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Top Priorities for CS Leaders From CxO Summit EMEA 2024

CxO EMEA left us buzzing with insights and innovative ideas from some of Europe’s top Customer Success (CS) leaders. For 2.5 days, 60 Customer Success executives from the region delved into the future of CS, exploring the transformative power of AI, the nuances of community building, and the alignment of CS with revenue goals.

Of course, in true Gainsight fashion, we enjoyed the moment with a dose of childlike joy—in the form of miniature horses.

With a mix of large group sessions and intimate breakout discussions, CxO EMEA provided a glimpse of what’s at the top of the to-do list for companies in Europe for the second half of 2024. Here’s a look at the most prominent priorities we discussed with attendees, and why these topics will prove to be critical for your growth this year.

The Human-First AI Playbook Is Alive and Well in EMEA

It came as no surprise that AI was a common thread through many of the discussions that took place during the summit. The topic dominated our recent Pulse 2024 conference, and CS leaders in EMEA recognize the transformative power AI is having on their businesses. CxO EMEA attendees underscored the importance of deploying AI strategically, where it counts the most for efficiency gains. However, the group was just as strong in affirming the region’s preference for human interactions.

While Gainsight offers a comprehensive Human-First AI playbook, CxO EMEA attendees brought their own unique perspective to the AI gameplan: 

  • Enhancing Customer Interactions With AI: AI’s capability to draft personalized responses based on a company’s knowledge base was a hot topic. This technology doesn’t replace Customer Success Managers (CSMs). It actually supports them by drafting accurate, context-aware messages that CSMs can refine and leverage to save time in their day-to-day work. This blend of AI and human touch ensures that communications are both efficient and warmly personal.
  • AI’s Role in Knowledge Management and Streamlining Onboarding: AI is revolutionizing how companies manage knowledge and streamline their onboarding processes. By automating these areas, businesses can ensure that the onboarding of new clients and employees is both fast and free from human error or bias, setting the stage for a successful relationship from day one.
  • Experimentation With AI: CxO EMEA attendees encouraged a balanced view on AI implementation, debating between a problem-solving approach and a more experimental, innovative approach. Specifically, CS leaders want to consider how they can pilot new AI technologies to address specific challenges, but they also want to innovate freely without following a fixed objective.

It’s clear that the integration of AI into CS isn’t just about adopting new technologies—it’s about adapting them to enhance human connections, streamline processes, and ultimately drive success in ways that resonate with both customers and internal teams.

Digitally Integrated Journeys Require More Teams Get Involved in CS

While AI as a topic popped into almost every discussion, it certainly isn’t the only strategy CS experts in Europe are leveraging. Attendees recognized that several tools exist to bring the CS department’s customer-centric standards to other teams in the organization, including Marketing and Sales. 

Leveraging Community Engagement for Business Impact

Building communities is not just about gathering people—it’s about making an impact. CxO EMEA participants cited how engaged communities directly correlate with higher business metrics, such as gross renewal rates and expansion rates. They reiterated the need for strategic community management that aligns with cross-functional goals with other teams, such as Marketing, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

One way of achieving this is to ensure that community events and content are tailored to the diverse needs of different customer segments, raising overall engagement. 

Aligning Customer Success With Revenue Goals

A key theme from the summit was the alignment of Customer Success initiatives with revenue generation. Beyond impact renewal and retention rates, offering paid CS tiers is one area where summit attendees are looking to get innovative. Attendees discussed bundling services as a way to not only cover costs, but also add exceptional value to customer interactions. These practices ensure that customers feel the investment in their success is both meaningful and measurable.

Empowering Customers Through Education

Attendees discussed the critical role of education in empowering customers to fully utilize products and services. Top strategies include offering tailored educational content, utilizing digital platforms for scalable training, and engaging customers through interactive and personalized learning experiences. These initiatives are essential for helping customers achieve their desired outcomes and ensuring long-term success with your products.

CxO EMEA affirmed the broad scope of what it takes to make CS effective throughout an organization. From AI to education, community building, and revenue alignment, it’s clear that multiple departments must work together seamlessly throughout the customer journey. AI can ease the burden by ensuring consistent, efficient experiences, but the true impact will come from CS teams translating these opportunities into action. Are you ready to put some of these same priorities to work in your business? 

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