Understand a customer’s history with context from every interaction.
Arm your customer account team with rich, contextual information around every person-to-person interaction. Timeline enables your team to view and share updates, notes, and summaries in a single location to better understand a customer’s history.

Centralized customer history

Provide a central location for the customer account team to input customer activities and notes. View a customer’s entire history of interactions in chronological order to better understand their unique journey and experience.

Easy collaboration across teams on customers and products

Our integrated task workflow and helpful formatting capabilities make it easy for your team to capture notes, emails, and to-do’s — improving collaboration and empowering your team to share customer updates.

Valuable information at your fingertips

Dynamic searching and reporting makes it easy to find the right information whenever you need it and holistically analyze your company’s activity with a customer.

  • "With a complex CS org and multiple Sales teams, it’s incredibly important to have stellar communication and one consistent view of the customer from A-Z. Gainsight gives us this consistency and ensures one voice of truth." Emily Speer Ryan, Director, Customer Success Operations, Chef


Innovative companies are protecting and nurturing their most valuable asset—their customers—with the power of Gainsight's award-winning platform.

Our customers use the Gainsight Platform to predict and manage customer risk, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions across their teams to drive expansion and advocacy at scale.

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