Adoption Management

Drive meaningful customer engagement with best-practice adoption plays and results tracking


Adoption Management’ Element drives meaningful customer engagement with your products and services by executing best-practice adoption plays and tracking the results.

  • The Adoption Management Element includes processes to drive stronger adoption (e.g., usage, latest release, feature adoption) within your customer base
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Included Assets

  • Technical Assets (5) – Add dropdowns and objects focused on health scores and outcomes
  • Timeline Configuration (1) – Adds new Adoption field
  • CTA Configuration (1) – Adds Reasons to the Risk CTA
  • Email Templates (4) – Email templates to send to customers around increases and decreases in adoption
  • Playbooks (3) – Sets of tasks to perform when adoption drops, improves, or is not tracked
  • Rules (7) – New rules that fire CTAs based on adoption activity and scores
  • Reports (7) – Prebuilt reports to track metrics like adoption, deployment, and NRR