Monitor product usage trends, gather feedback and demonstrate your product’s impact on the business.

Prioritize your product roadmap based on data, not opinions

Gainsight PX provides you with a comprehensive approach to making data driven product decisions.

The combination of product analytics, revenue & user feedback together helps you identify what’s working and what isn’t in your product and validate roadmap hypotheses with first hand customer feedback.

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Drive feature adoption of your next product release

Yikes. According to a 2018 study by Pragmatic Marketing, 34% of product features go unused by customers! With Gainsight PX you’ve got the tools to keep this from happening to you.

Onboard users to your next release through personalized in-app engagements to guide users to the a-ha moment and realize your product’s value.

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Turn your product into a growth engine

What is your product’s impact on the business? Being able to answer this question is what separates good product leaders from the greats.

Demonstrate how your product-led growth efforts have influenced your north star metric, increased customer retention, trial conversion rates or reduced support costs.

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In the subscription era, the product and customer success teams take center stage in driving customer lifetime value.

Gainsight PX helps your team deliver superior product experiences while Gainsight’s customer success platform helps to ensure customers are receiving business value from the product. They’re powerful alone, but even better together in terms of driving customer growth.

See how Gainsight PX can drive product-led growth for your company. Schedule a demo of our product experience platform today!

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