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Five Takeaways From Gainsight’s CxO Summit EMEA

The curtains have closed on another remarkable edition of CxO Summit EMEA, leaving us buzzing with excitement and brimming with new ideas. Over two days, more than 50 Customer Success CxOs and SVPs from leading businesses like Hubspot, Mews, Software AG, Intercom, Alteryx, and Darktrace came together at Oakley Court in Windsor to share knowledge, foster connections, and explore the ever-evolving Customer Success landscape. Now, as we reflect on the event, we are excited to share with you the five impactful takeaways that emerged from this insightful gathering of industry leaders.

1. Our CxO Community Rocks

One of the standout aspects of the CxO Summit is the opportunity to engage with a special community of CS leaders. CxO EMEA provides a platform for meaningful interactions, enabling participants to learn from one another, share experiences, and openly discuss challenging topics with other execs focused on the EMEA region. Plus, our team-building activities are filled with the kind of childlike joy that creates lasting connections and friendships among peers. 

Inflatable Stonehenge, anyone?!

More than ever, this year we created space in our program for attendees to have meaningful discussions with each other. Given the tough conditions out there, and the many changes organisations are going through, this felt like one of the most important things in the program and was well participated in by our guests. We’re calling this Circles of Success and will bring it back at more events whenever possible.

2. Everyone’s Embracing the Power of Digital CS

One theme that kept coming up, again and again, at CxO EMEA was this: Digital is no longer a nice-to-have but increasingly a must-have. 

Attendees recognised the importance of embracing digital strategies from the outset and highlighted the potential for fast-paced implementation. That is, onboarding doesn’t have to start high-touch and then move to digital—if you start with digital in mind, it can be faster to get initiatives off the ground. By incorporating digital touchpoints and key elements of Digital Success into onboarding processes and throughout the customer journey, organisations can achieve operational efficiency and free up Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Together, we also debunked the idea that digital strategy is only for mature organisations, emphasising that a digital mindset can help organisations of all sizes achieve speed and scalability. It was also noted that digital touchpoints should extend beyond the CS team and be embraced company-wide for a holistic customer experience. 

3. It’s Time to Leverage the Benefits of AI in CS

The transformative potential of AI in Customer Success emerged as a major topic during the CxO Summit EMEA. Participants acknowledged the power of generative AI in synthesising large amounts of data, providing actionable insights, and enhancing the customer journey.

Customer Success teams increasingly seek digital tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness within their resource-constrained organisations. Attendees were buzzing about the capabilities of tools like Gainsight’s Horizon AI framework to support CSMs in analysing customer data, forecasting renewals, understanding sentiment, and improving retention and expansion conversations.

The discussions further explored how to measure AI’s impact, setting clear goals, and the potential for using AI not only to engage customers but also to optimize vendor interactions. As generative AI revolutionises CS, measuring its impact, defining goals, and exploring its potential for customer and vendor interactions are crucial considerations.

4. Proving the ROI of CS Is More Critical Than Ever

In the current economic landscape, demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of Customer Success has become more crucial than ever. The CxO Summit EMEA highlighted the importance of organisations’ ability to showcase the value of CS initiatives and their impact on business outcomes, especially in resource-constrained orgs. 

Attendees emphasised the need to define measurable goals, effectively communicate success metrics to stakeholders, and optimise resources to achieve more with less. The discussions revolved around strategies for quantifying the financial impact of customer success and positioning it as a strategic driver of growth and retention. CS leaders can secure the support and resources necessary to drive success by effectively communicating the ROI and value proposition.

5. Succeeding in Business With a Human-First Approach

Amidst the digital transformations and AI advancements, CxO Summit EMEA reminded us of the importance of maintaining a human-first approach in business, especially in Customer Success. The event featured inspiring talks on human-first leadership, encouraging attendees to consider how they can prioritise empathy, compassion, and genuine connections in their interactions with customers, teammates, and the wider community. Leading with compassion and focusing on the human aspect of leadership resonated strongly throughout the event. It sparked reflections on how leaders can inspire their teams and impact their communities with a human-first mindset, ultimately driving meaningful relationships and long-term success.

As we reflect on valuable insights and discussions gained during CxO EMEA, it’s clear that Customer Success in EMEA and beyond is evolving at a rapid pace. By embracing a special CxO community, integrating digital strategies, harnessing the power of AI, proving the ROI of customer success, and prioritizing human-first approaches, organisations can position themselves at the forefront of Customer Success.

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