How Autodesk Achieved 20% Response Rates and Reduced Response Times to One Week Using Targeted In-App Feedback Surveys Image

How Autodesk Achieved 20% Response Rates and Reduced Response Times to One Week Using Targeted In-App Feedback Surveys

Autodesk, a pioneer since its establishment in 1982, has been at the forefront of creating tools that power the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment industries. However, with complex product offerings, legacy technology, and a user base spanning decades of expertise, Autodesk found itself facing a formidable challenge—closing the notorious “Say Vs. Do Gap.” This gap, characterized by the disparity between what users claimed they needed and what their actual usage patterns indicated, presented a substantial hurdle to understanding and meeting user needs effectively. In this customer spotlight, we delve into Autodesk’s journey of implementing targeted in-app feedback surveys, powered by Gainsight, to bridge this gap and gain profound insights into their users’ desires.

Discover how Autodesk’s step-by-step approach not only strengthened their relationships with users but also expedited feature implementation, leading to more engaged customers and a remarkable reduction in the insights-to-action cycle. Autodesk’s story is a testament to the transformative power of data-driven decision-making and the value of listening to your users.

Closing the “Say Vs. Do Gap”

Autodesk implemented targeted in-app feedback surveys to close the “say vs. do gap” and better understand user needs.

Building It Step-by-Step

  1. First, they engaged users through a centralized community to build relationships and trust.
  2. Then, they customized micro-surveys in Gainsight PX to target niche audiences performing specific tasks. Surveys asked for feedback in the moment, while workflows were fresh in users’ minds.
  3. Surveys appeared when users closed an application, targeting engaged users up to 3 times on a limited basis. This generated contextual insights.
  4. They leveraged Gainsight’s APIs and custom events to combine survey data with usage analytics for a unified view of user sentiment.
  5. Machine learning detected patterns in usage data to proactively provide personalized product recommendations and tips within the applications.
  6. By closing the feedback loop, they validated product roadmaps aligned to user priorities.
  7. Rapid implementation of highly requested features further strengthened user relationships.

The Results? More Engaged Customers and Faster Implementation

With this approach, Autodesk now achieves response rates consistently over 20% on their surveys versus the industry benchmark of 10-15%. They’ve also reduced their insights-to-action cycle from 2 months to just 1 week. By closing the loop and showing users their feedback drives real change, Autodesk validates product roadmaps align to user priorities. Rapid feature implementation then further strengthens user relationships. In the end, Autodesk’s users get the features they want sooner.

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