CTA Health Analysis Dashboard

Understand the volume your CSMs are receiving, their effectiveness, and overdue items


The CTA Health Analysis dashboard helps you understand the volume of CTAs your CSMs are receiving, their effectiveness at closing their CTAs and CTA Tasks, and the overdue items that most need attention. Filter the dashboard for a certain type of CTA or a CSM team to better understand individual workflows.

  • How much work are you asking your team to do? Get a quick sense of the quantity of new CTAs and the workflows that are creating them.
  • How strong is the team at closing CTAs? See the percentage of CTAs that they close, and how long it takes to close them.
  • Which CTAs need urgent attention? High priority and flagged CTAs deserve a close look when they’re overdue, or when some of their Tasks are.
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Included Assets

  • Dashboards (1) – Easily get a birdseye view of the health of your CTAs
  • Reports (18) – A full arsenal of prebuilt reports to help track the success of your CTAs