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The Best Training Software Available Right Now

When considering “user training,” your mind likely goes to a typical onboarding meeting or company training session. However, this is no longer the only (and certainly not the best) way to approach user training. Today, many organizations opt to use training management software (often called learning management software) to provide better training opportunities for their users.

The best training software can provide a comprehensive online learning environment where you can create and manage learning content. Your users can log into the platform and engage with your digital learning materials without attending an in-person training course. One of the most common kinds of online training platforms is employee training management software. Still, you can use learning management systems to train various groups of users, including employees as well as customers, gig workers and partners.

Benefits of the Best Online Training Software

If you’re considering implementing interactive training software, the first question that needs to be addressed is: how can a learning management system benefit your company? There are a lot of ways training software platforms can streamline your user education strategy and improve its effectiveness. Here are some of the most notable benefits you should look for when selecting online training software:

Save Time and Money

One of the most useful advantages of online training software is the time and money savings. By using online training software to develop training courses and deliver them at scale to your whole user base, you can greatly reduce the time it takes not only to create content but to distribute the knowledge throughout your user base as well. On top of that, you can also reduce the expenses associated with in-person training like travel and venue costs.

Improve Organization

The best online training software can also improve organization. By keeping all your training content in a central online repository, you make it possible for users to quickly find the information they need. You also make it easier for your team to locate specific training resources when they need to be shared directly.

Streamline Course Creation

Corporate training platforms can also make it easier to produce learning content. Some platforms come with pre-made courses, but usually, the best way to help your users is with customized content you’ve created specifically to suit their needs. Solutions like Gainsight Customer Education are designed to make it easy to build training courses and update them as needed.

These are just a few of the most impactful benefits of a learning management system. Some of the best training software platforms have even more tools to offer, like mobile optimization, personalized learning paths for users, tracking and reporting features and more.

Types of Training Software 

Customer Education Software

You can use digital training tools to educate various groups about your products or services. One of the most common applications for online training software is to use it as customer education software because customers are one of the most important groups to educate. A customer base that’s engaged with your brand and satisfied with your products or services is only possible if the customer base is well-educated. Despite this, many companies neglect customer education.

Instead of neglecting customer education, organizations should be prioritizing it. Here are some of the best reasons to use online training software for customer education:

Customers who understand your products are the people most likely to use them. It’s much easier to give up on learning how to use a product when you have no idea what it even does. Your customers need easy access to resources that show them what the product could be doing for them. This helps them realize the value of the product. Then, they need access to additional resources that zoom in on particular features or concepts in more detail. This way, they get excited about what the product could be doing for them and then dive into the technical details of how to get the product to do that for them.

When your customers understand the value of your products and how they can reach that value, they’re much more likely to stay with your business. Customers who don’t see value quickly are more likely to churn.

On-Demand Training Software

On-demand training (also called gig economy training) is a kind of user training that focuses on training flexible or temporary “gig” workers. This kind of employment is on the rise, and it’s often associated with tech-enabled platforms like Uber, Doordash, Fiverr and Airbnb. Many people choose gig economy work because they’re attracted to the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want. Over 57 million people currently do gig work of some kind.

However, the popularity of the gig economy introduces a problem for user education teams. It’s much harder to reach an entire gig workforce with training content. Typical in-person training sessions are out of the question because it would be impractical and expensive to ask gig workers from all over the map to gather in one location for training. That’s where on-demand training software can offer a solution.

With on-demand training software like Gainsight Customer Education, you can create online courses for your gig workers that they can access whenever they need, from wherever they’re located. Using learning management system software to create online training courses allows you to provide consistent user education to all your gig workers. This is despite how they’re spread far and wide and will likely never all congregate in the same place, at the same time.

Partner Training Software

Another kind of user training is partner training. Training customers and gig workers is important, but it’s just as essential to train your organization’s partners about your brand and your products or services. If you partner with other organizations that resell your products, they need to be equipped to represent your brand accurately. Likewise, any kind of consultant or service that partners with your business should be well-educated about your organization.

One of the best ways to educate partners is with partner training software. You can use a learning management system like Gainsight Customer Education as partner training software too. There are a few types of partner trainings Gainsight Customer Education can help with:

General Training

General training covers topics like new marketing messaging, sales, or an integral aspect of your business some partners may not have encountered before.

Product Training

Your partners need to be experts on your products, especially if they’re going to be reselling them. Customers should receive a consistent experience whether they purchase your product directly from one of your sales reps or from a partner.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is designed to help partners understand the various policies and regulations that your organization abides by. Just like your employees, your partners need to be aware of these regulations so they don’t cross any boundaries.

Finding the best LMS for business partner training can take some searching, but it’s well worth the effort.

Best Employee Training Software

The final main category of users who can benefit from training software is employees. The best LMS for employee training can equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs to their maximum potential. Here are a few of the ways better employee training tools could benefit your organization:

Improve Retention

Employees who don’t receive any opportunities to grow are less likely to remain with their employers. The best employee training software opens doors for employees to improve their professional skills and achieve growth in their careers.

Boost Productivity

Employees need to be very familiar with the tools they use to do their jobs if they’re going to be successful. Better employee training not only helps employees improve professional skills and advance in their careers with the company — but it also improves their ability to do their jobs right now.

Increase Engagement

Employees who are comprehensively trained are often more engaged at work. If employees at your organization know what they need to do to succeed, they’re more likely to remain engaged with their work. Employees who haven’t been trained well may be unsure about what steps to take next.

Any organization that wants to upgrade its user training capabilities should consider investing in online training software. The best training software can transform engagement and productivity among your employees, equip partners for success, enable gig workers to receive consistent and flexible training, and provide customers with easy access to the information they need to get value from your products.

In addition to these foundational goals, Gainsight Customer Education can help your organization improve in a number of other ways. For example:

  • Mobile optimization enables users to access learning materials on the go.
  • Analytics features make it possible for you to track learner behavior and turn those insights into iterative improvements to your online courses.
  • Customizable learning paths allow each learner to receive a tailored learning experience that caters to their needs and preferences.

Gainsight Customer Education is one of the best training software platforms for organizations that want to achieve outcomes like these for their customers, employees, partners and gig workers.

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