Success Planning

Prescriptively capture and understand your customers’ goals and deliver value


The Success Planning Element will help you prescriptively capture and understand your customers’ goals and deliver value:

  • Understand your customers’ business goals to consistently deliver value
  • Proactively capture, monitor, and drive customers toward their desired outcomes
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Included Assets

  • Technical Assets (13) – A variety of lists, fields, and objects to add to your success plans
  • Timeline Configuration (1) – Add a new ROI Update to your success plans
  • Success Plans Configuration (1) – Defines a new objective category
  • CTA Configuration (1) – Adds a new CTA type focused on objectives
  • Surveys (2) – Capture customer objectives or facilitate a sales to onboarding handoff
  • Email Templates (1) – Prebuilt survey to send to new customers to capture key objectives
  • Rules (6) – Flag accounts with ROI Success Plans, or create a new success plan based on survey submissions
  • Reports (8) – A variety of ready-to-go reports, mostly focused on ROI