complement that, AI Cheat Sheet focuses on the big picture. AI Cheat Sheet quickly generates detailed customer summaries from the last six months of Gainsight Timeline data, including key metrics, strategic priorities, risks, and more. 

With features like Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), users can personalize and refine these summaries, saving significant time prepping for customer interactions and internal meetings. We’ve also seen AI Cheat Sheet help templatize the information included in each account, making a standardized process and repeatable success much more likely across all accounts. Streamlined and efficient customer engagement is the key to sustainable revenue growth—and it all starts with AI Cheat Sheet. 

Want more evidence? Let’s do some math. AI Cheat Sheet is saving between 30–45 minutes of prep time per meeting. If an executive has 10 customer meetings per week, then they are saving roughly 300 minutes, all with one tool (what would you do with 5 more hours each week?!).  Beyond that, the customer meetings are more effective, because leaders can focus on the most important issues. Conversations are more meaningful and action-oriented when everyone starts on the same page. Cheat Sheet is one powerful feature that makes both internal teams and customers more successful. 

Long-time customer Harri is finding that Gainsight AI features are having a tremendous impact on team performance and outcomes: 

“Gainsight AI was really powerful for us to really understand what’s going on with our customers.” 

Dan Maimone, Head of Customer Success and Global Director of Customer Success Operations, Harri

AI Follow Up and AI Cheat Sheet are just two of many Gainsight AI features that our customers are utilizing to support profitable and sustainable growth in their businesses. Learn more about these tools and all things Human-First AI at ai.gainsight.com.

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