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Customer Success Is Good For Business

Customer Success is a massively-disruptive movement in the Subscription Economy for one very simple reason; Customer Success is good for business.

Especially subscription businesses.

Finally, what we at Gainsight have known to be true, and what we’ve been sharing, promoting, and preaching – and, frankly, have built our own business around – has been validated in a big way in a new paper by Forrester Research (download the report here) titled “An Executive Primer To Customer Success Management.”

The Customer Success Management profession is finally getting the credit it deserves! Forrester has clearly differentiated the role from other functions and outlined the importance customer success managers have in not only retaining customers but helping grow their organizations by transforming customers into advocates.” – Chad Horenfeldt, Director, Customer Operations at Influitive

In Subscription businesses – such as Enterprise B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – the real economic value of a customer isn’t realized immediately, but is instead realized over time.

What this means for Subscription Economy businesses is that you can’t make the sale and then ignore your customers. Rather, you must actively manage your relationship with your customers, not just during the sales or on-boarding process, but proactively across each phase of their lifetime with you, working with them to continually achieve success with your SaaS or service.

This has always been our stance at Gainsight, but having this clearly articulated through research by an independent third-party with the level of industry trust like Forrester will help Customer Success accelerate it’s journey to being the next widely accepted layer in the core “SaaS stack” alongside technology and processes such as Finance, Support, Billing/Metering, Marketing Automation, CRM, etc.

This report by Forrester is an important milestone for the Customer Success field. It validates what Kareo and many other B2B SaaS companies have been seeing – investing in the success of your customers is a winning strategy for growth.” – David Mitzenmacher, VP Customer Success at Kareo

The ROI of Customer Success comes not just from reduced churn, but those companies that have successfully implemented Customer Success organizations can directly correlate that to increased customer retention, increased revenue and increased customer advocacy, which drives new sales.

Get all the details for yourself by downloading the full Forrester report titled “An Executive Primer To Customer Success Management” and take your understanding of Customer Success – and how it will help you grow your business – to the next level.