Pulse Everywhere 2021: An Algorithm To Predict Tracks for Success Image

Pulse Everywhere 2021: An Algorithm To Predict Tracks for Success

We’ve all been there—you’ve binged so much that your favorite streaming provider is asking if you’re still there, watching your favorite show. I guess they did not imagine it possible to sit still on your couch for six hours straight! Just like your provider of choice, Gainsight’s Pulse Everywhere 2021 has something for everyone—whether you work in customer success, success operations, or product management. With three days of content, you are sure to find your new favorite track. Let’s dig into the tracks!

If you are new to Customer Success, first up, we have ‘Simplifying Customer Success.’ As one of the fastest-growing careers, there can be some mystery to those new or early on their customer success journey. Maybe you have just created a CS department or have recently scaled the team. This is where you will learn about building a CS team, identifying the right strategy for your organization, and measuring the right metrics for success. We want you to learn from the CS leaders, including our Gainsters and clients who have started with us and grown leaps and bounds.

Maybe you’re a bit more advanced and ready for Season 2 of CS. Then the track for you is ‘Customer Success at Scale.’ Perhaps you have a CS platform in place (hopefully Gainsight), you’ve built a team, and you’ve overcome what was a challenging year for many. Now, you’re ready to take your game to the next level. Perhaps you are a tenured CCO, and you want to align your organization around being customer-centric. You want to execute playbooks so flawlessly that all of your clients are in the green, and you are partnering with them to drive outcomes. You are juggling implementing a tech touch segment with a large customer base to balance your higher touch, higher ARR accounts. Lastly, you want to be adept at managing renewals at scale to drive NDR. This is the track for you to bring home results!

What Robin is to Batman, Customer Success Operations is to CS. Suppose your CS team wants to deliver results that drive retention and adoption truly. In that case, they need a powerful operations team working in tandem with them. From forecasting revenue, monitoring customer usage, building advocacy in partnership with customer marketing, and diving into all the CS analytics—CS ops ensures the client-facing CS team is getting recognition and resources at the executive level. Our ‘Customer Success Operations’ track will help you learn how to do just that. For those of you CS Admins out there, we are building this special content just for you!

Being strategic has always meant different things for different people. If you are like us and binged The Queen’s Gambit, we saw the word strategy taken to a whole new level. We lucky Gainsters got to hear directly from the show’s strategic advisor and chess master himself, Garry Kasparov! Now that you have watched chess strategy in action, learn from the CS masters about mastering ‘Customer Success Strategy.’ You’ll hear from CS leaders and SaaS investors to learn about the CS space evolution and the key ways to measure customer success from an outside perspective.

There is an age-old question in many organizations—how to perfect the pre and post-sales handoff. Your customers have a better experience when this process is as smooth as easing into the next episode. They want you to recap what happened in the last few episodes and then understand what happens next. Like Grace and Frankie, Sales and CS are always better together. In our ‘Aligning Sales and CS’ track, you’ll get to hear from our fearless team of Kelly and Kellie, Gainsight’s Sales and CS leaders, and how they partner for the success of Gainsight customers. You’ll also learn from other key speakers on how to drive this alignment in a remote world, advanced techniques for account planning, and how the best partnership drives success for all—larger renewals, account expansion, and improved customer health. 

Don’t fret Product leaders; we have the perfect ‘Product Adoption and Experience’ track just for you! Want to know if your customers are binge-adopting your product? Want to ensure you’re designing a product users will subscribe to again and again? This is the track for you! We’ll be covering everything from building closed-loop feedback to make sure your roadmap is better informed to how CS fits into product-led growth strategies. With many cloud-based products growing incredibly fast in the last year, we want to help you drive onboarding and level up your in-app engagements. Hear from product leaders at beloved SaaS companies on how they perfected their product success strategy over time. With so many tracks, we know there is a session for everyone, and we can’t wait to sit on our respective couches with you to binge the best virtual conference of 2021. Don’t just sit there reading this—get online and register now to stay in the loop as we announce speakers soon! We’ll see you online at Pulse Everywhere 2021!