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Join the constellation of passionate voices driving innovation, sharing expertise, and illuminating the path to success with Gainsight.

What is a Gainstar?

Gainstars are the shining stars of the Gainsight community who radiate enthusiasm and expertise. They leverage their love for Gainsight to drive positive change, share valuable insights, and ignite a vibrant community while ensuring customers’ experiences are at the heart of it all.

How It Works

The Gainstars Customer Recognition Program turns your love for Gainsight into rewards and recognition. This is our opportunity to celebrate those who make Gainsight shine!  Our team will connect you with opportunities to amplify your impact by exchanging best practices, sharing your success stories and providing feedback while you elevate your personal brand and contribute to shaping the future of Gainsight. Join the Gainstars movement and let your advocacy shine!

Rewards & Recognition

Our customer recognition program offers exciting rewards across different tiers, allowing you to unlock exclusive benefits as you accumulate points through various activities.

This program offers three tiers of rewards based on points earned: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver Tier

In the Silver Tier, customers can enjoy discounts on Pulse Tickets, free Pulse+ subscriptions, discount product certifications, exclusive swag, and access to Pulse VIP status.

Gold Tier

Advancing to the Gold Tier unlocks additional perks such as discounts on team Pulse tickets, free Pulse+ training subscriptions for both individuals and their team members, insider access to beta programs, and opportunities for personal brand promotion.

Platinum Tier

The Platinum Tier offers the most exclusive rewards including free Pulse tickets and training for teams, sneak peeks into product roadmaps, priority access to advisory boards, career discussions with Gainsight executives, and invitations to networking dinners and events.

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