Gainsight Spring Release Boosts Efficiency for Customer Success at Scale

Enterprise companies are looking for ways to leverage rich customer data to accelerate growth within their existing customer base. As previewed during my Keynote at the Pulse Conference, this need informed our exciting Spring Release and will continue to drive our overall product roadmap.

With the Spring Release, Gainsight introduces innovative features to help your organization deliver success at scale:

  • Advanced Outreaches: Guide your customers to outcomes through multi-step email outreaches for personalized customer conversations at scale.
  • Multiple Scorecards per Customer Entity: Design multiple scorecards to accurately reflect a customer’s health based on a diverse list of attributes from Account Type to Lifecycle Stage.
  • Timeline Enhancements: Translate your team’s notes and follow-ups from customer interactions directly into tasks.
  • Gainsight 360: Improve your team’s efficiency with Gainsight through real-time access to your own team’s usage metrics of our product

Advanced Outreach: Multi-step Outreaches for Personalized Customer Conversations

Advanced Outreach is the first feature to leverage our new framework for business process automation within Gainsight.

With Advanced Outreach, you can design and execute models that guide your customer through a series of email interactions that adapt to customer behavior in order to reach an enhanced outcome. This new feature will enable you to:

  1. Guide customers through responsive, orchestrated Outreaches: Design responsive models that combine a multi-step process of email outreach and survey sends. The model will dynamically adjust to the customer’s responses as the flow is executed, sending each customer down a different path depending on their response.
  2. Analyze your effectiveness with sophisticated analytics: Gain deep insight with sophisticated funnel analytics that illustrate how your customers are engaging with your model and the effectiveness of each step.

In the Spring Release, Advanced Outreach will have have three pre-built models (Support Case Satisfaction, NPS Surveys, and Customer Satisfaction) aimed to improve the effectiveness of Customer Survey Programs through orchestrated communication.

Multiple Scorecards: Represent the Health of Diverse Customers

Through Gainsight’s Relationships feature, you can already represent the health of complex customers by creating scorecards for each one of the multiple entities (whether it be multiple products, projects, or departments) within an overall customer. Now, with the introduction of Multiple Scorecards, you can define multiple, independent scoring models at every level fo the customer.

Building on Gainsight’s robust scorecard functionality, having multiple scorecards per customer allows you to more accurately represent the health of a customer or a Relationship depending on its defining attributes such as: Customer or Account Type, Customer Segment, or Lifecycle Stage. Now you can more precisely manage the health of a Partner Account versus a Customer Account or a product in an implementation stage versus an adoption stage.

Timeline Enhancements: Translate Notes into Action

Since its release last fall, Timeline has become a fan-favorite with Gainsight end-users. It enables CSMs to log and view customer activities on a chronological timeline to capture rich, contextual information and easily understand a customer’s history. With this release, we connect Timeline with another engine of CSM efficiency: Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Cockpit.

Now, in addition to recording summary notes from customer interactions, CSMs will be able to input ‘to-dos’ and ‘follow-ups’ from customer interactions into the same place. They can then convert these items into CTAs and tasks to be successfully completed through his or her daily workflow routine in Cockpit. With Timeline, your team will be more effective than ever before..

Gainsight 360: Manage your Team Efficiency in Gainsight

Gainsight 360 gives you direct access to monitor and manage your own team’s success using Gainsight. See the same 360-degree profile that your Gainsight Customer Outcomes Manager (COM) is using to drive your company’s success with our product.

With Gainsight 360 you can:

  • See a holistic view on the history of your support tickets with Gainsight
  • Get detailed analytics on how your team is using Gainsight and identify opportunities to gain efficiency