5 Takeaways From the 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success Image

5 Takeaways From the 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success

G2 Crowd just released their 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success. Download the full report here to learn more about how vendors in this space stack up and how users truly feel about them.

“What is the best Customer Success software?” This is the question we posed in last year’s blog post on the 2017 G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success. In short, what’s most important is that you find the software that best fits your needs. This principle remains true, but in the brief time that the G2 Crowd for Customer Success has been around (two years to be exact), Customer Success software has made huge strides. You can tell just by comparing the two Grids—last year, there were only 10 companies, now that number has grown to 18. As your list of options grows, so does the difficulty to truly find the software that’s right for you.

The 2018 G2 Crowd Report Grid to Customer Success is a valuable resource for anyone in the market for a Customer Success software solution. G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform that gives customers a place to give feedback on the products they’re using. The G2 Crowd Grid to Customer Success takes all the vendors in the category and uses a blend of data from product reviews shared on G2 Crowd and data from online sources and social networks. Based on their social presence and market share, each vendor is then placed into four categories, Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, or Niche.

Here is this year’s Grid and our takeaways:

Gainsight G2 Crowd Grid

Gainsight remains the Leader in the CS space for two years running

Gainsight is the only vendor in the G2 Crowd Grid Report that has held the position of Leader since the inception of the Grid Report. Our market presence is unmatched by any other vendor in the running and we also have a consistently high level of satisfaction from our users that have left reviews on G2 Crowd. While there are companies close to breaking the barrier into the Leader category, none of them come close to Gainsight’s position on the upper right corner of the quadrant. According to the report:

  • 92% of users rated Gainsight 4 or 5 stars
  • 87% of users said they would be likely to recommend Gainsight
  • 93% found Gainsight easy to do business with

The Gainsight product is headed in the right direction

The Customer Success landscape is not the same today as it was a year ago, and as a result, neither is Gainsight. Our improvements have driven us forward and 92% of Gainsight users on G2 Crowd found the product to be going in the right direction. We make it a priority to keep up with bleeding-edge best practices and to practice what we preach: work together to deliver positive outcomes and welcome any and all feedback. We believe this has resonated with our customers:

G2 Crowd Gainsight Review

Steven D. Read full review here.

G2 Crowd Gainsight Review

Jason K. Read full review here.

Gainsight provides a full-coverage, scalable solution—but plays well with others

Gainsight is built to suit any stage of Customer Success maturity and provide you with the tools you need to scale and take it to the next level—just look at our new, prescriptive Periodic Table of Customer Success. Some of the vendors, like those in the High Performers category, may offer niche solutions or select functionalities that can meet basic requirements. However, they lack the maturity and functionality needed to easily scale and grow with clients as they become more mature with Customer Success. Other products can actually work in tandem with our product. For example, Fullstory is a customer experience solution and complements Gainsight functionality rather than replaces it.

Gainsight still has the largest Market Presence

For the second year in a row, Gainsight scored higher than all the other vendors with a score of 99 (the next highest score was 68). Market Presence is based on a combination of 15 metrics including growth, employee satisfaction, social presence, and G2 crowd reviews. So what does this mean for you? Taking all the criteria into consideration, a high Market Presence score displays the strong internal and external communities built around Gainsight. This means there are more ways for you to learn the newest thought leadership, discover how others are using Gainsight to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges, and make connections with a constantly growing community of customer-focused professionals.

Our customers want to share their thoughts—and we like to listen!

When G2 Crowd gathered data for the report back in February, Gainsight had 157 reviews (now we’re at 175!). To put it in perspective, the next closest had only 53 reviews. As a Customer Success company, we think customer feedback is a highly valuable source of insight that can help you improve our platform and the overall journey we’re delivering to our users. These reviews are carefully considered and directly incorporated into product and strategy updates. To be completely transparent, these reviews are so important to us that we’ve uncovered a method to getting so many G2 Crowd reviews. Keep ‘em coming!

The 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success needs to be a resource for anyone evaluating Customer Success solutions, or is just interested in the current landscape of available products. You can download the full report here. Dive deeper into how the data is compiled, why this is such a compelling resource for software buyers, and much more in our webinar, “How to Use the “Glassdoor for Software Reviews” to Make a Better Buying Decision.”Last but not least, if you’re really serious about implementing a best-practice purchasing process, you really need to use this Buyer’s Guide written by our CEO, Nick Mehta. You might think it’s been “rigged” to get you to buy Gainsight, but it’s truly platform-agnostic. It contains an indispensable checklist and RFP guide.