Gainsight Announces New Product Capabilities that Deliver Success to Complex Customers and Introduces New Technology to Blend Data Image

Gainsight Announces New Product Capabilities that Deliver Success to Complex Customers and Introduces New Technology to Blend Data

I am excited to announce our August Product Release which further evolves our Relationships functionality, introduces new data modeling technology with Data Spaces, provides an efficient and personalized way to communicate with customers, and advances our native support of the Salesforce Account Hierarchy.

Here’s an overview of the major enhancements included in the August release:

Evolution of Relationships

As enterprises increasingly focus on Customer Success, they discover customers frequently have multiple deployments, multiple products, or multiple engagements. That means enterprise teams need to simultaneously deliver outcomes across many complex commercial relationships. Unlike simplistic approaches to modeling customers, Gainsight Relationships is a configurable framework that empowers enterprises to accurately model and efficiently manage outcomes in this multi-variable world.

In this release, we are extending many more of Gainsight’s most powerful technologies to Relationships. So each product line, each business unit, each customer engagement gets its own, full Gainsight experience while maintaining a unified overall view of the customer. Use Relationships to:

  • Track the movements of the Sponsors for each of your product lines within your customer and proactively identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Drive Surveys for each business unit, gathering feedback specific to your product or services within each
  • Design automated email outreaches via CoPilot to target your different client engagements at all the right points in their varying lifecycles
  • Generate pre-built PowerPoint presentations with Success Snapshots to quickly present Relationship-specific information


New Technology with Data Spaces

Data Spaces is a new technology that for the first time enables the blending of data across multiple objects. This tool simultaneously extends the power and simplifies the use of Gainsight’s Reporting and Rules Engine. Data Spaces allows Business Operations teams to spend less time manipulating data and more time optimizing processes to drive outstanding customer outcomes.

With Data Spaces, Gainsight provides a new method to blend your existing fields and objects into the combinations you need for meaningful reporting and automation. Use Data Spaces to:

  • Combine Opportunity Product and Opportunity objects with the Gainsight Health Scorecard to determine which which products influence customer health
  • Finally create complete reporting on Survey Questions, Answers and Respondents – and pre-filter it by Survey for detailed analysis
  • Blend data from multiple objects to create an Advocacy and Reference Activity subject to fully capture a customer’s activities on your behalf


Presenting Email Assist

Email Assist is a new feature that increases productivity while reinforcing consistency and best practices. Instead of formulating emails from scratch, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Account Managers simply fine-tune emails generated automatically and personalized for the customer.

Properly handling a negative survey response can have a big impact on your customer relationship. With Email Assist, you can automate the creation of a prepared email containing the exact right message and call-to-action for CSMs to review and personalize using their unique knowledge of the customer. You can now combine the efficiency of automated email with the effectiveness of a CSM’s comprehensive understanding of the customer.


Salesforce Account Hierarchy Visualization in Customer 360

Gainsight has furthered our native support of the Salesforce Account Hierarchy with a new visualization displayed on our Customer360 page. Now you can visualize up to six levels of the Hierarchy associated to your customer, as well as roll-up fifteen data points to fully understand where your customer fits within the greater Account structure.