Make Customer Success a Team Sport with Gainsight’s Fall Release Image

Make Customer Success a Team Sport with Gainsight’s Fall Release

Customer Success is a team sport and Gainsight’s Fall Release makes it easy to share customer insights across functions so everyone involved in an account can rally around the success of that customer in a coordinated and collaborative way. This release introduces enhancements to:

  • Gainsight Sharing: Align the stakeholders of your customer, partner, or vendor on a single source of truth by sharing a dynamic view of the 360 and Dashboards
  • Sally the AI Bot: Quickly and easily get AI-powered customer intelligence by talking with Sally in your favorite channels

Share Insight Across Company Lines

To deliver a seamless customer experience, every team member who interacts with a customer should understand their health, usage, and objectives—regardless if that team member is internal or external to your company.

Gainsight Sharing makes it easy to share these insights across traditional company lines. This release introduces new capabilities to enhance the insights that can be shared, the method by which they are shared, and control over who can access them.

With the Fall Release, you can now share more features on the 360 as well as Gainsight Dashboards. In addition to the existing 360 features that let you share key summary information and consolidated customer data, you can now share the Health Scorecard and Success Plans to give team members a single source of customer truth. Shared Dashboards present a strategic view of a customer portfolio that enables team members to better understand the customers in their care.

Gainsight users now have the choice to share these elements manually, for one-on-one sharing, or automatically, for sharing at scale. In addition to setting expiry timeframes and one-time passwords, Admins have greater control over who can access shared Gainsight elements by restricting access to certain IP addresses.

Use Gainsight Sharing to:

  • Collaborate with Internal Teammates: Use Shared360 to share important customer or partner information such as customer health, open risk or opportunity alerts, survey responses, or account metrics with your cross-functional teams to align on desired customer outcomes.
  • Better Enable Channel Partners: Share a customer dashboard with Channel Partners to enable them to better manage their portfolio by mitigating risks, executing strategic goals, and capitalizing on expansion opportunities.
  • Keep Executives Informed: Use Shared360 to brief executives on important customer metrics and goal progress before they meet with your strategic customers.

Bring AI-Driven Customer Intelligence Into Your Favorite Channels

With Sally, your company can collaborate through real-time customer insights within their favorite apps. Powered by AI, Sally makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Talking with Sally is just like talking to a real person and machine-learning technology helps her get smarter with each interaction.

With the Fall Release, Sally makes it easier than ever for team members to ask questions and get answers about their customer. In addition to presenting key customer metrics, providing insight into risks and opportunities, and improving user workflow by presenting user-specific alerts and tasks for action, Sally can now tell you who’s assigned as the customer’s CSM and help users explore Scorecard metrics and Timeline activities through filtering and grouping.

Use Sally the AI Bot to:

  • Prepare for an Upcoming QBR: A CSM can quickly get up to speed by asking Sally to present a summary of information on a specific customer. The CSM can instantly get information on the number of users, health score, ARR, latest survey results, and open risks within Slack.
  • Research a Potential Upsell: A Sales Rep who’s researching a customer for a potential upsell can interact with Sally to get details on recent survey responses, dig into the Health Scorecard, and understand recent activities.
  • Coordinate Cross-Functionally on Risk: The CSM can collaborate across teams when a customer submits a negative survey response. Sally can surface the Risk Alert within Slack and the CSM can quickly and easily involve the right team members from Support, Professional Services, or Product and take action within Slack to address the negative feedback.