Gainsight-HubSpot Partnership: Four Ways Integration Drives Value Image

Gainsight-HubSpot Partnership: Four Ways Integration Drives Value

It’s been said that success is a two-way street. Here at Gainsight, we prefer to say that success is a bi-directional integration, because, well, we’re nerds. But regardless of how you phrase it, the sentiment expressed really captures the spirit of the newly deepened partnership between Gainsight and HubSpot. This new, out-of-the-box integration will help our joint customers mine deep insights and deliver maximum value to their customers as they progress from sale to post-sale to renewal, and beyond. 

HubSpot’s CRM platform is the bedrock of their customers’ efforts to drive sales, manage customer data, and aid retention efforts. Gainsight, the world’s leading Customer Success solution, helps businesses drive efficient growth by unifying the post-sales customer journey. Used together, these two solutions can be a force multiplier that’s greater than the sum of their parts—if they have the right integrations.

With this new partnership, dual users of Gainsight and HubSpot can now construct a full picture of customer sentiment and renewal likelihood, within a richer, more contextual understanding of user experiences and how accounts are trending. And in a world where companies are focused on retaining and growing their existing customers to increase Net Revenue Retention (NRR), having a crystal clear, actionable view of the customer journey is vital.

But how does the integration work, exactly, and how does it help users? Here are four ways the Gainsight-HubSpot partnership will help businesses:

#1 Clean Up the Data 

The Gainsight Customer Success connector offers integration with many HubSpot objects and can sync across more data than any other customer success application in the HubSpot Marketplace. This effectively eliminates data gaps, meaning that all teams have access to high-quality, deep data pools. As anyone who works with customer data knows, you are only as good as your data—and now, these teams can really get to work, collaborating and innovating in pursuit of retention and expansion goals. 

#2 Go-to-Market Like a Boss 

From the Gainsight side, users can push data like NPS, customer sentiment, and health scores directly into HubSpot. From the HubSpot end, Account Managers will be combining those customer health insights with outbound customer data like contacts, deals, and engagements. The result? The organization has a single, unified view of the customer journey. In turn, this is a win for everyone involved in the go-to-market effort:

  • Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can sync Account team information from the CRM (emails, calls, meetings, notes) into Gainsight Timeline so they don’t need to navigate back and forth between to products to get the information they need.
  • Account Managers can plan and execute outreach motions within the context of the customer journey, now that they have full visibility into sentiment, renewal metrics, and expansion indicators. 
  • Go-to-market teams can be more proactive with renewal strategies, ultimately driving gross revenue retention. 

#3. Push the Productivity

 Previously, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams were documenting their activities in silos. Now, that information is synced and updated across HubSpot and Gainsight, creating a single source of truth. That means better visibility—transparent access to customer health, sentiment, and survey responses—so teams don’t have to go chasing down information, or even worse, make decisions blind to what their internal partners are doing. The less time wasted getting on the same page, the more they can get done.

#4. Maximize Your Resources (Efficiency)

 With everyone on the same page, thanks to the fact that everyone is working off the same set of information, the organization will be able to develop deeper insights into customer health. Everyone’s plays will be more effective and deliver more value and outcomes to customers. The contributions of each team will pack more punch, which will translate into less churn, more predictable renewals, and a higher probability of expansion. The ultimate result will be happier, healthier, and more valuable customers.


We could go on and on about Connectors 2.0, Custom Objects, and OOB jobs. Because, as we noted before, we’re nerds. But that would be too much detail for a simple blog post. The point is: you love your CRM, and you love your Customer Success platform, and you want them to work together. So we did that for you by integrating Gainsight and HubSpot. Because revenue. Enjoy!

Want More Details?

Register now to learn more about the integration at Gainsight + Hubspot: The Perfect Integration for a Holistic Customer View, a conversation hosted by Remco de Vries, Global VP, Gainsight and Daphne Costa Lopes, Head of CS, Hubspot.